What does it like wearing an anal plug?

What does it like wearing an butt plug?

The Anal Plug is a small (or big...) Sex Toy, usually with a conical shape that has the simple purpose of adding a touch of spice to your sex life. If you're wondering what the effect of putting on an anal plug is, you probably have n't tried it yet .

1) The Effect of an Anal Plug on Man

The feeling is perfect for him Thanks to his Prostate (Which is a Gland which is part of his Reproductive Apparatus ), located behind a wall in his Anus.

She is Extremely Sensitive, when she is stimulated and Orgasm is triggered the sensation is In-Croy-Able.

Being Homosexual or Heterosexual Makes No Difference. Prostate Orgasms are more Intense than Penis Ejaculation Orgasms.

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But what about For Women? Endowed with a Vagina, and not a Prostate like Men, the attractions of Anal Stimulation seem less obvious… So why do Women still like to use Anal Plugs?

2) The Sensation of the Butt Plug for Women

Not All Women Are Into Anal Sex (like Men).

Like All Sexual Practices , there are those who will like Doing Everything, and others who will have more Restrictions on certain practices.

When it comes to anal sex for women, there are many reasons why they may like it:

  • Indeed, the anus and the vagina share a wall, which is densely innervated by the pelvic nerves.

This means that Using an Anal Plug can stimulate all the nerves within this wall, thus activating the Pelvic Floor Muscle Contractions that occur during orgasm ( producing a Spasm effect ).

  • In addition, Sticking an Anal Plug to the Walls of the Anus can Stimulate his G-Spot.

There are also other Emotions or Sensations that Women Feel when fitted with an Anal Plug.

2.1) - The sensation of feeling “Filled”

Some women experience the sensation of feeling "full" when having vaginal intercourse while using one butt plug at the same time.

Without feeling pain, they feel the sensation of feeling "full" because each orifice is filled in it .

If the idea of ​​Double Penetration tickles your mind, consider trying an Anal Plug!

It's both Flirty and Sexy to wear one during sex with your partner. Increased Sexual Pleasure is guaranteed!

2.2) -  The sensation of Double Penetration

Having an Anal Plug at the same time as having Vaginal Intercourse can help fulfill the Double Penetration Fantasy , without the embarrassment of having another person in the room.

It can be a great way to live out that fantasy, without the hassle (and potential problems) that come with adding a whole other person into the sexual mix. 

Add to this moment small accomplice and naughty games, you have a very hot situation between the arms (and soon between the buttocks).

2.3) A “Little Extra Tip” for Others

For some women it turns out that Anal Play can be a fun addition to Vaginal Intercourse or Masturbation.

  • Having varied Sexual Practices with your partner (or partners) is a good thing to avoid setting up a routine, because many couples make the mistake of often practicing the same sexual acts with little change, which leads to early or late to boredom and the desire to go and see Elsewhere to explore new horizons.

Varying his practices by frequently changing positions, sensual approaches, sex toys, is a great way to keep things fresh, even years in a relationship.

In other words: Why not change your routine and see how it goes?

2.3) - The Sensation of Feeling Naughty - In the Good Sense of the Word

For women feeling dirty, and in a healthy way is an absolute plus.

Ultimately, Different people will have Different experiences when it comes to Toys and Anal Experience. But if you and your partner are curious about Butt Play, know that there are tons of options and so many different ways to incorporate a Butt Plug into your sex life .
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