Why does a woman need a man

Why does a woman need a man?

Today, women are increasingly asking the question why they need a man. They are increasingly able to provide for themselves the material well-being they need and men's concerns can already be shifted to people specifically hired for this. So why do we need relationships with those who certainly require the expenditure of strength and emotions?

A woman's desire not to vegetate alone, but to join her destiny with a man, is mainly due to the fact that this is accepted and the continuation of the family is hardly possible without a young man. Although the latter can already be 'baked' without the participation of a permanent housemate in the flat and also without a stamp in the passport.

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Courageous and bold

For many women, it is incomprehensible how it is possible to treat a man with respect, who cannot provide an acceptable income in his concept, cannot support a family, and cannot show love for their common children. And this is quite understandable. Who wants to have a man who for days lies on the sofa, watches TV and drinks beer, and the difficulties of supporting a family fall entirely on the shoulders of women. Why does a woman need all this?

Relationships with a lazy man only lead to resentment and misunderstanding, which significantly reduces the power of love and practically destroys respect for him. The girl begins to ask the question why she needs all this trouble and headache, if in principle there is no support.

Today, a woman can very well earn on a par with, or even more than, men. They occupy more and more leadership positions in offices and companies, as well as managing large companies themselves. It is no problem for them to carry out complex projects, make scientific discoveries, propose new laws and promote them.

Increasingly, a girl is freeing herself both financially and psychologically from a man. They finally have access to complete freedom, where there is no admiration for the young man, but there is equality and mutual understanding. But for some reason, there are no more happy female eyes, and that is very sad. Unfortunately, despite all the self-sufficiency of a woman, happiness and joy in life do not increase if there is no loved one next to her.

Psychologists clearly state that even the most whole of nature is not protected from loneliness. It may well turn out that a worthy man will not come across her path, which will bring her true happiness. And so, a woman is continually overwhelmed by disappointment, which does not add joy to her life.

Why are true men few?

Unfortunately, every year there are fewer and fewer men who correspond to the ideas of a true representative of the stronger sex. And the main reason for this is hidden in education. Initially, the male principle is 'crushed' by the tyranny of the mother, who is certain that she knows best what her son needs and how he should act in every situation. In such cases, a boy grows up without his own opinion, does not know how to make decisions and prefers to avoid any responsibility.

And if a man has not been suppressed by his mother, later his wife begins to do so. And it would seem that she dreams of having a self-sufficient young man as her husband, but in time she decides to 'break him' and 'remodel' him for herself, depriving him of the slightest possibility of being independent and decisive. As a result, a strong and self-confident husband turns into a miserable likeness of a man who, without his wife's command, cannot even take a couple of steps. And what friend, looking at such a family model, will dare to repeat such a feat and become the commander-in-chief of her own family, where she herself will be the support and protection?

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Every woman, despite all her desire to appear self-confident and strong, experiences within herself a certain uncertainty about her own beauty and worth. And if this is also supported by the constant criticism of her overbearing mother, then it is hardly possible to achieve a manifestation of strength of character only if the girl decides to go ahead, no matter what.

Every woman needs attention and a caring attitude, friendly support and participation and strives to find it in a man, but, unfortunately, it is not always possible. And if you combine this with the fear of a strong, determined man, the woman becomes discouraged because nothing comes of it. All her insecurity is more than compensated for by the desire to become more independent. She begins to develop her intellect, play sports, 'pump up' her mind and make life brighter.

Today, male power is perceived with a certain apprehension and distrust. This fear arises at an unconscious level and drives a woman to fight hard, which means there is a desire to break and remake a man. But does this make sense?

What does a woman gain from such transformations as a result? The answer is simple: complete power and control over a man. But is it worth considering a 'remade' person a real man? Probably not.

Women have squandered their main virtue: the desire to show unconditional love. They already lack the spiritual qualities of a man to fall irrevocably in love. She evaluates him from all sides and if she sees that his spiritual strength is much greater than hers, she loses all interest in him.

Consequently, an internal conflict arises, which leads the woman into confusion. She wants to feel a real man beside her, but at the same time she fears him and therefore tries to distance herself from him. Consequently, a woman has no idea at all how to build relationships correctly so that everyone is comfortable and good.

It is absolutely incomprehensible to a woman why she should adapt to a man, constantly controlling his actions and deeds. What is the point of all this effort? As a result, despite the great desire to be happy, women are left alone and that is sad.

The power of women

A woman's nature has enormous potential. This can include unconditional love, the ability to forgive, the willingness to accept and let go, the display of patience and wisdom. However, more and more often women are deprived of these qualities and there are reasons for this.

Women improve on the basis of the inherent potential they inherit from their mothers, who most often continue to educate them in the manner established in previous generations. It takes considerable strength to reverse the established order of upbringing and build relationships with the child in a completely different way, but this should take a long time and this path is not easy.

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You should not think that a woman has developed a sense of unconditional love if she never experienced it from her mother and, in fact, grew up in an atmosphere of indifference and underestimation. In this situation, a woman is deprived of every opportunity to learn to express feelings and reveal her potential. The loss of the ability to love unconditionally leads to the fact that love for a man cannot be disinterested: a woman seeks any benefit in a close relationship with a young man. As soon as she rejects the dignity of the feminine, her soul loses the ability to empathize, and thus to love the young man without conditions or reasons.

The female generation is invaded by even greater resentments against the male sex. If a woman has left a family in which there is no man or has no right to vote, then no respect can be expected for the young man. He is incomprehensible and unknown to her. Unfortunately, if a woman is unable to build a happy family, but has a daughter, then we can safely say that she will eventually repeat her mother's fate, which will lead to an increase in the inferiority complex and loss of self-sufficiency.

A woman who does not accept herself as she is, destroys all the best of herself with her own hands. No longer able to perceive a man as protection and support, they cease to need him at all and, as a result, the female element dies in the girl's unequal struggle for her own independence. All that remains of a woman is an attractive outer shell, and inside there is no mother, no wife, no lover.

Loss of the ability to love unconditionally

Today, a woman is characterized by capriciousness and impatience. The driving force behind her development is sober calculation and the need to control everything and everyone. She is not characterized by displays of weakness and tenderness; she is constantly preoccupied with a bright future, where everything is thought out down to the last detail. A woman loses contact with intuition and begins to evaluate everything from the point of view of the reality of what is happening, not succumbing to feelings.

This behavior is very easy to explain: in a girl's life there is neither love nor attention. Having lost her feminine principle, she loses herself, remaining only a silent executor of her desires, where there is no place for weakness. A man, knowing such a girl, does not understand what to cling to in order to open the feminine soul and understand what is good in her. How can one fall in love with someone who is completely empty inside, and in her head she knocks the keys of a calculator and draws up plans and reports?

A woman should attract and entice, fascinate and enchant, inspire and encourage action. And if not, then the man does not pay attention to her, because he does not feel that he needs the male principle beside her. It is impossible to say that men are not needed at all by someone who does not have emotions and feelings in her soul - in any case, she strives to be needed by someone and cares for someone. But unfortunately not everyone can reconfigure a woman to the wave of motherhood and femininity, and so she ends up alone.

Why does a woman need a man, if she herself can earn for all whims and pleasures, she herself can pay for her holidays, buy a fur coat and jewelry? If we talk about the material side, a prosperous woman does not need a man and his money at all. The time to have children and build a strong family remains an open question, but here too there are many options: children can be born without a husband or partner and a family is not at all necessary.

A woman tries to connect her life with a worthy man, and if she does not find one, the meaning of marriage disappears completely. A man in this situation is considered an additional burden that will require time and attention for himself, without giving anything in return. But you should not give up: you must seek happiness, because a single woman is sad and, in time, also scary. A woman must fulfill herself in all forms, otherwise her life will turn into a trivial pursuit of money and prosperity, which will bring nothing but tired eyes and an unhappy soul, torn to shreds.

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