What to give your mistress

What to give your mistress?

All women love presents. Regardless of age, status and hobbies. And if a gift is presented by a beloved man, its value in the eyes of beautiful women doubles. After all, a gift is, first and foremost, a manifestation of care and attention, a confirmation that the recipient of the gift is dear to you.

Gifts with or without a reason are a wonderful way to strengthen any relationship. New Year and 8 March, birthday and Valentine's Day, the anniversary of the first meeting or first kiss: there are many reasons to present your mistress with a gift. And don't overlook them! After all, women literally blossom from gifts: a seductive smile appears on their lips, their eyes sparkle with joy and pleasure. Believe me, her gratitude will not be long in coming!

But the process of choosing a gift for a lover is often associated with men with long thoughts and worries. How to make the right choice so that the gift is guaranteed to please the charmer? What can turn an ordinary day into a holiday? What gift will be both romantic and useful?

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What determines the success of a gift to a mistress?

Gifts are, of course, loved by everyone. But still a gift for a gift is different. It is probably not worth giving a pot to your mistress. Money in an envelope is an officially impersonal option that may even offend particularly impressionable girls.

An ideal gift is one that will perfectly combine consideration of your sweetheart's individual tastes and the romantic component. It is worth considering the nature of your relationship and your lover's marital status: married women can only be given gifts that will not arouse suspicion on the part of their spouse.

Even a bouquet of flowers for a lover who has a husband must be of a 'decent' size. One lover gave a young woman a luxurious bouquet of several dozen roses, with which there was no way home. After all, they don't give them at work and buy them themselves 'according to their mood'. I had to give the bouquet 'for safekeeping' to a friend who put it in a bucket in the bathroom and kept it there until the colors wilted. Such is the sad fate of a beautiful bouquet.

However, some women are so creative in explaining the origin of gifts that their fantasies can be envied by the most famous science fiction writers. Furs are 'given by parents', expensive thoroughbred dogs are 'found on the street' while walking with a friend, and new cosmetics and jewelry mysteriously appear on the dressing table.

If your connection cannot yet be considered long and strong, then most likely the gift will act as a sign of sympathy, rather than of great and passionate love. Beneficial options for all 'forever': a good perfume and flowers.

Why are sexual gifts good?

An ideal gift in all respects for a lover would be a gift of 'sexual content'. At the same time it is:

  • Quite personal and intimate, able to emphasize the 'special' status of the relationship.
  • Pleasant and able to offer a lot of pleasure.
  • A woman may secretly dream about a sex toy, but do not decide to buy it herself, and in this way fulfil her secret desires and erotic fantasies;
  • On the shelves of adult shops there are products in different price categories, so you can easily pick up a small thing according to your planned budget. There is a suitable option for those who want to please their beloved with an expensive exclusive gift and for those who decide to present a nice inexpensive souvenir with erotic overtones.

The only thing to consider before going to a sex shop for a gift for your mistress is the willingness of your lady of the heart to accept such gifts. After all, not every woman is ready to introduce intimate devices into her usual sexual practice without prior preparation. If your chosen one has not yet shown any interest in sex toys, you should politely ask how she feels about such devices and would not like to try anything out in practice.

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Also, you should not give gifts from a sex shop for all the holidays in a row. They are good in reasonable quantities, because the girl might suspect that you 'only need one thing' from her. Therefore, the best option would be to alternate sexual gifts with other more ordinary and traditional gifts: jewellery, flowers, perfume and sweets.

Best ideas for an erotic gift for a mistress

In a man/lover relationship, sex is usually the main link. Yes, difficult! A fantastic, breathtaking, enchanting and unforgettable one. One from which lovers seem to 'grow wings'. One that one remembers years later, that makes the blood boil and makes one feel life in all its beautiful fullness. Therefore, it is quite logical to give a gift to a woman with sexual overtones on one of the holidays. The best options would be:

  • Clitoris stimulator

No matter how sure a man is of his magnificent qualities as a lover, the fact remains: every woman imitates orgasms from time to time. Feelings of discomfort, traffic jams, problems at work, lack of foreplay - all these can affect a woman's orgasm. By giving your woman a miniature toy, you will solve the problem of false orgasms once and for all. Believe me, the clitoral orgasm is no worse than the infamous vaginal one, which in truth is almost as rare as St. Elmo's fires.

Clitoral stimulators come in a variety of forms and modes of action. The simplest and most popular option is a vibrator. A miniature motor inside creates oscillating movements. The toy gently caresses the erogenous zone, causing warm, diverging waves of pleasure throughout the body, leading to climax within minutes. There are vibrators in the 'classic' form of the male genital organ that are only small in size, and there are mini-vibrators that have the discreet and concise appearance of an ordinary key ring. Such a device can be worn on a chain as decoration and no one will guess what is hidden behind its modest appearance.

Womanizers or satisfiers are a real revolution in the world of sex toys. The devices are based on advanced vacuum suction technology. In a nutshell, the device is able to create a slight pulling effect, which until now could only be felt by the woman the man decided to pamper with cunnilingus. With such a toy, multiple orgasms of incredible power are simply guaranteed! You can choose a model shaped like a duckling, a penguin or disguised as a lipstick bottle. For those who appreciate style and luxury, products with leopard, gold or glamorous pink designs are ideal.

  • Vaginal balls

An excellent gift in those cases where a man is counting on a long-term relationship. Because rather, it is not even a sex toy, but a kind of simulator designed to train the muscles of the vagina. For a noticeable effect to appear from their use, it will take 1-1.5 months of regular lessons. True, the lessons are not strenuous or exhausting, but very pleasant. They will give a gentle erotic massage and make the female breasts tight and supple. The benefits will be reciprocal: a woman will be able to improve her health and give a man incredible sensations by skilfully playing with his trained intimate muscles.

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Warning! Vaginal balls - although an erotic accessory, it is not intended for use during sexual intercourse. It is best used 'before' - for warming up.

Vaginal balls are available in glass and silicone, with a shifted centre of gravity and a vibration function. There are large gift sets containing balls of different sizes, which will allow you to smoothly increase the load during exercise.

If your girlfriend disappears for hours in the gym and adheres to the principles of proper nutrition, then she will definitely like this gift. Indeed, with vaginal balls, she will be able to achieve complete perfection and develop another extremely important aspect of her personality.

  • Vibrating bullet and vibrating trousers

Tiny but extremely powerful sex toy with great features. It usually has an elegant appearance and is sold in a beautiful box, which automatically makes it a suitable gift idea for a lover.

The toy can be used both independently for masturbation and for coupled love play. It can perfectly stimulate several erogenous zones: the clitoris, nipples and others, taking your beloved to the heights of sexual pleasure.

Vibrating shorts look like normal underwear from the outside, albeit rather seductive. But such a 'normal' appearance is deceptive and hides enormous sexual potential.

Such toys are controlled remotely with a remote control and some even via Bluetooth, which creates room for more exciting fun and games. With a vibrating bullet and vibrating shorts, your beloved will experience extraordinarily bright orgasms of unprecedented power!

  • Erotic underwear and accessories

Women love beautiful clothes! Especially when it comes to seductive lingerie sets, in which you can show off in front of your lover and amaze him once again with your otherworldly beauty. A lace belt with stockings, a fishnet dress, a translucent dressing gown or a burlesque dress will surely attract any charmer, put her in a loving mood and make her want to immediately try the new thing 'in action'. Sweet moments of bliss and sensual pleasures will not keep you waiting long!

An original and unexpected gift will be a role-playing costume. Give your loved one the opportunity to try out the role of a strict teacher, a seductive nurse or a waitress.

Even if you are planning a traditional-style gift - a piece of jewellery, a spa gift certificate, a trendy perfume or a new gadget, adding a small erotic souvenir - a tickle brush, a cat's ear band, chest pestles or a Venetian-style mask - complement them, give the present intimacy and personal character.

Doubts about your choice and want to remain anonymous? Then feel free to contact the online sex shop advisors, who will readily come to your aid and help you purchase a gift of the right size and design.

  • Cosmetics

Sexy cosmetics are a great option for a gift from a sex shop for a lover, if for some reason she is categorically opposed to intimate devices or frank erotic lingerie. What could be a more sensual and frank prelude to a love struggle than an exciting massage with a special massage oil? Give your beloved strawberry, lime or ylang-ylang-scented oil and their delicate erotic aroma will help create the right erotic mood, and the oil's composition will make your skin soft and silky.

Another popular category of products in the sexual cosmetics section is a variety of lubricants and lubricants that can significantly increase the degree of pleasure during lovemaking. There are flavored, edible and exciting lubricants. You can choose from a tropical fruit flavored lubricant, a delicious cinnamon bun flavored lubricant or any of the dozens of lubricants available in adult shops.

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A popular and always appropriate gift option would be cosmetics for the shower or bath. It will not only help keep the body clean and toned, but also provide a wonderful effect from application: it will give the skin a seductive aroma, a magical softness and tenderness.

  • Pheromone perfume

On your loved one's shelf, for sure, there are good favorite perfumes from one of the famous brands. So it is time to pamper your beauty with an original gift and give her a perfume with pheromones - special substances that act as aphrodisiacs and increase the attractiveness of a sexual partner. Their extraordinary scent will surely satisfy the charmer and the intimate, bewitching trail of the perfume will be a great addition to your dates: sensual and passionate.

The magical composition of perfume with pheromones can turn an ordinary encounter into an unforgettable holiday, the memory of which will remain in your heart for a long time. However, some perfumes in this category are completely odourless, but contain a special combination of pheromones that can cause arousal, increase sexual desire and help you relax during intimacy.

  • Anal stimulants

If lingerie, cosmetics and perfumes are a 'light' version of a sex gift, then anal plugs in the shape of a 'Christmas tree', 'chain' or 'ball' are, of course, a gift for those young women who are not embarrassed by a regular vibrator and who know the meaning in different types of sex, including anal. Women's plugs, designed to be worn, stimulate the sensitive areas of the anus and, with skilful use, can give much pleasure.

The restrictors in such toys are often decorated with sparkling stones, edged with gold or silver-plated materials. Therefore, the devices are often used not only to train intimate muscles, but also as a decorative element during lovemaking. If you decide to give your partner such a gift, take care of comfort and safety right away by purchasing a special lubricant with it.

  • Dildos and vibrators

A very popular and sought-after toy in the shape of an erect male member still occupies last place in the ranking of erotic gifts for a lover. After all, why give your girlfriend what you represent for her full use, so to speak, in kind?

Another thing is if your encounters are not frequent and the mistress complains about the lack of sex. Then such a gift would be more than appropriate. You can choose a realistic option or an abstract fantasy. By the way, according to research by a reputable German magazine, it is the vibrator models with a fantastic design and painted in imaginative colours: pink, purple, neon green that are the most popular among women.

  • Handcuffs, masks and snacks

Even the most demanding and capricious beauty cannot resist the temptation to try on her delicate hands glamorous handcuffs edged in fur and decorated with Swarovski crystals. Or perhaps the young lady dreams of experiencing Anstacia from the famous trilogy novel? Even if you don't usually practice BDSM, an ostrich feather on a long, thin pile or multi-coloured soft feathers will allow you to experience hitherto unknown sensations. Paradoxically, this is just a wonderful way to express your affection and tenderness! To enhance the effect of using a tickler and increase the sharpness of the sensations, a mask that closes the eyes will help.

  • Cyber toys for remote sex

Advanced technology helps bridge the distance between lovers. And it's not even about phone sex or erotic correspondence. After purchasing one of the Internet-controlled devices as a gift for your mistress, you can take your sex life to a whole new level. And what it will be - a clitoral vibrator, a dildo or an anal plug - is up to you. You can control the toy using a special programme installed on your smartphone, choosing the desired vibration mode and adjusting the intensity of the impact.

How to prepare a mistress for a sex shop gift?

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The use of sex toys for many is an unusual thing, associated with many fears and worries. Even the most sexually emancipated girls can experience a prejudiced attitude towards them based on fears and complexes. Therefore, before placing an order in a sex shop, it would be useful to carefully ask the person chosen how they relate to such devices and would not like to try something out in practice.

Even if the answer at first is negative, you should not immediately set aside the richer opportunities that modern sex shops offer in terms of gifts for women. Buy something neutral first: perfume, underwear or massage oil. Indicate where they were purchased. Then the very fact of your visit to a sex shop will no longer be surprising. And the next time you give a small clitoral vibrator that kisses fish or a G-spot vibrator that can be used to massage the whole body, the gift will be received with interest and a positive reaction.

Some women and men also mistakenly believe that sex toys violate spirituality and intimacy with a partner. For example, if you love a person, you should only get high from traditional intimacy. Perhaps that is why there are so many sexually unsatisfied people around? After all, the quest for diversity is not only desirable, but vital when it comes to an activity as great as sex.

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