Why use a sex toy when you're a woman?

Why use a sex toy when you're a woman?

For a long time, female pleasure has been neglected, considered useless and even non-existent. However, it is present and every woman has the right to have fun! Sometimes, however, orgasm is difficult to achieve, whether through finger masturbation or during sex with a partner. This can be due to different things, such as not knowing your body well, not being able to relax and let go, etc. Using a sex toy will be useful for many reasons, even if you usually enjoy it a lot , alone or in pairs!

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Get to know your body better 

To get to know your body, there are at best books that will allow you to discover new techniques for masturbating. However, using sex toys can help you better understand how your body works and allow you to discover the most erogenous zones in your home. Everybody works differently, that's why it's going to be interesting to experience new things every day. With a sex toy, you become master of your pleasure and learn to manage your orgasms yourself; it may even be the best way to reach it quickly and easily.

Control your pleasure without depending on another person 

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With a sex toy, you can take your time, sit comfortably in a space that suits you, such as on your sofa, your bed or even in your bathtub. Once that's done, all you have to do is choose the sex toy of your choice and start playing with your own pleasure. You don't need a partner to enjoy, cum and reach orgasm. It is not because we try to make believe that female pleasure does not exist or should only exist during sexual intercourse between several people that we must believe it. You are free, you are superb and you have every right to enjoy yourself alone. In addition, some people may not be able to enjoy sex with others,

Discover new sensations 

 We cannot imagine the sensations felt during masturbation with a sex toy before having experienced them. Whether it's with a vibrating toy, a plug, geisha balls, nipple clamps or even a clitoris vacuum cleaner, it's entirely possible to have fun and experience new sensations. This will never be comparable to those that one can feel during sexual intercourse or even by using his fingers. Sometimes it will be better, sometimes just different, but the goal is that you can have fun in all circumstances. It may even be an opportunity to test new things, which can then be integrated into your games with your partner.

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