Squirting is the spectacular climax of a love struggle

Squirting is the spectacular climax of a love struggle

Squirting is the result of a woman's vivid sexual experiences. According to studies, 10-55% of women have experienced squirting at least once in their lives. Of these, about 78% believe that this condition increases the sensations of a subsequent orgasm. Every charmer is able to fill their life with such unusual experiences. The main thing is to know how to deal with this state correctly.

In fact, squirting is a kind of ejaculation. The whole problem is that it happens in the female body. If no one doubts the appropriateness of male ejaculation, then the most heated debate is taking place about female ejaculation. For exampl:

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Squirt: what is it?

Squirting is a variation of a powerful female orgasm that tends to repeat itself. The word is derived from the English squirt - a jet. A squirt appears as a result of strong arousal.

During a squirt, a strong wave of pleasure can cover the body several times in a row, without interruption for recovery. Therefore, the squirt is often called a jet orgasm. The pleasure period can last about two minutes, while the duration of the clitoral orgasm is only 15 seconds.

During the squirt, pleasure fills not only the genitals, but a woman's entire body. There is the sensation that something opens up inside and spills over the body. It is at this moment that liquid pours from the genitals: the female ejaculate, which comes out with pulsating movements. This can happen before or during orgasm. The amount of discharge varies from a teaspoon to a full glass, from 30 to 150 millilitres. Consequently, it may be necessary to change not only the bed linen, but also the mattress.

The fact that female orgasm can be accompanied by the release of liquids was known in antiquity. There is a description of women squirting in the Indian treatise on love: the KamaSutra. Frescoes in some Indian temples also testify to this. The writings of the ancient Taoists speak of the 'three waters' - the result of the female orgasm. The first water is a lubricant that appears in the initial phase of sexual intercourse. The second water is the fluid that comes out of the uterus following orgasm. The third water is the ejaculation that appears as a result of G-spot stimulation.

Many spellbinders who are confronted with such an extraordinary sensation think they have peed during sex. Actually, this is not the case, as it is not urine that is excreted, but a secret. A secret is formed as a result of G-spot stimulation. It looks like a clear liquid, has a pleasant smell of female genitalia. Within a month, the smell of the liquid released during the spray may change. This is due to the physiological processes occurring in the female body.

The secret leaves no marks on clothes and underwear. However, if the thing that has such a release is not immediately washed, it will emit a peculiar aroma for a long time. For a woman to survive a jet orgasm, it is necessary to act on a sensitive intimate area for several or more minutes.

Some sexologists make a distinction between squirting and female ejaculation. In the squirting process, a clear or slightly colored liquid is released from the urethra. While as a result of female ejaculation, a rather thick cloudy white liquid is released, produced by the Skene glands, called 'female prostate'. This ejaculation exits through the vagina.

Not only women, but also men perceive squirting as a woman's inability to control urination during intercourse. Therefore, many squirts, even before intimacy, begin to worry and worry, fearing that during sex they will not be able to hold back and will be disgraced in front of their lover. Anxiety does not allow you to relax in the process of intimacy, constant control of the situation does not allow you to enjoy intimacy, which means experiencing a vivid orgasm.

Modern scientists say there is no reason to worry. They can safely say that the liquid released during the spraying process is definitely not urine. Numerous studies on the composition of the liquid have revealed many interesting facts. In the female secret, scientists have found various protein components, particularly those produced by the male prostate. Therefore, externally, the ejaculation is similar to male sperm.

Psychologists advise women who are aware of their ability to experience a jet orgasm, accompanied by the release of a secret, to tell their partner or bed partner about it. This will alleviate embarrassment during intimacy. When planning to have sex, stock up on moisture-resistant wipes or nappies. Or bring towels with you into the bedroom. If splashing occurs due to masturbation, try doing it in the bathroom. Get less trouble, more fun.

If a lover is unable to respond adequately to discharge, the process seems unhygienic and unpleasant to him, consider whether it should be in your bedroom. You must remember a splash: a common physiological phenomenon that can provide unrealistically pleasant sensations. It makes no sense to reject them for the sake of a sexual partner.

Squirt: how to survive a jet orgasm?

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Not all women are able to survive a jet orgasm. This is not because she is not like the others, but because the secret of this state lies in the stimulation of the G-spot. This erogenous zone is hidden behind the pubic bone, on the other side of the clitoris. In the process of traditional sexual intercourse, the male member does not reach the sensitive spot. Therefore, the erogenous zone is not involved in the intimate process. Consequently, a jet orgasm does not occur. To have vivid experiences, it is necessary to intentionally stimulate the G-spot.

It is easy to do. It is only important to know where and how to click. First of all, you have to find the infamous spot. To do this, insert a finger into the vagina, at a distance of 3 - 8 cm from the entrance to the inside of the pubis, feel a small seal. To the touch it resembles the skin of a walnut in the process of formation. A large number of nerve processes are concentrated in this erogenous zone. Therefore, the spot is sensitive to stimulation.

It should be clear that you can only grope for the magic zone when the lady is aroused. When the wave of voluptuous languor envelops the body, the erogenous zone swells, the point is easily felt. How to stimulate the G-spot? Quite simple. It can be pressed with varying intensity or lightly caressed. It should be clear that it will not work to make the G-spot 'work' the first time. It takes time to develop its sensitivity. Only when the area starts to respond to any touch will a woman have the opportunity to experience a jet orgasm.

You can stimulate the G-spot not only with your finger, but also with a special sexual device. The latter is much easier to do. The flow of vibration, with which the device is equipped, gently and purposefully strikes the area of interest, activating the erogenous zone faster, arousing the woman. To enhance the effect, G-spot stimulation can be combined with clitoral stimulation. But here the important thing is not to overdo it, as too active caresses of this erogenous zone can end in a clitoral orgasm.

In a certain moment of arousal, the charmer may seem to want to go to the bathroom for a while. But don't worry. It should be clear that in the acute arousal phase it is impossible to describe. Therefore, there is no point in being nervous and worrying, holding back your feelings. After all, it is they who testify that the moment of magic pleasure is approaching.

Every woman, like her physiology and sensuality, is individual. Therefore, a different amount of time may be required to achieve the desired result. Depending on the situation, it is possible to affect the G-spot from one to twenty minutes. The impact should start with smooth movements, gradually increasing their intensity.

Don't count on the fact that the result of the first jet orgasm will be a heavy rush. For the first time, about a teaspoon of secretion may escape from the uterus. Only regular exposure to the erogenous zone hidden in the vagina will develop sensuality and cause abundant lubrication. By activating your G-spot, teaching it to respond to gentle touches, you can experience vivid sensations without the help of fingers or special stimulants. The main thing when having sex is to choose positions that ensure contact of the penis with the area behind the pubic bone.

Convenient positions for stimulating the G-zone are:

  • "Rider' - the partner lies on his back, the lady sits on the horse. During contact, you do not move up and down, but back and forth. As a result of such actions, the penis will rest against the erogenous zone, exert the necessary pressure on it.
  • 'Close contact' - the charmer lies on her back, the man kneels beside her. The partner wraps her knees around the man's body. For the convenience of sexual intercourse, the legs can be thrown over a partner's shoulders. The lover's task is to move up and down.


Don't forget to praise the partner who brought you into such a delicious state as squirting. Don't be ashamed of what is happening to you right now, on the contrary, relax and enjoy the sensations.

How to survive the squirt without a partner?

As mentioned above, squirting is the result of a long-term impact on the G-spot. But not every lover is prepared to work so hard for a woman. What to do?

Refuse to try new sensations. Of course not. All you need is to enlist the help of an artificial lover, i.e. acquire a plastic phallus.

To massage the infamous area, you will need a specially shaped vibrator with a slightly curved head. Due to the fact that the device has several high-speed modes and the motor is located at the top of the device, you can achieve the desired results quite quickly.

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Lying on your back, assuming a comfortable position, the vibrator must be inserted into the vagina. Set it so that it touches the specified area and activate the vibration. Stimulation must be performed very carefully, the sensations carefully monitored, and the speed of exposure to the erogenous zone gradually increased. The sexual device can be guided up and down or lightly pressed on the area. In the moment of acute arousal, there will be a desire to run a little to the bathroom, and then a powerful orgasm will come.

Having experienced sexual pleasure, you should not stop. You can remove the toy from the vagina for a second, then plunge it back into the womb. Another stimulation will help you experience a new wave of pleasure. In one relaxation session, you can experience five and even ten powerful orgasms. A jet orgasm can pass without secretion. This is due to the physiological structure of the female genitals. The fact is that the glands in the skin are developed differently for all spellbinders; some women may be completely absent.

You can stimulate the G-zone not only with a vibrator, but also with your fingers. For this:

  • In a busy life, choose time for yourself. Settle down somewhere in a secluded corner and start exploring. A sexual journey through erogenous places can be started by taking a bath. The water will help you relax faster, tune in the right way.
  • The G-spot can be felt when the body is in an aroused state. Therefore, start your search with gentle touches in intimate places. Caress the breasts, nipples, abdomen, perineum and other erogenous areas. Note what kind of caresses cause the most pleasant sensations.
  • To stimulate the genitals, you can use perfumed oil. It will make the caresses gentle and comfortable and accelerate the arousal process.
  • After preparing the body, proceed to the main action: searching for the G-zone. To do this, insert your ring or middle finger into the vagina, to a depth of 3-9 cm, you will feel a small seal on the front of the vagina - this is the magic G-spot hidden from your eyes.
  • Once you have found the magic button, start stimulating it. At first, not very pleasant sensations may arise, such as the desire to go to the toilet a little and even a slight pain. This is fine. These sensations indicate that you have found the desired area.
  • Now it remains to learn how to gently stroke the erogenous zone, bringing your body closer to the possibility of experiencing squirting. To enhance the sensations, try stroking the clitoris. Do this comfortably with your thumb.


The better you know your body, the more exciting moments you can experience in sex. Masturbation will help you get to know your erogenous zones better. And you should not, on hearing this word, roll your eyes and think that masturbation is vulgar and indecent. It is this activity that will help you awaken your sensuality, understand what brings sexual pleasure and what does not. Having addressed the peculiarities of your own physiology, it is easier to explain to your partner how to evoke your body, being in the same bed.

Jet Orgasm: drawing pleasure into your bed

Some women claim that squirting is an incredible sensation that is hard to forget, while others try various manipulations to survive. When learning to experience a squirting orgasm, it is important not to focus on the process, but to try to enjoy every step of the experiment. After all, studying your body's capabilities is an interesting and exciting process that can fill your life with many exciting moments.

For example, G-spot stimulation can be supplemented not only with caresses of the clitoris, but also of the nipples, anus, abdomen, inner thigh and any other tender spot that triggers a wave of acute sexual experiences in the body. Every young woman has her erogenous zones, and this must be taken into account when planning to experience a jet orgasm.

Remember that there are many erogenous zones in a woman's body, the stimulation of which can give sensations unlike anything else. The search for pleasure points will open up other equally powerful orgasms in front of you, giving you many memorable sexual experiences. Besides, you don't have to change your bedclothes. After all, everyone has sex to experience pleasurable moments and not to achieve certain effects.

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