Tunnel butt plug

Tunnel butt plug

Anal plugs have always been the favorite toy of anal sex practitioners. Only, who would have thought that just one small detail on a normal butt plug could lead you to exciting new experiences you've never tried? The tunnel anal plug is likely to delight many of you. It exists in several shapes, sizes, and different colors, but its particularity is that it is hollow in the middle, thanks to this one, you will be able to realize many fantasies. (But you already know it).. Thanks to the anal plug tunnel so you will be able to observe your partner in depth... 

Tunnel Anal Plug

The tunnel anal plug: safety first

Now it's time to address the issue of safety, and therefore the materials we use. Our tunnel anal plugs are made with a very high quality silicone or alloy. Silicone is called "medical silicone", and both of these materials are  phthalate-free, BPA-free, latex-free, and hypoallergenic . It is safe to insert into your anus. The safety of our customers is one of our main concerns. However, if you want to treat yourself to a tunnel anal plug , it is essential to specify that on the comfort side, silicone will offer you remarkable flexibility, so it is very versatile.

A hollow anal plug? what is it about

You surely know the anal plug, and all its variants, but have you ever heard of the hollow anal plug? Well, it's all in the name! And if you didn't know, yes they exist. This plug is even one of Sarah's favorite plugs (our team's sexologist). You may think they are useless, think again and listen to the rest... The hollow anal plug, more commonly known as a tunnel anal plug , is a plug that only has its outer casing in order to leave a hole apparent (exciting isn't it?) But what is the hollow zone for? Many things! inside, you will be able to insert:

  • A finger (perhaps too classic...)
  • An elongated vibrator (it's getting interesting) 
  • Un gode (mhhh)
  • Another anal plug (this is serious)
  • Do pretty much anything you want with it. (Oh yes)

That's why we preferred to create an entire collection because these plugs are so special. 

 Pompom Anla Plug

Still not convinced? 

After all this information we can be sure that you no longer see the tunnel anal plug as a boring toy. It is true that a normal anal plug fits into your anus and that's all, whereas with this model, the possibilities are endless. Don't you find it exciting to be able to observe inside your partner, and to have this dilated anus in front of you watching you, ready to undergo whatever comes to your mind... Don't be scared of trying new experiences, after all, if you're here it's because you're a fearless rascal. The feeling of an anal orgasm is hard to forget compared to a classic orgasm, and with this plug you can really see how a human body reacts to a powerful orgasm.

Collection Anal Plug

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