The best positions for clitoral stimulation

The best positions for clitoral stimulation

'Filled with sweet nectar and twisted with sweet heat', poets sing of the clitoris. And for good reason. A small but extremely sensitive organ is capable of giving a woman unforgettable moments of sensual pleasure and erotic experiences. This is the only part of the body whose job it is to satisfy sexual needs and give pleasure.

You can stimulate the clitoris in various ways: hands, tongue, sex toys. But you can choose a good position, in which the pleasurable sensations during intercourse will be associated not only with the introduction of a penis, but also with 'participation' in the clitoral process. The probability of a female orgasm in this case will increase many times, which means that both partners will enjoy sex.

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What is a clitoris?

The clitoris is a displaced sexual organ in women, located in the upper corner of the labia minora. Directly above the opening of the urethra. There are more than 8,000 nerve endings in the head of the clitoris, which determines its exceptional sensitivity. In medicine, the clitoris was 'discovered' in Italy in the 17th century. And in all details it has been seen relatively recently, in connection with the development of a diagnostic area such as magnetic resonance imaging.

The organ's name derives from the Latin word clitorido, which in turn was borrowed from ancient Greek and had several meanings at once: 'tickle', 'close' and even 'hump'. In the Old Slavic language, a sensitive tubercle was called 'sikel' or 'hunter'.

The body consists of three parts:

  • external;
  • the inner part of the body and two legs that grip the vaginal tube on both sides.
  • foreskin in the form of a skin fold covering the outer part.

Amazingly, the structure of the clitoris is very similar to a male penis and is also able to increase in size in an aroused state. The size of the clitoris in women, like penises in men, is purely individual and varies from 8 to 20 cm, if you count the inside.

Clitoral orgasm: truth and fiction

You can achieve an orgasm as a result of clitoral stimulation quite easily and quickly - in just four minutes. And for that, you don't even need full-fledged intercourse. 

Such ease in achieving a clitoral orgasm, as well as the fact that there is no benefit beyond the pleasure of the clitoris, led some scientists, and in particular the famous Sigmund Freud, to consider this type of orgasm 'not real', and women who achieved it - 'frigid'. The clitoris was opposed to the vagina and was somehow considered a defect. Ideas were also put forward for surgery that would move the clitoris to the entrance of the vagina.

Freud's vagina-centric theory was only refuted in the mid-1960s. And they immediately rushed to the other extreme: they began to consider the clitoral orgasm the only one, and the vaginal one a vain invention of the Freudians.

The truth, as always, lies somewhere in between. Today, it is known that the clitoris, because of its structure, almost always participates in one way or another in achieving the vaginal orgasm. Therefore, it is not correct to divide the orgasm according to the 'place of reception'. Recent studies show that orgasm is achieved as a result of the work of the entire reproductive system and not one specific organ is responsible for it, but the entire clitoral-vaginal complex (CUV).

Top 5 clitoral stimulation positions

In a matter as 'subtle' and delicate as clitoral stimulation, the right position is half the success. It is worth remembering that the clitoris is found in all women in different ways: at a distance of 2.5 to 4 centimeters from the entrance to the vagina. Therefore, a universal position suitable for everyone simply does not exist. Each woman chooses it for herself individually and experimentally.

Among the enormous variety of possible partner positions during sex, the following are the most suitable:

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  • Horseman

According to opinion, the ideal choice allows a woman to reach the heights of pleasure in just a few minutes. The man lies supine, the woman sits on top of him. In this position, the partner has a great opportunity to choose the frequency and depth of friction, as well as the angle of penetration, to his liking.

The best way to 'engage' the clitoris is if you lean forward slightly, resting on your hands, and start making frequent movements with a small amplitude. This will provide the necessary contact of the clitoris with the man's pubis, which will cause a whole firework of pleasurable sensations. Don't forget to experiment. Alternate slow movements with fast ones, deep penetrations with shallow ones.

  • Python

A variation of the classic Rider, recommended for couples who want to experience the ultimate in togetherness. If you and your partner have long dreamed of feeling as one, then this position is for you!

The man lies on his back, the woman initially sits on him, inserts her penis into his vagina, then gently lies on the man, slowly extending her legs. The man spreads his arms at his sides and the woman rests her hands on them. As a result, the partners are completely in body contact over their entire area. For greater stability, the partner can hold his feet together, giving the partner the opportunity to rest his toes on them.

The great advantage of this position is not only the stimulation of the clitoris, but also the opportunity to kiss, to look into each other's eyes, to whisper affectionate words and exciting obscenities.

  • Deep pretzel

It is reminiscent of what a pretzel looks like: an intricate weave of elegant sweet parts. Lovers can also delightfully entwine their bodies. To do this, a woman must lie on her side, raise her leg and bring it slightly to the side. The man kneels between the woman's legs and introduces a penis into her vagina. So that the partner does not get tired of holding the leg on the weight, he can put it over the man's thigh.

Maximum stimulation of the clitoris will be achieved if the partner leans back slightly. A significant advantage of the pose is its novelty. It will allow you to diversify your sex life, fill it with bright colors and fresh sensations.

  • Sexual alignment

A very popular position, which is an improved version of the classic missionary position. The 'man-on-top' position is complemented by pressing and pulling movements of the pelvic area, which are performed by the partners at a pace corresponding to the rhythm of sexual intercourse.

The man, as it were, slides 'along' the female body: when moving 'up', the penetrating partner leads, while moving 'down' - the receiving partner. The movements are superficial, smooth, gentle, interconnected and gradually increasing. It is very important that the root of the male member stimulates the clitoris. For best effect, a woman can wrap her legs around the man's thighs, resting her feet on her shins or thighs.

The name of the position was coined by psychotherapist Edward Achel, according to whom such a position equalize the chances of both partners reaching orgasm. The advantages of the pose are: emotional contact with a partner, the possibility of caressing with the hands, it is not difficult to perform and does not require acrobatic skills.

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  • Upside-down cowgirl + scissors

The woman sits on top of the man, but has her back to him. He bends one leg at the knee so that its surface is between the woman's spread legs and touches her clitoris. The woman wraps her legs around the man's leg and begins to reciprocate at a pace that is comfortable for her.

This position does not belong to the simple and common, but for those who master it, it promises a whole sea of unforgettable erotic experiences and is perfectly capable of becoming the 'highlight' in your sexual arsenal of arousing techniques.

The positions listed above guarantee clitoral stimulation, regardless of the 'good' will of the partner. Therefore, we do not present the doggy-style or side positions loved by many, where the decision whether or not to fondle the clitoris during sex is made by a man.

Improving the missionary position

For some it is the best, for others it is boring and insipid. If during missionary sex all a girl's pleasurable experiences are linked to thoughts about Internet shopping, then it is time to improve the technique.

Keep it simple. Just put a pillow under your ass - and voila! An important part of the body will be raised to orgasm, while the partner will neither have to limit the depth of penetration nor leave the reins in the young woman's hands. In this position, the best conditions are created for the stimulation of the clitoris. A man touches it with his body, rubs it and thus brings his beloved to the heights of heavenly pleasure.

What to do if the clitoris is aroused slowly and weakly?

The mood for lovemaking in women is as changeable as the weather. And beautiful women cannot 'switch on' like a car with one turn of the key. Of course, ideally, an orgasm from clitoral stimulation can occur after four minutes. But most of the time, it takes a little longer.

But the problem is that the average duration of sexual intercourse in the world is 5 minutes. And during this time, very few women are able to get aroused enough to experience an orgasm. So the poor guys have to pretend to have the strength.

What to do? There are several ways out. The first is to increase foreplay time, the second is to buy an arousing massage gel for the clitoris, the third is to change your lover. After all, according to experts, in a woman's achievement of orgasm, a man's sexual learning is very important. Don't be afraid to try and you will be rewarded with bright, explosive orgasms that will take you to heaven and make you scream with pleasure.

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