The 5 ultimate tips for successful female masturbation

The 5 ultimate tips for successful female masturbation

Long considered a taboo subject, female masturbation is becoming more and more trendy. Women have been masturbating since the dawn of time, but it's only recently that women finally dare to talk about it! Ladies, are you part of this category of free women who aren't afraid to talk about female masturbation? You are completely right! If you are reading this, it is because you want to improve yourself and reach orgasm more easily. In this case, discover without further delay our 5 tips for successful masturbation.

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Why should you masturbate more often?

A few years ago, a woman who masturbated was very badly perceived. Today, it is much less so, but female masturbation is still a somewhat taboo subject. If more and more women no longer hesitate to talk about it, many others, on the other hand, are much more reluctant. However, in the shade of their room or their bathroom, very many women masturbate. If you are reading this, it is because you also practice female masturbation. But did you know that this solitary sexual practice was greatly beneficial for you?

It is a proven fact, the best way for a woman to reach orgasm is to know her body perfectly. Thus, thanks to masturbation, you will be able to explore your body in every detail, discover your erogenous zones and learn how to do yourself good.

There is nothing degrading in female masturbation, quite the contrary! If you've ever tried, you've surely realized how much easier it is to reach orgasm thanks to the magic of your little fingers!

But the real benefit that masturbation can give you is taking time for yourself. You are certainly an active woman, an overworked mother and a loving wife. Only, you can't duplicate yourself and you have very little time for yourself. So double lock yourself in your bathroom and embark on a solitary pleasure session. Enjoy this moment of relaxation and well-being. You are far from everything and everyone. Baby cry? It does not matter, dad is here! Your teenager is hungry? No worries, everything is already ready in the fridge! Don't worry about anything anymore, refocus on yourself and enjoy the present moment. Here is the strength of female masturbation!

Our 5 tips for achieving perfect female masturbation

We start gently with the shower head

Yes, you read that right ! Masturbation can be done with your shower head and it's very effective. To do this, simply adjust the intensity of the water pressure and direct it towards your private parts and, more specifically, towards your clitoris. The shower head is one of the fastest and most effective ways to achieve effortless orgasm. In addition, you can even alternate between hot and cold water to increase the sensations! Have you ever tried? So we advise you to discover this method very quickly.

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Work your thighs

Here is another effortless way to reach orgasm while stimulating your clitoris. The principle is simple: when you are seated, cross your legs and contract your thighs. Thus, you will create pressure on your vagina, which will stimulate your clitoris. The advantage of this technique is that it is very discreet. You can do it anywhere, anytime. But be careful, when reaching orgasm, avoid being noticed!

Do you know the saying "the longer, the better"?

In female masturbation, this proverb takes on its full meaning. In your sexual relations, Sir is fast like lightning? So you, on your side, take your time. The first few times it might be quite difficult. But with practice, you'll be able to hold on to your pleasure a little longer each time. The goal is to hold you back as long as possible in order to experience a truly powerful orgasm. In addition, by training yourself to retain your pleasure, during your antics with Monsieur, you can teach him this technique, which will be beneficial for both of you!

With both hands, it's even better!

If you've ever done female masturbation, chances are you've only used one hand. However, if you want to be more efficient, it is better to use both hands. In this way, you can stimulate your clitoris with one hand and caress yourself with the other! Imagine the possibilities available to you.

Don't get on your back

You are probably wondering why we are telling you this, but when you understand, you will find that this is very interesting advice. Indeed, rather than lying on your back, lie on your stomach. Why ? For the simple and good reason that you are going to take the opportunity to rub yourself, at the same time, on a cushion, on the edge of your bed... Thus, this will have the effect of increasing your pleasure.

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To finish

Now you know our 5 ultimate tips for successful female masturbation. So what are you waiting for to put them into practice? The best way to find out if advice works is to try it. Therefore, make some space in your schedule to give yourself time for yourself and embark on sessions of solitary pleasure. Either way, you deserve it! So why should you deprive yourself of some solo fun? Stop listening to gossip and prejudice. Think only of yourself!

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