Why is missionary still the most practiced sex position

Why is missionary still the most practiced sex position?

There are sexual positions that are practiced than others. This is particularly the case of the missionary, which crosses the decades and still remains the preferred position of most couples. Although it can be called standard and simple, this position offers many opportunities and allows you to feel very intense pleasure.

The missionary is not limited to one of the two partners lying in the position of the starfish while the other takes care of pleasing him. It is a position that allows many exchanges of glances, caresses, tenderness. In addition to this, there are many variations of the missionary that are just as popular as the basic position. There are very few constraints related to this position and they are mostly related to pregnancy. It is not recommended to practice this position after the 3rd month of pregnancy because the weight of the partner who is above can press heavily on the belly of the pregnant woman.

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A position full of tenderness 

The main advantage of the missionary is that it allows the two partners to look at each other, to touch each other, to kiss each other, or why not to bite each other. It is also easier to communicate verbally in this position, in addition to that, both partners can read the pleasure on the face of the other during all the time that the latter is practiced. This is for example not the case with doggy style. It is quite possible to hug your partner against you while practicing this position, which allows you to form a single body when you make love. 

Possible movements for both partners 

It is possible to add different movements to the simple missionary position. Whoever is below can simply bend their legs behind their partner's back to bring the two bodies even closer to each other. The hands can invite themselves into the ballet of your antics by stroking the accessible skin of the other's body. Kissing is also much easier in missionary than in any other position, except perhaps the andromache. If you enjoy dominating your partner, you can perfectly take advantage of this position to slide one of your hands around his neck or to slightly (or not) pull his hair back.

A deep penetration 

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The missionary position is also very popular due to the fact that it is possible to benefit from very deep penetration in this position. To accentuate the latter, it is possible to pass a cushion under your buttocks in order to raise your pelvis and allow an even deeper penetration. It shouldn't become uncomfortable, so you can make adjustments during your lovemaking to maximize your pleasure. Do not listen to those who will tell you that the missionary is an easy and banal position, the main thing is that it suits you and gives you maximum pleasure.

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