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Top 10 : male butt plugs

A lot of Anal Plugs for Men are available and it is more and more difficult to choose one in the face of the choices that surround you, but "Why" would you say to me?

At least 3 reasons  explain this:

1/ Because they all have different features :

  • Different sizes , for example from size M to XXL…
  • Different shapes , conical or special, specially designed to take pleasure, increase the libido, and stimulate your erogenous zones
  • Different effects , anal penetration, whether with dildos, a penis, or a finger particularly stimulates the prostate area, imagine then with a vibrating masturbatory?

2/ Because you do n't have easy access to a sex shop :

  • Where are you embarrassed to ask your intimate questions?
  • You prefer to remain discreet

3/ Because there are simply more and more Choices with new products every month, every year.

Do not panic ! we have compiled the list of the Best Anal Plugs dedicated to Men that you can buy in 2019 and 2020 , you will find something for everyone! From the vibrating plug equipped with a cocking to fancy cocks! (let yourself be tempted to wear a bunny tail) and many more…

We hope to make your choice easier with this list of sex toys. And wish you to enjoy an unprecedented anal pleasure, during the next sexual intercourse with your partner, in complete safety whether you are a beginner or an advanced!

10) The Anal Plug: LGBT Fox Tail

The LGBT Fox Tail Butt Plug is simply superb:

  • Wonderfully colorful, this legendary Butt Plug is a great way for gay men to support LGBT pride while preparing their anal orifice for a wild ride! 

(We were talking about a rabbit tail above, here is one of the Violet colors which you should like!)

It also has the effect of being an unparalleled stimulant on your partner who will benefit from a solid and immediate erection!

9) “Sublime” Metal Butt Plug

This jewel of excellent quality, is made of stainless steel and has a hypoallergenic medical silicone handle to offer you maximum comfort in a seated position.

But also so that you can easily disinfect it, and eliminate sexually transmitted microorganisms, by putting it in a pan of hot water.

These rounded shapes give it the particularity of easily staying in place in the buttocks no matter what happens, it is perfect for preparing for sodomy . It is compatible for women and can also be used for anal sex and vaginal penetration .

This sex toy is part of the "virile" range thanks to its stainless steel design and its matching balls. It is also a design with the particularity of being both refined, sexy and imposing.

8) Plug Anal Tunnel

With an atypical shape , this plug has an opening in its center, this allows:

On the one hand to widen and dilate your orifice , and on the other for the air to circulate freely, that's all? No!

The wider the hole the greater the possibility of doing things: 

  1. See through if the plug is clear glass
  2. Masturbate your partner with your fingers (nails cut and cleaned)
  3. Make love and sodomize your partner doggy style
  4. Putting on a dildo or an anal dildo
  5. Bondage, or anal fisting...

We recommend that you use water -based lubricating gel on your anus to soften the sphincter muscles.

And on the accessory that will pass through your buttocks! (on all sex toys in flexible and plastic material, such as silicone, latex, or even PVC).

Unlike glass or metal, the silicone material has the particularity of being soft and flexible , even with large sizes during insertion.

It also provides a feeling of progressive comfort, and is an excellent anal stimulator.

Start by testing your feelings by passing small objects or running water inside, you will discover new sensations.

7) 50 Shades of Grey Anal Plug

Here is a sex toy that will suit more than one:

  • Whether you are an amateur Milf looking for tonic female masturbation
  • A Gay Man looking for erotic situations

Just the sight of this plug has the gift of exciting anyone holding it in their innocent hands (or not)...

If you are looking for a toy that acts as a massager , will give you intense orgasms , and will reach your P -spot easily, this prostate stimulator butt plug is a prime candidate!

Thanks to its curved shape, it stimulates the P-spot! This anal plug model is perfect for men (but also women...) the sensation during penetration is also different from that of any other anal plug or vibrator on the market.

Gently and delicately move back and forth in the anus, to avoid tearing (the prostate area of ​​the man is fragile).

And finally reach and stimulate the erogenous zones (Point P (or G) in the anus for men, and Point G in the vagina for women.

6) Plug Anal Vibrant "Missile"

The Anal Plug X is not only one of those erotic toys that will serve as decoration in your bedroom, no it will also serve as decoration in your underwear.

Better than a classic dildo , this vibrating anal plug (with several speeds) is suitable for all levels of anal stimulation whether you are a beginner or not.

10 powerful vibratory frequencies are endowed with it, the marvelous stimulations that it will bring you will make you tremble with pleasure! A double penetration for women is also possible, they can use it for clitoral, vaginal, and anal use.

In addition, the curved T-shaped flu keeps the plug in place! It is easy to use alone or with your partner, and to clean.

It's a great choice to initiate anal sex , and a nice Valentine's Day gift!

5) Vibrating Anal Plug: Extreme Pleasure

It's almost guaranteed to have the perfect stimulation for your needs with this plug/vibe. Here is one that will stay in your anal for a long time, but not only... let me introduce you to the Extreme Pleasure Anal Plug, with a long shape and anal beads, it has been designed to ensure maximum pleasure.

Only one vibrating egg of its composition allows you to massage your sphincter when you enter and leave the anus ...

100% waterproof, you can use it in your bathroom or even in the shower! It's rechargeable and works wirelessly and without batteries, comes with 10 vibration patterns so you can enjoy, and increase the pleasure as you go.

To amplify the excitement , before / during its use you can do foreplay, fellatio, or sex with your partner or even solo masturbation.

Purple in color and super soft, its qualities make it perfect for anal play.

4) Triple Member Vibrating Anal Plug

The Triple Member Anal Plug  combines the best combo between the use of a cock ring and an anal plug.

Do you know what makes it unique? It has the particularity of being equipped with 12 vibratory modes, mixed both in the plug and in the cock ring.

Spread the penis ring, and put on your glans (as well as your testicles) when your penis is erect. Once turned on, it will vibrate your testicles as well as your anus .

How to explain to you that the sauce rises very quickly at the end of the rod, and even faster when the vibration on the penis AS a bonus is activated. There, you will ejaculate without doing anything, even if you don't touch your penis!

Let your partner control with the mini remote.

Far beyond "to try it is to adopt it" this anal plug, founded by a magician transforms this sentence into " to try it is to marry it ".

With triple stimulation, this butt plug is one of the best butt plugs you can test (wed) specially designed for men.

3) Plug Anal Vibrant "Dépendance"

Men need a special kind of stimulation to get an anal orgasm.

With a sober and ergonomic design, this "Dependence" vibrating anal plug is particularly effective for massaging both the prostate and the perineum of men.

This toy offers the right massage due to its shape and 9 vibrational frequencies.

By wearing it, we can assure you that anal orgasm is not long in coming.

2) Vibrating Anal Plug: Sensational

It's not for nothing that it has this name. You will learn it at the expense of your buttocks...

Featuring a conical shape, this "Sensational" vibrating anal sex toy is suitable for all levels of experience and is one of the best anal vibrators with an extremely stimulating prostate massage.

Providing X with 7 vibration modes, it's a great addition to the bedroom for both men and women!

We know it's a top 10 Anal Plug dedicated to men, but this one has the particularity of being compatible with all genders!

Each end of this plug vibrates at will , so if you are a man you can:

  • Stimulate your anus
  • Massage the area around your anus (the perineum and your testicles)

If you are a woman , you can also use it as a clitoral and vaginal vibrator.

It's a 2 in 1 plug-in! Essential if you are a couple!

1) Vibrating Anal Kissing Plug

This is one of the most versatile vibrating butt plugs ever , and definitely one of the best anal vibrators on the market!

This is a luxurious and durable anal vibrator , ideal for solo use, but also for spicing up things with your partner!

Wireless, rounded shapes for easy insertion, it has a 360° rotating tip at its end to massage your insides and give you a "full" feeling, bringing excitement back into your life.

How many variations do you need? 8 changes? 12? This anal vibrator has 16 variations to provide a unique experience.

With a bonus Bluetooth remote control, let your partner control your pleasures!

It is an ideal anal plug for beginners and more advanced users looking for orgasms and stimulation.

A real "must have" for men.

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