What are the risks with an anal plug?

What are the risks with a butt plug?

The anal plug is an exceptional sex toy and its creation is a real blessing for human beings (especially for their anus and their sexuality). That said, a question comes up regularly from people who start anal masturbation. Are there any major risks or dangers when using an anal plug ?

This is a valid question that deserves an answer and even an entire article. Besides, no matter what sex toy you indulge yourself with, your health should always be your priority and your safety should always be your concern.

There are so many wonderful sensations to discover with a plug that it would be a shame to spoil your first experiences with a stupid and easily avoidable accident. It is very simple to stimulate your anal pleasure while staying safe, you just need to get a minimum of information and know a few basic rules , we should all do it.

Dog Tail Anal Plug

The dangers of anal plugs

To see more clearly, I found it wise to list the main dangers incurred when using a plug:

  • Poor cleaning after use
  • Sharing the plug with a partner
  • Quick and abrupt insertion
  • Lack of lubrication or poor quality lubricant
  • Poor quality plug (chemicals like phthalates)
  • Using an anal plug without a wide base (it's THE safety!)
  • Withdrawal too fast and violent

Anyone who uses their butt plug sensibly and logically should have no problems whatsoever and therefore should never have to worry about the above dangers.

I myself am a fan (or an addict) of the anal plug and I have never experienced the slightest problem, except perhaps that of having to go up a size to discover new and ever more  exciting sensations ... 

It must be admitted that after some time, the small plugs (with a diameter of 28 mm) were no longer enough to satisfy my hunger for anal sex . I took the annoying trend of wearing my  black heart anal plug  at work and as a result the stimulation was less and less intense… I ended up going for a larger steel plug and I'm delighted!

Let's go back to the dangers or rather to the solutions so as not to worry about them.

How to avoid the risks associated with the anal plug?

Now that we have seen all the dangers associated with improper use of the sex toy, we are going to see together point by point how to avoid them by adopting a few very simple basic rules.

Anal plug cleaning and sharing

Diamond Anal Plug

Properly clean your sex toy , whether it is a plug, a vibrator, an anal beads or a dildo, it is imperative to be disciplined when cleaning them for sexual hygiene flawless. Too many people do not clean their butt plug properly, we must not forget where it comes from when we have finished our little orgasmic session...

Conversely, we live in constant contact with many bacteria which have no effect on us when our hands are in contact with them, but some can contaminate the rectum because it is not used to this type of bacteria. That's why it's important to thoroughly clean your toy with warm water and soap, remembering to dry it before storing it in a dry, clean place.

Never share your plug, even with a trusted partner. The only solution would be to wash it before sharing it, but in the heat of the moment, who wants to wash their toy ? The best for you and for him is that everyone has their own sextoys. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to have a vagina, you should not insert your plug in without having washed it beforehand, these are very important precautions to take.

The key to anal sex is gentleness (and a healthy dose of lube)

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One of the main mistakes that too often leads to an accident (slight, but unpleasant) is to be too brutal during anal penetration or when removing the plug. During a sodomy , nobody arrives with a nonchalant air and inserts with a blow his penis, we agree? Well with a plug it's the same thing, it takes time and good preparation by stimulating the erogenous zones of the anus.

The ideal is to coat the sex toy with a quality anal lubricant before slowly starting to move back and forth by inserting only the tip. Once the dilation begins to take place and you feel ready to enjoy full penetration, then indulge yourself, but always listen to the sensations your body gives you. For withdrawal it's almost the same, without the work of prior excitement, just be gentle.

Sometimes the anus “sucks” and creates a suppository effect, the solution is to be relaxed, relaxed and to be patient so that the sphincter muscles relax and let the plug out slowly.

Choose a quality anal plug, with a wide base

No need to dwell on the fact that you have to avoid low-end “cheap” sex toys that are made from chemicals that are very harmful to your health. Especially when it comes to a plug, because it is one of the few sex toys that can stay in contact with the genitals for several hours. It seems that some even wear it at their workplace ...

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If you want to indulge yourself with a silicone anal plug, it has to be medical grade. Metal or glass butt plugs  are also excellent choices for great health (and orgasm)! We only offer these three types of materials in order to guarantee peaceful and safe use. Before buying a plug, you will also have to check that it has a wide base, this is an essential criterion to make the most of anal pleasure without having to worry about anything.

You can now realize your sexual fantasies without apprehension... and above all without taboos!

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