What is an anal plug used for?

What is an anal plug used for?

You have heard of the anal plug, but you wonder what this accessory can be used for? That's a very good question. This is because most people don't really know what a butt plug is for. So, discover all the uses of this rather original sex toy.

Diamon Butt Plug

Helps relax the muscles of the anus

Contrary to popular belief, the main function of the anal plug is not to provide pleasure. In fact, it relaxes the muscles of the anus and prepares the anus for penetration. It also helps people to better understand anal penetration by eliminating fears.

Can still be fun

Although the anal plug is mainly used to prepare for anal penetration, it can also be inserted into the anus or vagina in order to feel sensations and obtain pleasure discreetly!

However you want to use a butt plug, know that it is an accessory to be used with care, as it can cause tearing, irritation or transmit STDs. Therefore, be careful to use lubricant and above all, to clean your anal plug after each use.

Glass Butt Plug

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