The importance of sex toys in a couple

The importance of sex toys in a couple

With the emancipation of women and the overall increase in our free time, sexuality has taken on increasing importance in the daily life of a couple. When the two partners understand each other and communicate, they do not hesitate to discover other sources of pleasure.

Others, in search of solitary pleasures, also venture to try sexual accessories, called sex toys. Many find immense satisfaction in it… and over time, fantasize about using it with their partner.

On the other hand, many couples still wonder about the importance of these naughty toys in the sexual activity of a couple.

What is a Sex Toy?

Let's start by defining what we are talking about, for novices: they are accessories or erotic toys used to obtain or satisfy sexual pleasure. Whether intimate toys or sex toys or sextoys, they have several names.

There are several types, such as dildos, vaginettes, inflatable dolls, penis rings (cock-rings), anal plugs , prostate stimulators and many others.

It should be noted that also, any product designed with the aim of increasing, stimulating pleasure or prolonging sexual pleasure, can be qualified as a sex toy. Thus, in addition to dildos, lubricants or gels, flesh lights, vibrators, porn movies or any other item sold in naughty toy shops, called Sex Shop , can be called a sextoy, as long as it is used for this end. These sex toys have an infinity of shapes, colors and materials of manufacture.

Sex toys for whom?

Some of these toys are meant to be used only by women. Like those assigned only to clitoral pleasure, or phallus-shaped sex toys for vaginal pleasure, for example. Others can only be used by men, such as masturbators, silicone eggs, inflatable dolls, penis pumps or vibrating rings.

And finally some are mixed, that is to say usable by both women and men. And there we have the anal plug available on, the handcuffs, the lubricating gel and many others, !

These toys offer several aspects of use. There are some that stimulate the clitoris, with or without vibrations, while others allow you to offer vaginal and anal penetration at the same time. We are talking about double penetration. Also for women, to increase the pleasure felt during orgasm, Geisha balls because of their rotations are perfect toys.

Sex toys for men are not as popular as those for women. As a result, they are less known to the general public, except for the case of amateurs of these practices. Nevertheless, there are sex toys reserved for men. There are some that give the impression of penetrating the vagina, the anus or the woman's mouth.

These are in particular the masturbators . In addition, there is the arrival of realistic inflatable silicone dolls with big ass and big breasts, which manage to satisfy the naughty pleasures of men. Also, men can also adhere to a feeling of anal stimulation through the use of anal plugs or anal dildos.

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Sex toys in what material?

Sex toys for women are made in several shapes and several materials, such as latex, PVC or silicone. Also, these naughty toys can be flexible, while others are rigid. These are often made with stainless steel products (steel that does not oxidize), or glass, or even wood.

You should know that wooden sex toys, over time, following their successive cleanings, can prove to be carriers of germs and dangerous for the sexual organ of the user.

Why have a sex toy?

A trendy object despite the embarrassment before the purchase

It is undeniable today that sex toys are used a lot in the sexual life of many people: 75% of American people use them today! They reveal the sensuality sometimes hidden in some who quickly become addicted to them. They can give access to the craziest fantasies like pegging, wearing an anal plug to the doctor, or many others.

But there are still some people who are cautious about getting and using one of these toys. They fear the fact of passing for a person of low morals or fear the shame of being surprised with it. Yet there is no harm in owning this toy and even less in indulging in naughty games with it. Here are some reasons to have a sex toy.

A wellness accessory

Sex toys clearly help to de-stress. It is the ideal object for a masturbation session after a hard day. It should be noted that sex has relaxing properties. So these sex toys fully play this role.

Having a solo session with a sex toy means spending a moment with yourself, where you live the present moment with your body, and during which you clear your head, without thinking about the hassles of everyday life. You always feel much more relaxed after one or more orgasms!

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A sex toy to live out your unmentionable fantasies

If you are also looking for an assistant or a partner to accompany you in your fantasies, toys are a solution. With a vibrating dildo or a vibrator, you can let your imagination run wild when using them. Not to mention our electric vibrating TwerkingButt  virtual reality masturbator, which allows you to penetrate the vagina or anus of the Cyberskin silicone vagina, while watching a porn movie!

In order to have several ways to reach orgasm, or to feel independent of a man's penis or to expand your repertoire of testing or using different sexual tools. Having one or more Sex Toys is an adequate solution to these situations.

Break the routine with a sex toy

We have several reasons that suggest having a sex toy. One of them is the exploration of one's inner desires or desires. Whether you are single or in a couple, you often have this desire to discover new sexual sensations or experience intense orgasms.

This little moment that will make you happy and will satisfy you can open other doors to unexpected experiences with the use of one of these toys, alone or as a couple with your partner.

Also, for reciprocal excitement with your partner or to spice up your life as a couple, Sex Toys are good tools. They allow you to create another setting in the monotony that has settled in your life as a couple and to know more pleasure and sensations, by making love with your partner.

For example, try anal penetration, via a stimulator , a plug or a pegging session, to stimulate your prostate, this is a new experience to discover, whether as a couple or alone.

So the question is therefore to know the importance of these magic toys in the life of a couple.

Why use sex toys in the life of a couple?

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A sex toy to awaken your libido

Shared pleasure, collective enjoyment, is a real goal in sexual life as a couple. And we already know that sex toys have the ability to increase pleasure when used alone. Suddenly it is realistic to consider that these toys will only increase tenfold the desire and the pleasure in lovemaking as a couple.

Just imagine the effect of using these toys meant for naughty pleasures in your sex parties with your partner. It is obvious that they would provide a solution to unexpected sexual practices, erotic games that will only satisfy you and your partner.

What gives a much more erotic aspect to the use of these toys in the life of a couple is that they are socially taboo and therefore bring you closer, create a certain complicity linked to your intimacy. This gives you the opportunity to have in addition to all your other secrets, a more intimate one that will bind you more to your partner.

A sex toy to try new experiences

As stated a little above, another reason for using the sex toy in the life of a couple would be the desire to add a little spice to your daily sexual routine. If you are looking for something extra to boost your libido, or to explore other fantasies that you and your partner have never experienced before, sex toys are a solution to these worries.

Taking the example of a fantasy of trying or experimenting with a double penetration session as a couple with your partner, the use of the anal plug is indeed a solution. Here you can imagine that you are having a threesome, although you are only the two of you and no one is cheating on anyone. It's an impossible fantasy without a sexual accessory, but it is achievable.

Next, let's take the example of role-playing games. A session with a fox tail plug will help you give free rein to your imagination!

A sex toy for enhanced complicity

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It should also be noted that using sex toys as a couple can help you get to know your partner better. It can allow you to discover certain naughty facets of your soul mate. Which of course could help improve your life as a couple. And even better to discover or rediscover the sensitive parts of his body, which you were hoping for.

Assuming also that the sexual activity in your couple is flat and monotonous, the insertion of intimate toys in your relationship could fix this situation. And so your sexual encounters which were perhaps quick and without much pleasure can turn into more intense moments with several successive exchanges of orgasms, to live a second life together.

Although the pleasure is shared, the goal is also to satisfy as much as possible the sexual appetite of his spouse. Apart from blowjobs, and any other means of excitement, the use of sex toys can also contribute to the so-called preliminary stage. There are lots of sex toys like vibrating rings or even anal plugs that could help with this step.

A sex toy for new pleasures

Information that must be taken into account and which can become an additional reason for using sex toys in the life of a couple is that the use of some of these toys allows the woman to access other pleasures. previously unknown vaginas. In general, in sex for two, clitoral stimulation is the most common way to achieve orgasm.

There are clitoris stimulators for this. The vagina can also help increase the pleasure that is felt by offering different and very pleasant perceptions, thanks to a vibrator or a dildo. On the other hand, men could fall back on anal pleasure through prostate stimulation.

But it's not just these types of toys that can contribute to sexual fulfillment in your relationship. We also have handcuffs, whips, candles, strap-ons, lubricating gels and even porn movies. Why not have fun with erotic games, try naughty experiences.

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All this will only be possible with these special toys. And it could bring a more positive turn to your sex life as a couple. It is in a way, playing a given role and going from sexual romance to a form of sexual domination and thus sharing the pleasure that results from it. To sum up, there are many reasons that justify the use of intimate toys.

Choose the sex toy for your partner and for your couple

Towards what type of sex toy should I go?

Whether you are gay or straight or bisexual, there is no shortage of toys to help fill your sex life. Strap-ons are perfect sex aids for women. They give them a power that they do not have naturally, namely to penetrate their partner. You can add the dildos but also the anal sex toy. You have to listen to your desires when choosing the toy.

Note that there are different types of sexual accessories that we can divide into four categories:

  • those of the external type (clitoral stimulator, etc.)
  • those of the internal type (dildo, anal plug, geisha balls, beads, urethra plugs, etc.)
  • those of masturbation (vaginette, masturbator, etc.)
  • those of the sensory type (candles, whip, handcuffs, etc.)

So you have to choose according to your level of experience and the type of sensations you want to experience. The most advisable is to decide in order to fulfill the desires. Why not choose one of each, one for sir, one for madam?

Multiple decision criteria to spice up your life as a couple

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It is also necessary, during your research, to take into account what stimulates your desires and gives you chills during your antics, to live the moment to the fullest, to be truly yourself and completely liberated. And there, knowing the smallest parts of your partner's body can be of great use. In summary, know the stimulations that give you pleasure and give as much to your partner.

Taking your budget into account is also an important criterion for choosing the sex toy to get. Fortunately, there are options for all budgets. In addition, they are designed with different materials which of course do not necessarily have the same effects.

A stainless steel plug, for example, gives unique sensations with the perception of cold that it brings to you when it penetrates your anus. In addition, you have to think about the corresponding hygiene and how to clean.

You can also talk about it with your partner so that together you will choose this instrument that will change your daily sexual life into a fabulous experience.

Finally, there are board games for couples, to make little sexual challenges that will spice up your evenings!

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How to use the sex toy as a couple?

Start by discussing it with your partner. It will certainly be easier for you if you are a man. But for the woman it could be more complicated, since he could get offended and imagine that he is not good enough in bed to satisfy you and that this is the reason that pushes his partner to think about the sextoys. But there is nothing wrong with that. It can be complex to figure out how to approach the subject.

There are a lot of sex toys for couples. An example which can be very sensual, is that of the double sex toy including a dildo which is placed in the vagina and another part located outside which stimulates the clitoris. Equipped with a remote control that allows you to control the power and the vibration mode from a distance, it allows your partner to surprise the lady at any time to make her salivate with pleasure!

The same goes for the connected electric masturbatory, with the lady who tortures her man with pleasure before making him come with a moan of intense happiness!

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It is very important to communicate a lot in bed with your partner. Knowing how the other person feels is very important when using sex toys as a couple. Tell your partner what you feel, inform him, tell him if you like what is done, if it excites you or not, and offer your ideas for sexual practices. These are some ways to trade to share the fun.

Using sex toys in the life of a couple can allow both the woman and the man to extend the sexual skills and the pleasure felt by their partner.

Whether it is with a dildo, a dildo, an anal plug or other intimate toys, sexual life then undergoes a mutation that can only meet the expectations of both partners and improve living together on a daily basis for a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

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