Why does the erection disappear

Why does the erection disappear?

The loss of an erection is one of the most unpleasant situations in a man's life. In the background, absolutely everything pales: failure to meet deadlines at work, a loan falling due and even a head starting to go bald. It is once worth a man's dignity to 'miss' his master, so that he immediately begins to understand what is worth worrying about in this life and what is not.

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The word 'erection' itself comes from the Latin word, meaning 'to raise', 'to straighten', which reflects quite accurately the essence of the matter. Erection problems in medicine are called erectile dysfunction, but in people they are expressed in a simpler way: 'not worth it'. But no matter what you call such a sad phenomenon, every time it becomes an extremely traumatic situation for a man. Statistics give rather depressing figures: one in two men between the ages of 20 and 40 has erection problems. However, in this case, the consideration of 'even the neighbour' is no consolation.

Erection mechanisms

If you put together all the scientific works devoted to erections, you get a pretty impressive collection of works. The process in which a man's penis increases in volume and hardens has been studied and described in detail. The first scientific notes on this subject were written in ancient Egypt in 2000 BC. In the dark Middle Ages, until the 15th century, experts believed that the penis was not filled with blood, but with air. However, such an illusion did not prevent medieval macho men from properly performing their male duties.

As a result of meticulous and thorough research, it was possible to establish that an erection is a complex phenomenon. Yes, yes, surprisingly, not only lunch or dinner in the canteen can be complex. The male member enters an erect state as a result of a combination of several factors simultaneously:

  • Anatomical. The penis is made up of cavernous and spongy tissues. Upon arousal, they fill with blood and increase in size. Deep, dorsal arteries are responsible for the blood supply to the penis. But there are few muscles in the penis - only two - bulbous-spongy and ischiatic-cavernous. And it is not possible to pump them more than the size provided by nature. But even inactive, without receiving a load, they can atrophy, lose power and elasticity. So, like any muscle, they need regular exercise.
  • Haemodynamic. When they are excited, the walls of the arteries begin to relax and contract, as if acting on the principle of a pump and pumping blood into the organ, causing an increase in blood flow. At the same time, the muscles come into play, which swell and block the outflow of blood. Although blood circulation during an erection does not disappear completely, it slows down as much as possible.
  • Neurophysiological. That same legendary arousal can occur in different ways. On a reflex level - in the spinal cord, for example, when the glans is stimulated, and in the brain, caused by various types of sexual stimuli - visual, aromatic, auditory, etc.
  • Molecular. With sexual stimulation, the body begins to intensively produce nitric oxide, which literally stores a chain reaction and causes the production of special neurotransmitters, chemically active substances that transmit impulses from one nerve cell to another.

As you can see, erection is a rather complex multi-component process. And the problem lies in the fact that the failure of even one factor - vascular, haemodynamic or neurophysiological - leads to erection problems and causes a frightening spectrum of impotence. But in the case of a one-off failure, you should not be afraid. Perhaps the problem will 'solve' itself in a few days. If the member does not rise with 25 per cent of attempts to have sex, you should start sounding the alarm and seek the contacts of a good sex therapist or urologist.

But first, you should familiarize yourself with the list of reasons that can lead to the loss of an erection. Perhaps the reason lies on the surface and you can 'solve the case' yourself.

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TOP 7 reasons an erection disappears

Anyone who has ever watched the legendary TV series House M.D. knows that a correct diagnosis is the key to proper treatment. Therefore, to solve the problem with a disappearing erection, it is necessary to correctly establish the cause of its disappearance.

  • Get used to a partner

'A good wife is someone else's wife', says conventional wisdom. And although in terms of comfortable living and stability in life, long-term relationships many times surpass casual relationships, in terms of sex they put a strain on couples. It is not for nothing that scientists have found that in men's sexual fantasies, mysterious strangers mostly appear, and not at all relatives and intimate life partners.

During the period of falling in love, when emotions rage and hormone levels soar, sexual desire is felt literally anytime and anywhere. Lovers yearn to possess each other and an erection appears at just a glance at the object of passion. But time passes, the feeling of novelty fades and with it the desire for intimacy diminishes.


Search and discover for you and your partner new facets of sex and ways of sensual pleasures. Try an unusual position or technique, change the usual position or time for lovemaking, arrange a romantic surprise for your partner, learn to talk openly about your desires.

An excellent remedy is sexual abstinence, the term of which is best negotiated in advance with your lady. In sexology, this method is known as the 'caress method'. During abstinence, you can caress and kiss as much as you want, but do not bring the matter to a climax. Believe me, an erection a lot will become your constant companion again.

  • Weariness

Modern life places great demands on us, both for women and men. We must succeed at work, provide for the family, be caring parents and attentive lovers, clean the house and repair the car. At the same time, it is desirable to help parents, communicate with friends, play sports. All this requires a lot of strength, both physical and emotional. And the resources of the human body are by no means unlimited. It is only in song that one sings 'I'm tired, I want love'. A good erection rarely gets along with constant tiredness.


If fatigue has become your constant companion and there is simply not enough strength for love games, you should seriously think about changing something in your life. After all, life, as they say, is only given once, and it should be lived in such a way that it is not excruciatingly painful for the years you have lived without sex.

But if you have just had one stressful day and there is a desire to make love, then quick sex will help. It doesn't require much strength, like a long love marathon, and both partners can experience pleasure. Look, don't get carried away. Fast sex is only good sometimes, and not at all on a regular basis.

  • Health problems

An erection is the result of the work of several systems in the human body simultaneously. For this to happen, the heart pumps blood, blood vessels dilate and constrict, nerve impulses are transmitted between the cells of the brain and the spinal cord. If at least somewhere there is a failure, the erection, like a timid animal, disappears immediately. The list of diseases in which erection problems are observed is quite extensive: diabetes and heart disease, thyroid, prostate, spinal cord and brain disorders.

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Treat and treat again! Do not start the disease and do not hesitate to contact a qualified specialist. Do not join the sad statistics counting the number of men who have lost their virility due to an illness. Only 20% of the stronger sex seek medical help for erection problems. Don't be like them!

  • Bad habits

The image of a brutal macho man with an eternal cigarette and an inexhaustible glass of whisky seems very attractive and seductive. But only on the screen! In real life, alcohol and smoking can cause irreparable damage to potency and weaken male power. Erection problems are recorded in every fourth smoker.

But with alcohol, the issue is a bit more complicated. Australian scientists have found that it damages intimate life if used more than five times a week. But a few shots or glasses of your favorite alcoholic beverage on weekends or holidays not only do no harm, but on the contrary can be considered a means of improving your sex life. So say scientists from faraway Australia.


Reconsider your attitude towards a healthy lifestyle and existing bad habits. Is the pleasure of smoking a packet of cigarettes so great that you risk your power because of it?

  • Stress, depression, emotional stress

From nerves, not only all illnesses, but also frequent interruptions of the erection. If life is painted in shades of black and grey and sad thoughts go overhead, even the most sensual beauty will not be able to put a man in a loving mood. Moreover, stress often goes hand in hand with his girlfriend: constant fatigue literally nips all possible attempts at lovemaking in the bud. A vicious circle is revealed: on the one hand, sex is recommended as a remedy for stress and depression, and on the other, it is precisely these stresses and depression that do not allow one to recklessly indulge in the pleasures of love.


If the stress is situational and the depression is mild, then you may be able to cope with them on your own. Think back to the situation that caused them, try to look at it from a different angle. Proven recipes for coping with depression are reading good books, walking in the park with the dog, watching interesting films and TV programmes, delicious food and singing out loud (the louder the better), private conversations and board games. For some, 'fooling around' and simply 'doing nothing' is a great help.

But sometimes the advice to 'pull yourself together' and try to cope with depression and stress seems like an invitation to become like Baron Munchausen, who pulled himself out of the swamp by his hair. Real life, unfortunately, is not like a fairy tale and, in some cases, help should be sought from the side, from an experienced psychotherapist or sexologist.

  • Excess weight

Fat men enjoy the glory of gentle and attentive lovers. Therefore, in itself, completeness is not an obstacle to a full-fledged intimate life. But the growth of adipose tissue causes the production of the female hormone estrogen, while it reduces the production of the male hormone testosterone. But it is he who encourages men to desire sex, become aroused and dream of orgasms.

In addition, extra kilos can cause circulatory system disorders. Often, fullness is accompanied by psychological problems, which further aggravate the situation.


Try to lose weight so that it no longer has a negative impact on your sex life. You don't have to be a bodybuilder. Just five kilograms dropped can miraculously 'bring you back to duty'.

  • Age

Time goes backwards and forwards. And every day we live adds not only new impressions and wisdom, but also age. According to WHO data, potency disorders are recorded in 25% of men aged between 40 and 60. And this phenomenon is mainly associated with a decrease in the level of testosterone in the body. Its peak secretion falls in 30 years, so the content of the 'male' hormone decreases inexorably - by 1 conventional unit per year.


Until recently, the problem of age-related decline in potency was not considered as such by official medicine. However, today there are several very effective ways to restore male sexual longevity. The first is medical. Testosterone deficiency is compensated for by drugs: tablets, injections, gels and ointments. The second way is through stimulant therapy to restore testosterone levels.

Important! Testosterone deficiency should only be treated under the supervision of an experienced specialist. Self-medication is strictly discouraged.

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Restoring an erection

It is entirely possible to restore, strengthen and reinforce an erection in cases that are not open on their own. There are several very effective ways of doing this:

  • CARDIO. The connection between good blood circulation and power has been scientifically established. Therefore, cardiovascular loads - running, cycling, swimming, dancing and aerobics - can be considered a means of restoring power.
  • GARLIC, PEPPER and BANANA. These gifts of nature simply miraculously improve blood circulation in the body, which means they improve power.
  • COFFEE. Curious American scientists from Houston have discovered that men who drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day are far less likely to complain of erectile dysfunction than their non-coffee drinking counterparts.
  • NUTS AND HONEY - a well-known folk remedy. Mix the ingredients in a 1:1 ratio and take one teaspoon for a month.
  • PASTERNAK DECORATION. Take some roots, grate them, take four tablespoons and mix them with six tablespoons of sugar. Fill with water and boil for 15 minutes. Take 1 tablespoon before meals 3 times a day.

What can be found in a sex shop to restore an erection?

If you prefer something more 'material' to folk remedies and physiotherapy, you can try erection rings, which you can buy in a sex shop. By squeezing the penis tightly, the device prevents blood from flowing out and thus prolongs the erection. The surface of some models is embossed, which gives both partners an unusual sensation; others have a vibration function, which is sure to be appreciated by your woman. After all, a gently vibrating ring will not only strengthen the male organ, but will also bring the charmer to a powerful orgasm, thanks to the truly magical stimulation of the clitoris.

True miracles can work with a vacuum pump, a device for exercising muscles and having fun. Used to stimulate the penis during masturbation and during intimate foreplay.

It is possible and necessary to restore an erection! After all, the sensual delights of sex are too good to refuse. Try it, experiment, because such a pursuit will bring not only benefits, but also fabulous pleasure.

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