What is the most favorable position for female pleasure

What is the most favorable position for female pleasure?

We can never say it enough, all women are different and some will experience more pleasure in certain positions than in others. Nevertheless, we can note the fact that certain positions are more conducive to generating very intense pleasure. Naturally, different factors must be taken into account, such as the fact that the position will allow the stimulation of different areas at the same time, or that the clitoris can be stimulated at the same time as your partner penetrates you, for example.

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The best way to find the position that gives you the most pleasure is again to try them all until you find the one that suits you best. It's the perfect excuse to install a little originality in your antics, it's a safe bet that your partner will also find his account since he will be delighted to be able not only to give you more pleasure but also to test new things with you.

A position with the legs together

 Favoring a position where the legs are close together will be very practical for stimulating your vagina more intensely. Inside of it are some areas that are more sensitive than others and if you have your legs together then your partner's penis will be more compressed and you will be able to get a lot more sensation. This also applies if you have sex with a woman who would use a dummy penis in order to give you pleasure. Note that depending on the position you are in, if you have your legs together, it will also give you very intense sensations in the outer part of the clitoris. This is absolutely not negligible since you are twice as likely to reach orgasm quickly this way.

A position that offers penetration from behind

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The traditional doggy style or the lying doggy style are two excellent ways to benefit from an important pleasure. Indeed, in this way, you will not only have stimulation within your vagina and on top of that, your partner like yourself will be able to perfectly caress your clitoris in order to increase the sensations tenfold. Naturally, after a while, you may find it difficult to concentrate as the pleasure will be intense.

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