The art of oral sex

The art of oral sex

Oral sex is one of the most popular types of fondling, actively practised by couples. According to men, not all girls are fluent in this technique and often disappoint their partners. To avoid embarrassment, to get mutual pleasure from the process, you should follow a few rules that will bring the art of blowjob to perfection.

General Rules

Oral caresses require theoretical and practical preparation by both partners. Sexologists recommend:

  • Don't forget hygiene. Before intimacy, it will not be superfluous to visit the shower, as a clean penis for a girl is much more attractive and desirable than a smelly organ.
  • Be frank. The art of oral sex does not tolerate modesty and understatement. Discuss scenarios and preferred roles with your partner in advance, coordinate actions, suggest which intimate caresses bring the most pleasure and which are inappropriate.
  • experiment. Even the highest quality blowjob eventually becomes commonplace. To prevent passion from fading, sex should be diversified with toys, themed clothes or food. A girl who licks cream from a penis seems much more seductive than a partner who simply runs his mouth over his genitals. It is also worth mastering some interesting oral caressing techniques. The blowjob in a new performance is guaranteed to surprise and delight a man.
  • Add extreme. Almost any place is suitable for oral sex. A toilet in a bar, a balcony, a forest, a beach: the choice is limited only by the imagination of the partners. Indulge in intimate caresses, don't forget the rules. Blowjob in a public place is a criminal activity, so be careful.
  • Remember safety. Oral sex is associated with the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. In search of a thrill, couples forgo condoms, putting their health at serious risk. Urinating and washing the penis with water with Miramistin will help minimise the likelihood of infection. The flow of urine clears the urethra of bacteria and the drug helps eliminate viruses. For the same purpose, after a blowjob, girls are advised to brush their teeth and spray Hexoral on the mucous membranes of the mouth. Also, do not forget a condom.

Following the rules is an effective way to broaden the horizon of a partner's sex life without the risk of injury or disease. Girls in oral sex have a special role. The degree of clarity of sensation depends on their expertise. That is why further instructions for the blowjob technique have been developed for the fairer sex.

TOP 5 techniques of oral sex

According to the men, the most vivid impressions were given to them by girls who mastered the techniques of full swallowing, vibration, 'chupa-chups', anilingus and the 'magnificent four'.

Deep Throat

This technique is the undisputed favourite of the male rating. To implement it, the partner must lie on his back, hanging his head off the bed. In this position, the angle between the oral cavity and the pharynx is straightened, providing the man with unobstructed access to the deepest parts of the larynx. Girls like to have a full throat because of the absence of discomfort and vomiting spasms that often occur during classic oral sex.


The essence of the technique is to reproduce sounds when the penis is deep in the mouth and touches the larynx. The resulting vibrations increase the pleasure of a blowjob, forcing a man to experience a violent orgasm. The most intense fluctuations are characteristic of the letters g, a and i. A gentle squeezing of the throat with one hand will enhance the effect of the vibration and the addition of a full swallowing technique will make sex unforgettable.


The technique consists of firmly grasping the head of the penis with the lips in movements that mimic eating a lollipop. Licking and biting the organ are welcome. Stroking the scrotum will add sharpness and brightness to the process.


Sexual practice involving stimulation of the partner's anus with the lips and tongue. The area is a sensitive, licked erogenous zone that gives the partner an unforgettable experience. The simultaneous caressing of a man's anus and genitals is called one of the most enlightening sexual experiences. The moral and aesthetic side of the matter does not always allow representatives of the stronger sex to offer their anilingus passion, but couples who decide to do so are guaranteed to take their relationship to a qualitatively new level.

Fantastic Four

Moisten the penis thoroughly with saliva or lubricant, take the penis in your mouth and squeeze it firmly with your lips. Without weakening the pressure force, slide from the base of the penis to the head, make a suction movement, release the penis, walk along it with your hand, repeat the manipulations in the order indicated. For the technique, rhythm and high speed sequential execution are important.

Each of the techniques can be improved with the help of intimate accessories. The blindfold heightens the tactile sensations, the erection ring prolongs the pleasure and the nipple clamps diversify bed games even for long-standing couples.

The art of blowjob is one of the oldest sexual practices, sung about by philosophers and depicted in ancient frescoes. It is unlikely that it will be possible to master all possible techniques of oral sex, but among the whole variety of performance methods, there is bound to be one suitable for both partners. It is important for girls to remember the need to demonstrate pleasure in the process. Moans, caresses and a partner's complete passion for a blowjob are just as important to a man as the technicality of oral sex. If passion refuses such caresses, turn to professionals who know exactly how to give unearthly pleasure with their lips.

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