What is the best position to reach orgasm

What is the best position to reach orgasm?

Ladies, can't you stand the overly classic missionary anymore? Do you want to experience the ultimate, intense and powerful orgasm, but you don't know what the best position is? Don't worry, like thousands of other women, you are asking yourself this question and, rest assured, it is completely relevant. And for good reason, many women have sex and do not experience orgasm. Worse, some women have never had an orgasm in their entire lives! Faced with this overwhelming observation, we have decided to reveal the best positions to reach orgasm more easily. But be careful, we quickly become addicted!

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But what orgasm are we talking about?

We are certainly not teaching you anything, but a little reminder shot never hurts. Women have the possibility of having two different orgasms: the clitoral orgasm and the vaginal orgasm. If the first is very easy to achieve by stimulating the clitoris (caresses, masturbation, penetration), the second, on the other hand, is more complicated to achieve. Some women only have clitoral orgasms and would love to have vaginal orgasms. Why ? Because they are much more intense. Thus, the positions that we are going to present to you here will allow you to reach vaginal orgasm much more easily, the Holy Grail of all women!

Turning your back is not necessarily a bad thing

Turning your back isn't polite? Indeed, but this does not apply during sex. Thus, to reach orgasm much more easily and more intensely, all positions where the woman has her back turned to her partner are recommended. But why are these positions more interesting when it comes to orgasms? For the simple and good reason that your partner's penis will penetrate you much deeper. Thus, Monsieur will have an easier time reaching your G-spot while stimulating your clitoris. What more ? You will quickly take a liking to these positions, especially since by turning your back on your darling, you will have your hands free. And what to do with your hands during this time? Caress you at the same time! Isn't that a great idea to increase your pleasure?

Become a real rider!

You don't have the soul of a rider? It is very unfortunate. Moreover, we advise you to become one very quickly. Why ? Because there's a sex position you're sure to enjoy. The reverse rider position is one of the most effective positions for reaching orgasm. If you don't know the inverted horsewoman position at all, know that it is really very simple to achieve. Monsieur lies comfortably on his back and you straddle him, turning your back to him and placing yourself in a squatting position.

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With this position, you will be penetrated deeply, which will have the effect of giving you a lot of pleasure. Moreover, there is a variant of this position, which is called the spinning top and which consists of turning regularly in order to alternate the moments when your back is turned to your partner and the moments when you face him. In this way, you vary the pleasures and sensations! Of course, this variant requires a little practice and experience. But little by little, by dint of trying, you will get there very easily and you will adopt it for sure!

The great classics are not superfluous

If you don't like originality too much, know that you can also stick to the great classics of sexual positions. Indeed, some are very effective in having orgasms. Among them, we find, of course, the doggy style. Favorite sexual position for many people, the doggy style has many variations to accentuate your pleasure. Even if the doggy style remains one of the favorite positions of the French, some people are not followers. Are you part of it? Don't worry, there are still other sex positions for you!

Among the other great classics, there is the missionary. Certainly the most classic position, it helps to promote orgasm, but by adding a small variation. For the missionary position to be really effective, it must be practiced standing up! Yes, you read that right. By doing the standing missionary, this position becomes much more intimate and Monsieur benefits from a perfect angle to reach your G-spot. Isn't that all great?

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Finally, the last fairly classic position, but very effective for achieving multiple orgasms at the same time: the spoon position. If you don't know, you should both lie on your side (the gentleman should be behind you). The particularity of this position is that it does not require any particular physical effort and that it leaves all hands free, whether yours or those of your partner. Therefore, you can easily combine a vaginal orgasm, a clitoral orgasm and, why not, an anal orgasm!

Many people think that classic sex positions are not conducive to orgasms. However, although classic, they are extremely effective. So rather than experimenting with sex positions that you will find difficult to do, opt for classic sex positions and enjoy all their benefits!

To finish

As you may have noticed, there are many sex positions that increase the chances of having orgasms. Sometimes it's just a matter of doing a few extra moves and positioning yourself in a different way to be able to feel more sensations. In any case, the best way to promote orgasms is to vary sexual positions. Do not confine yourself to a single position, improvise, try several, with more or less different variants.

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Orgasms are not legends. All women can have orgasms regularly. You just have to find the positions that stimulate you the most!

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