The prostate is a magic 'nut' of sexual health and well-being

The prostate is a magic 'nut' of sexual health and well-being

The prostate is not just a 'tubular-alveolar gland', as the encyclopedia describes it sparingly. This is a kind of G-spot in the male body, which can provide incredible erotic experiences.

It is thanks to the presence of a prostate that men can enjoy anal stimulation and some even have powerful orgasms! But of course the function of the prostate is much broader. It produces a special secret that is thrown into the semen during ejaculation. The urethra also passes through the prostate.

What is the prostate and how does it affect a man's sex life?

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The prostate, or otherwise, the prostate gland, is a sex organ that occupies a 'strategically important' position - between the bladder and the rectum. The urethra runs through the entire prostate gland. The outer surface of the prostate is protected by dense connective tissue, which forms something like a capsule.

The prostate gland weighs only about 25-28 grams and is comparable in size to a medium-sized chestnut fruit. The size of the prostate depends on age. It is believed to reach its maximum values at the age of 17.

The prostate produces a special secret: prostate juice, which is part of the sperm. This is a cloudy whitish liquid with a characteristic odour, which contains large quantities of immunoglobulins, enzymes, vitamins, zinc ions, etc. The function of prostate juice is to dilute the seminal fluid, thus activating the movement of spermatozoa.

The gland itself, as glands should be, consists of glandular tissue, which is an accumulation of many small glands. Through them, or rather, through the excretory ducts leading to the urethra, the secret produced is excreted.

It is not for nothing that the prostate gland is called a man's 'second heart' and is considered the hub of male power. How healthy the prostate is and how well it performs its functions often depends on the general well-being, performance and even appearance of the stronger sex. In this respect, the prostate gland can be compared to the root that nourishes the reproductive system and maintains masculinity.

Carefully! Prostatitis!

The prostate gland is an organ that is very vulnerable to various infections and diseases. The most common disease affecting the urinary system of men is prostatitis - inflammation of the prostate gland. According to statistics, this problem is relevant for 35-40% of men between the ages of 30 and 50.

A progressive inflammatory process in the prostate gland leads to a significant increase in its volume and functional disturbances. As a result, testosterone production in the body decreases, the work of the urinary system is disturbed. The quality of life is significantly reduced.

It can lead to prostatitis:

  • promiscuous sexual life without contraception;
  • a sedentary lifestyle that causes congestion in the pelvic organs;
  • frequent and prolonged hypothermia;
  • trauma;
  • fatigue
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • lack of vitamins; reduced immunity;
  • prolonged sexual abstinence
  • ignoring the rules of personal hygiene.

There are infectious and non-infectious forms of prostatitis. The following symptoms may signal the onset of the disease:

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  • difficulty urinating caused by squeezing of the urethra by an inflamed prostate gland
  • frequent need to go to the bathroom for minor needs;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • inability to control ejaculation;
  • reduced potency;
  • pain in the lower abdomen;
  • 'erased' orgasm;
  • psychological discomfort.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the stronger sex does not consider this alarming symptomatically. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to disease progression. More than a third of prostatitis cases are chronic: the painful symptoms may worsen and then disappear spontaneously even without medical intervention. However, it is a mistake to think that 'everything is in order'. The disease has not gone anywhere, but has only been lurking for a while.

Acute infectious prostatitis is particularly dangerous. It is not diagnosed as often as chronic, but is only treated in a hospital setting.

Self-diagnosis does not count. It is only possible to determine with 100% accuracy whether an inflammatory process exists in the prostate gland during instrumental and laboratory studies. The most effective diagnostic methods are palpation of the rectum, transrectal ultrasound, and biopsy.

Prostatitis is treated with antiviral and antibacterial drugs, physiotherapeutic procedures are prescribed using laser and hirudotherapy, magnetic field, ultrasound, etc.

Prostatitis in an advanced form can lead to impotence and infertility and, as a consequence, problems in intimate life, depressive disorders. Therefore, today great attention is paid not only to treatment, but also to preventing inflammation of the prostate gland. One of the most effective methods is prostate massage, which can be performed on the advice of a doctor or alone.

Prostatic massage: benefits and pleasure

The structural characteristics and location of the prostate are such that the posterior surface of the organ can be palpated through the ampulla of the rectum, in other words the anus. This possibility is widely used not only to diagnose diseases of the prostate gland, but also to perform therapeutic and prophylactic prostate massages.

Many men are shy and even a little afraid of this procedure. The most common objection: "Am I gay?!?" However, such fears are completely unfounded, especially when it comes to health. Moreover, the benefits of such an event are obvious. As a result of prostate massage, several important goals are achieved simultaneously:

  • It improves blood flow to the pelvic organs.
  • Stagnation is eliminated.
  • It provides outflow of secreted fluid.
  • Regeneration of tissues that have suffered from congestion in this part of the body is accelerated.
  • It improves the tone of the perineal muscles.

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Massage is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. The main thing is the right mental attitude. During the first few sessions, pain is possible, but over time it disappears completely. It does not hurt, but on the contrary is even pleasant.

You can have a prostate massage for medical reasons and out of sexual interest. Many couples, if a man does not mind, include it as a game in their usual intimate life.

Why does prostate massage feel good?

The fact is that a large number of nerve endings are concentrated in this area. As a rule, most men get an erection during massage. This is absolutely normal and not at all a sign that indicates a change in orientation. This is due to the increased pressure on the prostate gland.

Approximately the same mechanism works here as during a morning erection, when a full bladder presses on the prostate. Therefore, for those who have difficulty with an erection, such a massage can be a significant help.

During the massage, not only an erection can occur, but also an orgasm. No wonder prostate massage is called the 'orgasm trigger'. Surveys have shown that such stimulation significantly improves the moment of climax, makes it brighter and richer.

Erotic prostate massage technique

Every girl can offer unforgettable pleasure to her man. There is nothing complicated about the erotic prostate massage technique! But the benefits and the fun are truly enormous! All you need to perform a massage are the gentle hands of a partner, some water-based or silicone lubricant, and the desire to please a loved one.

  • A man chooses the most comfortable and acceptable position for himself: he can lie on his side or assume a knee-elbow position. The partner should be in the most calm and relaxed state.
  • The woman gently lubricates the anus with lubricant and gently inserts her finger into the hole. The prostate is located at a depth of about 5 centimetres from the side of the pubis and abdominal cavity, so it must be inserted as far as it will go. However, this can be difficult at first and you should not exert too much effort. If there is a feeling of discomfort, we recommend increasing the amount of lubricant. An indicator that everything is going as it should is the slight moaning and rapid breathing of your 'patient'.
  • When a man gets used to the new sensations, you should feel a small tubercle on the frontal wall, about the size of a small walnut. This will be the prostate. It should be massaged, gently alternating pressure and circular movements. Do not perform alternative movements that mimic sexual intercourse. This has nothing to do with prostate massage.
  • After the above actions, a man may (and most probably will!!) have an erection. If this is not observed, a woman may stroke her partner's penis, but without stopping to massage the prostate gland. This combination of techniques will give your chosen one fantastic pleasure! You can stroke the penis in different ways: use your free hand or give a blowjob. True, with the latter method, you will have to show gymnastic flexibility.
  • You can guess the approach of an orgasm in a man by how his prostate behaves. If it has grown in size and hardened, make sure that climax is coming.
  • During orgasm, the prostate gland begins to contract, making undulating movements. If you believe the reviews, the orgasm resulting from erotic prostate massage is much stronger and brighter, as sexual arousal is felt at deeper levels than in normal intercourse.

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If a partner is complex and shy about trying such an erotic experience, then a woman may cheat a little. You can also massage the prostate from the outside, without introducing anything into the anus. As mentioned earlier, in a state of arousal, this organ swells and is easily palpable between the testicles and the anus.

Coupé: start by giving a blowjob and, after getting the man into a state of arousal, begin to gently massage the prostate, gradually increasing the degree of pressure. The harder the prostate gland, the greater the effect of the female caresses.

Erotic prostate massage is capable of driving a man to the highest degree of sexual madness. A woman who has mastered this technique will, without exaggeration, become the lover of her chosen one's heart (and other body parts). Such a technique will become a secret and incredibly effective weapon in a woman's arsenal of means to seduce and keep a man.

Men, in turn, will also benefit, and what! As a result of prostate massage on a regular basis, erection and ejaculation control will be greatly improved. Long sex games and incredible sex marathons will turn from a pipe dream into a joyful reality. The ability to feel arousal and sexual desire will increase many times over, along with the ability to satisfy them. Orgasms will become brighter and sharper and the partner's pleasure will be greater and more intense. All right, very attractive prospects!

Prostate stimulation toys

You can also stimulate the prostate gland with special toys, which are presented in abundance on the shelves of sex shops. Men can use them alone or during erotic games paired with a partner. Sex devices will allow you to discover a whole world of truly amazing sensations, to learn new facets of your own sexuality. The most sought-after and popular options are:

  • Massager-vibrators. Capable of giving much more happiness than simple caresses and finger pressure. Individual models have up to 10 vibration modes! They have, as a rule, a curved shape and an inclined head shape, which corresponds to anatomical parameters and allows you to choose the optimal angle of exposure to the prostate gland. The Joy Division Xpander X4 stimulator has a futuristic design and an original shape, thanks to which the volume of the toy can be reduced by 50% once inserted. A separate category are the 'rabbit-backdoor' vibrators, which are able to massage the prostate both from the inside and the outside at the same time, thanks to the presence of two special workings reminiscent of a hare's ears.

The control panel can be remote or integrated. The products are made of hypoallergenic medical silicone or durable ABS plastic.

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  • Vibrating fingers. Unique sex toys that are a nozzle on the finger, which is used for massage. They are versatile in use and can be used not only for prostate stimulation, but for female pleasure: caressing the clitoris, G-spot and even the nipples.
  • Anal plugs. They allow you to press on your partner's most sensitive spots in the truest sense of the word. In some models, such as the Erotist 541305 , in addition to the plug itself, there are elastic rings for the penis and scrotum, which strengthen and prolong the erection. A vibrating bullet can also be included with the cap, sending exciting signals with precise accuracy! The simplest and cheapest models are the helium plugs.
  • Unisex vibrators and dildos. They have a slightly curved shape, thanks to which they are used for both vaginal stimulation and prostate massage. In some models there are rotating balls inside that respond to the slightest movement. The range of such a toy is limited only by your imagination!

A prostate massager, regardless of type, should only be used in conjunction with anal lubrication. The lubricant will facilitate the introduction of the device, making its subsequent use easy, safe and painless. The vibrator or anal plug will glide gently, touching the sensitive area and causing waves of warm pleasure throughout the body. For a more vivid and unusual sexual experience, you can purchase a lubricant with a warming or, conversely, cooling effect. Fireworks of unforgettable erotic experiences are guaranteed!

After buying a toy to stimulate the prostate, a man will be able to perform massage actions on his own without external help. But it is worth remembering that medical and erotic are two different types of massage and you should not self-medicate.

How to take care of prostate health?

'The salvation of the drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves', a winged aphorism from a well-known book is entirely applicable to maintaining the health and performance of such an important organ as the prostate gland. To avoid problems with this small but very important organ, just follow a few simple tips:

  • Strictly adhere to personal hygiene rules.
  • Exercise and maintain healthy physical activity.
  • Have a regular sex life without significant interruptions.
  • Ensure that the diet contains sufficient amounts of protein, vitamins and other trace elements needed by the body.
  • Limit your intake of fat and red meat.
  • Consult a doctor in good time for the treatment of infectious diseases.

Prostate health foods include walnuts, raw pumpkin seeds, green tea, turmeric, broccoli, tomatoes and pomegranate. All contain a large amount of antioxidants in their composition, which have the most beneficial effect on the general condition of the body as a whole and on the prostate gland in particular.

Among physical exercises, running, leg swings and squats are particularly beneficial for the pelvic organs. Even if you do not have time to go to the gym, it is possible to create a suitable training plan at home.

Kegel exercises can be of great help for men concerned about prostate gland conditions. Initially, they were developed for women, but are quite applicable for the stronger sex. To understand which muscles will be involved, try delaying urination. You will feel a contraction of the pubococcygeus muscle, which you should work on. It is considered the main muscle of the pelvic floor. You can feel its work by alternately straining and relaxing the corresponding area. The most effective are the following exercises:

Stand upright and contract the muscle, simulating a jet delay during urination. Count to 5 and relax as you exhale.

  • Contract and relax the muscle in parallel with short inhalations and exhalations.
  • Pull in the anus, count to 5 and then relax.
  • The number of approaches in each exercise is 15-20. Perform them 2-3 times a day for a month and you will definitely notice a positive effect.

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And under no circumstances should you give up sex! Of all preventive measures, this is one of the most effective. Even if you have not decided on a massage, the contractions of the smooth muscles during ejaculation will have a beneficial effect on restoring the tone of the prostate gland. As an alternative to sexual intercourse, masturbation is permitted.

If you read the above tips carefully, you may have noticed that the prostate's 'best friend' is moderation. However, with an intelligent approach, it does not mean a grey life, devoid of vivid experiences and sexual madness. Cons! In the context of prostate enhancement, very tempting prospects open up before men, filling their intimate lives with rich and vivid moments.

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