What is an Anal Plug

What is a Butt Plug used for?

In the Sex-Toy universe, you have 3 Big Families:

  1. Masturbators : Male and Female, such as Vagina Simulators (called Vaginet) or even Vibrators, which have the effect of Stimulating the Genital Organs
  2. Dildos : Of all shapes and sizes with the same function as masturbators
  3. And Anal Plugs : Less known to the general public, with very distinctive shapes and functions providing different stimulation in men than in women...

So concretely, what is this Small Sex Toy in the conical shape that is the Anal Plug, and why do Little Rascals use it?

What is the Anal Plug used for? 

Simply put, wear an Anal Plug during Sex, whether it's Masturbation Practice, Foreplay, or any other type of Intercourse.

Allows to:

  • Dramatically Improve Orgasms and Pleasure (No Matter Your Gender).
  • Dilate your Anus, and Prepare a Sodomy without Friction , during the back and forth movements!

Did you know that there is a small difference in feeling between men and women?

Why should a man use an anal plug?

The anatomy of the Man makes the use of the Anal Plug Perfect for him .

Why ? Because his Prostate is perfectly placed , (between 5 and 10cm from the top of the front inner wall of the anus) to receive what comes to him, such as a Sex-Toy, or a Penis.

So what ? What you need to know is that the Prostate is an Incredibly Sensitive Gland ! Who will explode your Libido , and your Jouissance, when this one is Stimulated.

If you weren't aware, the feeling is So Powerful in Man, that Ejaculation and/or Orgasm can happen to him just by Stimulating his Prostatic Zone.

They have the reputation of being More Intense than those felt by Penis Masturbation, because they Cause Spasms in the Whole Body! 

Indeed, when you have an Orgasm and a Plug in your Anal Orifice at the same time, the muscles around the Anus contract around the Sex-Toy. Thus Making Tremors More Intense and Prolonging the duration of Male Orgasm.

You risk finding yourself in Sweat of Pleasure !

The pleasure provided is Sensational, the stimulation of the Prostate already makes what is best in Sexual Practices, in Best!

The Plug Anal 50 Nuances de Grey has a curved shape making it specially adapted to Stimulate the Male Prostate, and provide an Orgasm without Equivalent! 

Why should a woman use an anal plug?

Let's break taboos once and for all Anal Sex doesn't only bring Pleasure to Men. And Women Don't Do Anal Sex Just To Make Their Partners Happier !

If you are a Woman but you don't like Anal Sex , without ever having practiced it, or you simply think it's not for you .

This is strongly due to the approach you have taken, which is not the correct one.

  • We wrote another article where we explained the simple steps to follow, to fully enjoying anal sex ( Read Part 1 )  you will have to discover new approaches.

For Women who enjoy anal sex , using a Butt Plug can make all kinds of intercourse More Pleasurable for you, and your Partner.

Why ? Putting on an Anal Plug creates more Pressure on the rear vaginal wall, which has the effect of increasing the level of Pleasure tenfold .

  • The sensation is also stimulating by the Anal Penetration of a Dildo, a vibrator or Classically, a Penis.

It increases your Libido, so many women like to Practice Oral Sex , when they are equipped with an Anal Plug!

Like Men : Nerve Endings trigger Anal Orgasm, which is increasingly Intense when the muscles around the Anus contract around the Sex-Toy, and Prolongs the duration of the Orgasm.

It also allows you to increase your Partner's Pleasure :

  • Inserting an Anal Plug reduces the space inside the pelvis, thus Tightening the Vagina

The Firmer Pressure given by an Anal Plug, allows to feel a More Pleasant Sensation to the Vagina once rested.

Now that you know what an Anal Plug is for, and you are interested in this fabulous sex toy, here is a small collection that you should like.
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