What is the role of the clitoris in female pleasure

What is the role of the clitoris in female pleasure?

For very long years, the clitoris was relegated to the background. Talking about this subject was taboo. Besides, talking about sexuality, period, was not very conventional. But over the years, speech has been freed up, women have become more open about the subject and sex has no longer been considered a taboo subject. This is when the clitoris once again became the center of the news. Thus, many doctors have looked into the question of the role of the clitoris in female pleasure.

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The clitoris, a real organ of pleasure

It's a fact, the clitoris is an extremely important organ for a woman and even more so when it comes to her pleasure. Its role is therefore essential for a woman to reach orgasm quickly. Concretely, there are two types of orgasms: the vaginal orgasm and the clitoral orgasm. The first is quite difficult for some women to get, while the second can happen much faster and easier. To reach a clitoral orgasm, you simply have to stimulate the clitoris.

But why is it so easy to have pleasure by stimulating the clitoris?

Here's a great question. Everyone wonders why it's easier to have a clitoral orgasm than a vaginal orgasm. And the answer is simple: the clitoris can easily be stimulated. In addition, a woman has the possibility of finding, on her own, her clitoris by exploring her body. In this way, starting by doing good to herself, the woman can then guide her partner.

Female intimacy, a vast subject that is still obscure

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The clitoris is a very sensitive organ. It can be stimulated during penetration or simply with caresses. Only, there is only the head of the clitoris which is “outside”, everything else is hidden inside the woman's body. Therefore, it still remains a rather obscure subject. Admittedly, there have been many studies on the subject, but how do you fully know something that you can't even see? On the other hand, what we do know is that even if the clitoris is considered the main organ of pleasure in women, it is not the only one. Indeed, for a woman to feel intense pleasure, different parts of her anatomy must be stimulated.

To finish

Even if today we know a little more about the clitoris, there are still some gray areas. In any case, if there is one thing that everyone knows, it is the pleasure that this small organ provides. Whether alone or in pairs, the woman has the possibility of experiencing orgasms, which is rather a good thing, it must be admitted!

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