What first sex toy to order for a couple?

What first sex toy to order for a couple?

Do you want to break the routine and spice up your sexual relations with your partner a little? In that case, why not try sex toys? When you have never tested this kind of object, it may seem quite scary, but on the contrary, it will help rekindle the flame within your relationship. Only, there are many different sex toys and some are more intended for single or more experienced people. Therefore, which first sex toy should you turn to when you want to start in this field and want to do some good, together?

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The vibrating ring, the ideal sex toy to start with

If you are new to using sex toys, there is no need to take overly elaborate models. Not only will you not understand how they work, but on top of that, you will find no pleasure in them. Thus, the ideal sex toy for beginner couples is the vibrating ring. Indeed, this sex toy can offer sensations to both women and men. By placing the ring on his penis and penetrating his partner, the man will stimulate Madame's clitoris while also receiving a good dose of sensation thanks to the vibrations and the pressure exerted by the ring. And since the vibrating ring is very easy to use, it only has advantages for beginners.

A great classic: the remote-controllable vibrating 

The vibrating , you have surely already heard of it. You know, this small egg-shaped object that is placed in the vagina of Madame while Monsieur controls the pleasure and the level of intensity thanks to a remote control or a Mobile application. Whether you are looking for control, submission/domination games, connected sex toys are the ideal gadget to excite your partner, whether he is a few meters away from you, or milometers away (yes, some models offer).

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Do you know the couple stimulator?

There is another sex toy that is perfect for couples who want to discover the joys of sex toys for two: the couple's stimulator. Concretely, this sex toy takes the shape of a large U with two ends. One inserts into the vagina and the other puts pressure on the clitoris. But this sex toy has a special feature: it vibrates using a remote control. Which means that it is the man who can use this remote control to take control over the vibrations felt by his partner. Inevitably, seeing his partner having fun, he will also be excited, which promises good nights under the duvet!

Choosing a sex toy for couples must be done by two people. It must be an object that is easy to use and that allows both partners to find their account. In any case, do not hesitate to try several different sex toys to find the one that suits you best. The main thing is to think about your pleasure for both of you.

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