Valentine's day: some ideas to spice up your evening

Valentine's day: some ideas to spice up your evening

There are nights during the year when the urge to spice up your sex life can be more present. This is particularly the case for parties related to birthdays, but also for Valentine's Day. If you want to think a little off the beaten track to avoid the traditional candlelit meal in a restaurant and sexy underwear, although this is not incompatible with the small proposals below, there are a few alternatives.

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A game around sexual practices

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to set up little sex games between you and your partner. For example, you can take the opportunity to go out to a restaurant while wearing a vibrating sex toy inside you and leaving the remote control to your partner who can thus have fun with your pleasure at any time. If you're planning on staying home on Valentine's Day, now's the time to pull out your favorite decks of cards and toss each other every time one of you loses. The temperature can quickly rise with such a game. You are likely to have an unforgettable evening...

Fulfill a fantasy

If you want to spice up your evening a bit, why not consider fulfilling a fantasy that is about you or your partner. The two are not incompatible, you can spend the night having sex with your partner and fulfilling different fantasies, but you can also save some for later. Now is the perfect time to talk about your fantasies and act on them. You don't have to be ashamed of having a fantasy, communication is important within a couple and talking about it can allow you to enjoy an even more fulfilling sex life afterwards.

Engage in a game of domination-submission

If you don't want to start realizing your fantasies on Valentine's Day, why not, for example, if you feel like it, start a little game of domination and submission with your partner. One like the other, you can take on both roles in turn or settle for the role that suits you best. It's time to give your partner a few orders and make him your sexual object for an evening.

Watch an erotic film as a couple

Many people watch erotic films, but most of the time this practice is carried out in complete privacy. Why not take advantage of Valentine's Day to share a moment with your partner in front of a film of your choice, which could well give you ideas for the rest of the evening?

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Go out to a libertine club

If you've been talking about it with your partner for a long time but haven't yet dared to take the plunge, Valentine's Day can be a rather interesting occasion to go out to a libertine club as a couple. It is not uncommon to see special evenings being organized in clubs for this occasion, it will then be the time to indulge in exhibitionism, or to share a moment with other people. However, take the time to find out about the club you plan to go to, some are more suitable for a certain age group or certain practices in particular.

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