What is the most dangerous sex position

What is the most dangerous sex position?

If sex is supposed to bring a lot of pleasure, unfortunately it can happen that small injuries occur to spoil your pleasure. According to statistics, there is one position among all others that can be more conducive to penile fracture or frenulum breakage. These injuries are among the most painful that can be encountered by people with a penis. It is therefore advisable to be a little careful during your sexual intercourse in certain positions in order to limit the risks as much as possible. Unfortunately, most of the time, when the first signs that we will discuss later appear, it is often too late to turn back.

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Andromache, the most dangerous position according to statistics 

The andromache is a position very popular with many couples because of the deep penetration it allows but also the proximity between the two bodies that is created. In this position, the woman is on top of her partner, and sits on his penis. It is during back and forth movements that injuries can occur. If the weight of the body presses too quickly on the penis, it can fracture, which will cause very intense pain for the person with this penis. Unfortunately, there won't be much to do except wait for everything to recover properly. Several weeks will then be necessary and it will not be possible to have a good time sexually speaking during this period of time. To avoid having to practice sexual abstinence for several weeks,

Signs that should alert you 

As said above, most of the time, when certain signs are more present, it is too late to limit the damage. A fracture of the penis is symbolized most of the time by a fairly audible cracking noise and by a sharp pain in the pelvic area. You will need to stop all sexual activity immediately to check the extent of the damage and make decisions accordingly. A short trip to the hospital will be necessary most of the time.

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As a reminder, be aware that excessively violent movements during masturbation can cause the brake to break, which will also be very painful! 

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