What is a man's favorite sex position?

What is a man's favorite sex position?

Men are greedy in bed, it's a fact, but what about their favorite sex positions? Of course, every man is different and their taste in sexuality is not necessarily the same. However, there are a few sex positions that appeal to all men and win all the votes. If you're a man reading this, you're bound to recognize yourself. And if you are a woman, you will finally be able to discover how to please your partner in bed. Discover, without further ado, the favorite sexual positions of men.

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The doggy style, of course!

And the palm of the favorite sexual position of men goes to the doggy style! Unsurprisingly, it is this position that wins all the votes. If you are a woman, you must already know. For many reasons, this position is very popular with men. Indeed, doggy style gives them a very exhilarating sense of dominance. They have a nice view of their partner's buttocks, which makes them even hornier. In addition, there is also a bit of mystery with this position since the two partners do not see each other directly in the eye. But beware, for doggy style to be appreciated, both partners must agree, especially the woman. Why ? Because a bad movement or a bad placement can cause pain to the woman and make the act very unpleasant.

If you're not sure if your partner likes the doggy style position, don't rush it. Talk to her to find out if you're on the same page.

Another great classic as a second favorite sex position for men

You're probably going to find this stupid, but the second favorite sex position for men is the missionary position. Yes, you read that right. When we were talking about a great classic, we weren't adding any! The missionary position is practiced by everyone, it is so classic that it has become a must for cuddling under the duvet. But why is this position so popular? Not only do the two partners look each other in the eye, but on top of that, the missionary position has a multitude of variations, which allows you to vary the pleasures. By placing your partner's legs on your shoulders or simply in the air, you vary the pleasures and you can feel different sensations. For example, when the woman has her legs up and crossed.

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Other popular sexual positions for men

If doggy style and missionary are the two favorite sexual positions for men, know that there are still many others that are just as popular. Among them, we find the Andromache. This sexual position consists of placing the woman above the man. Many men were very excited. But beware, because the Andromache position is also one of the most dangerous positions for men. Multiple penile fractures are due to this position.

There, you are probably saying to yourself that all the positions that men like are positions with penetration. However, this is not really the case. Indeed, there is also another position that appeals to both men and women: the 69 position. This sexual position combines cunnilingus and fellatio, but there is no penetration. As you can see, the tastes of men when it comes to sexuality are quite varied. Difficult, therefore, to satisfy all these gentlemen! As each man is different, it is by communicating with your partner that you will find out what he likes and what he does not like in bed.

To finish

There are a lot of different sex positions. Some men have fairly standard preferences, they don't know many different positions. It is therefore best to test a certain number of them in order to fully explore your sexuality. The secret of pleasure lies in complicity. You must find positions that appeal to both you and your partner, this is very important. If one of the two is not satisfied, it cannot work. And for good reason, it is not enough for a man to enjoy certain sexual positions for everything to go perfectly in bed. It's all about harmony, don't forget that. Pleasure, in a couple, is done by two. Together, you must find the best positions to satisfy each other.

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