What sex position according to your zodiac sign

What sex position according to your zodiac sign?

You may not know it, but each zodiac sign has a favorite position. Admittedly, this is not the case for everyone, but for the majority of people, it is possible to discover what is the best sexual position according to their astrological sign. Whether you are a man or a woman, we have concocted a small list of the sexual positions that best correspond to your astrological sign. So hang in there and discover, finally, the position that best suits your character!

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The position that best suits Cancer, male or female, is the victory position. This sexual position is not widely known, but it is among the sweetest and most romantic positions. Concretely, Madame lies quietly on her back while Monsieur sits on her, legs apart. Madame surrounds her partner with all her love with her legs, squeezing hard enough to be closer to him.


Male Taurus and female Taurus particularly appreciate foreplay, especially when it is long. This is why Taurus' favorite position is the 69. No need to draw you a picture, you certainly know this position and you have already tried it many times! Taurus is a sign that likes to share and give a lot, but it is also a person who likes to receive. The 69 is therefore the ideal position for this sign.


What is Aries' favorite position? The position of Andromaque, of course! Why ? Because Aries is a person who likes to take matters into their own hands, especially the Aries woman. Thus, with the position of the Andromache, Madame has total control over her pleasure. Sitting astride Monsieur, Madame plays the rider and leads her partner, with the wand!


The Gemini woman is a woman who likes to please and who simply loves herself. She is proud of her body and her assets. So when it comes to knowing your favorite sex position, there aren't many. The one and only position compatible with Gemini is doggy style. Thanks to this position, the Gemini woman can highlight her body and excite Monsieur in the most beautiful way.


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Virgo is a very shy person and does not like overly extravagant sexual positions. So, not surprisingly, the position that fits best with a person of the astrological sign Virgo is, the missionary. With this position, Virgo feels much more confident.


Pisces is a person who does not like to take the lead and in his choice of sexual positions, it is the same thing. Pisces doesn't like sex positions that are too extravagant, however, there is one position that Pisces prefers, and that is the spoon. Why ? Because this position does not require too much effort and it allows you to do as much good to Madame as to Monsieur. So if you're Pisces, you know what you have to do!


You are Sagittarius and you don't really know which position is best for you? First of all, know that Sagittarius is a free person, but who likes to be cared for and taken care of. But then, which position to privilege? Simply scissors. Madame lies comfortably on her back and raises her legs in the air, crossing them. In this way, Madame only has to let herself go and have fun.


The Leo woman is a very independent person. She likes to be in control and take charge. This is why the proud queen position is perfect for the Leo woman. You may not know this position by this name, but you have certainly already practiced it. Concretely, Madame sits astride Monsieur, but has her back to him. This position is very exciting and stimulating for both partners.

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Libra is a very caring person. She is romantic, calm and sweet. During sex, Libra particularly enjoys looking their partner in the eye. Then the position of the Amazon is certainly the position best suited to your character. But how to practice this position? It suffices that Monsieur lies on his back and that Madame sits on him. Then, they both slide to the side, which offers a very pleasant angle of penetration.


Aquarius is a very imaginative person who is not afraid to try new experiences. Thus, in love, Aquarius dares and does not hesitate to try complicated sexual positions. Aquarius' favorite sex position is the sedan chair! Under this strange name hides a position that is quite difficult to achieve. To put it simply, Madame is leaning on her bed, stretching out her arms well. Sir, he is standing behind her and raises her by the hips while taking her legs and positioning them under her arms. This position is very similar to a complex variant of the doggy style.


Capricorn is a person who finds it difficult to feel confident. She must therefore find a position where she can feel close to her partner. And the position that wins all the votes is the position of the rocking horse. To achieve this position, Mr. must sit on a bed, for example, and place his hands behind his back. Madame sits on top of him, astride him, facing him and squeezes him hard between her thighs.


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Scorpio is quite a complicated person to please. She hates routine and doesn't like being bored at all. In his sexual relations, the Scorpio does not have any favorite positions in particular. Why ? For the simple and good reason that Scorpio wants to test all the positions that exist so as not to fall into a routine.

To finish

Now you know the sexual positions most compatible with your astrological sign. So what are you waiting for to try them out?

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