Which sex position is the most dangerous for your man?

Which sex position is the most dangerous for your man?

Even if sex allows you to feel good, it can also be dangerous if it is not practiced in the right conditions. Indeed, every year, many men end up in the emergency room with a broken penis or a sprain. It may seem comical for men to whom it has never happened, but it is much more common than it seems. You're probably wondering how men can hurt themselves while making love to their wives? The answer is simple, using the wrong position. If so, what are the most dangerous sex positions for men?

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The position of Andromache

Do you know the position of Andromache? You know, the position where the woman is placed above the man. Much appreciated by these gentlemen, this position is also very dangerous. 50% of penis fractures are caused by this position! How ? When the woman moves back and forth, she puts all her weight on the man's penis. So one wrong move can injure the man, which can be problematic!

The doggy style position

In 29% of cases, penile fractures are due to doggy style position. Indeed, men particularly like this position, which makes them quite energetic. Only, in their moment of bestiality, some men miss their partner's entrance and hurt themselves. At best, it's just a sprain, but very often it ends in a fracture. So if you're a man reading these lines, try to calm your ardor when practicing the doggy style position, as it can be dangerous for you.

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The position of the missionary

Here is the last position that is the cause of 21% of penile fractures: the missionary position. However, this is a fairly simplistic position and not at all dangerous at first sight. But Precisely, it is because of that that many men hurt themselves. This position is practiced by almost everyone. The majority of men are confident in this position and are less careful than with other sex positions. Lack of attention can therefore cause accidents.

To finish

Unsurprisingly, the sex is as good as it is dangerous. If you're not careful or practice bad postures, you can hurt yourself. Therefore, two solutions are available to you: stop practicing the three positions listed above or take precautions to ensure that accidents are avoided. If you get too excited, injuries happen very quickly. So if you don't want to find yourself in the emergency room explaining to the nurse how you fractured your penis, try to calm your ardor a little and opt for a little gentleness!

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