Use the geisha ball to strengthen your perineum

Use the geisha ball to strengthen your perineum

After pregnancy or as you age, the perineum may tend to relax. And for good reason, the perineum is a muscle and if it undergoes changes, it absolutely must be re-educated. In this case, how to do it exactly? You certainly know it, but it is possible to do perineal rehabilitation with a specialist. But it takes time and money. Several perineal rehabilitation sessions require a certain financial budget. In addition, you have to travel to the professional's office, which can waste a lot of time. But, have you thought about geisha balls?

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What is the geisha ball?

We hear a lot about geisha balls, but in reality, very few people really know what it is or what it is for. Concretely, geisha balls can be considered as sex toys. Indeed, geisha balls are used in many sexual practices of Tantrism and Taoism.

If you don't know, be aware that geisha balls are made up of two balls of different sizes containing small marbles. The balls are connected by a small rope. Several models exist and can suit all tastes.

What are geisha balls used for?

Mainly, geisha balls make it possible to give pleasure to women at any time of the day. To make it simple, just insert the geisha balls into the vagina, leaving the small cord hanging down. The latter is used to easily remove the balls, a bit like a sanitary tampon. When the geisha balls are inside the woman and she goes about her business, her movements cause the small balls inside the balls to move, which has the effect of stimulating her and causing her pleasure.

How to strengthen your perineum with geisha balls?

Do you want to discover the beneficial effects of geisha balls on your perineum, but you don't know how? You find these balls quite strange and you have not understood at all how they work? Don't worry, the geisha balls are very easy to use and will allow you to strengthen your perineum without difficulty.

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As explained above, to strengthen your perineum, you must place the two geisha balls in your vagina, taking care to let the string hang down. Once in place, you can resume your normal life. The more you move, the more the balls will move and your perineum will contract to retain the geisha balls. Thus, you will strengthen your perineum without even realizing it!

Are love balls easy to insert into the vagina?

This is a question that all women ask themselves and it is very relevant. Indeed, many women place the geisha balls incorrectly in their vagina and do not understand why they do not feel any sensation. The reason is simple, the geisha balls must be inserted far enough into the vagina. This is therefore done in two steps. First with your fingers and then pushing with your pelvic muscles to push them in deeper.

On the other hand, what you may not know is that it is useless, even dangerous, to keep the geisha balls too long in your vagina. If you want to strengthen your perineum effectively, 30-minute sessions two or three times a week are more than enough. So don't make the mistake of keeping your geisha balls on all day. Wearing them for more than 3 hours a day can become dangerous. The advantage of this type of accessory is that you can use the geisha balls during any activity and even gym sessions! Imagine the possibilities available to you!

Are geisha balls more effective than perineal rehabilitation?

Perineal rehabilitation is a practice that must be done by a real professional. Admittedly, geisha balls have the ability to help you strengthen your perineum, but they do not, in any way, replace perineal rehabilitation. Geisha balls are a good complement to use in addition to perineal rehabilitation. Of course, if you don't need perineal rehabilitation and just want to discover a quick and easy way to strengthen your perineum, then geisha balls will be enough for you. Especially since this accessory, considered a sex toy, can give you pleasure. So why do without it?

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To finish

Geisha balls are really very interesting sex toys because they have a double functionality. In addition to strengthening your perineum, geisha balls also allow you to have fun. Whether you use them during your antics or during the day, geisha balls are discreet and very useful. Nowadays, more and more women are using geisha balls, both to get pleasure and to strengthen their perineum. Whatever your reason for wanting to use love balls, keep in mind that prolonged use can be dangerous. Wearing them for more than 3 hours a day could cause you problems.

In any case, don't forget that geisha balls are mainly sex toys, which means that if you have to undergo perineal rehabilitation, geisha balls will not replace this rehabilitation, which must be done by a real professional.

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