XXL Anal plug

XXL Butt plug

It's time to see if you are really an anal toy professional. A  big butt plug (an XL butt plug for purists) is the essential object that every  BDSM practitioner must have in his secret cabinet. It is true that being able to watch your anus swallow a large anal plug is something really satisfying and even brings a feeling of euphoria. Thanks to its large circumference, the anal plug xxl can easily reach your prostate or put a lot of pressure on your vaginal wall which will give you an orgasm worthy of the name and which will undoubtedly be memorable (mhhhh). You have been warned! (I can already sense you becoming enthusiastic). Now let me warn you, the products you're about to see are so horrific and unbelievable... you might very well stumble upon your crush. You will have understood it, if anal sex is something that has stimulated you for many years, it is quite normal that over time your desire to taste our huge anal plugs is more and more pronounced as it is enjoyable to insert something huge in the anus but it vaginal intercourse . Anal pleasure is something that is appreciated over time, we are not born with it and the first anal is never the right one. It is acquired with self-confidence , gradually starting with small plugs then medium, and then finally, the world of anal finally opens up to you. This is where the XXL anal plug comes in. 

 XXL Anal Plug

The xxl anal plug, who is it for? 

Our large anal plugs  have been created for the bravest and most daring of you. The huge sizes of the large anal plugs in this collection are specially designed for anal sex professionals who would like to insert almost anything into their buttocks. If you've tried many of our plugs and your hunger for anal exploration isn't satisfied, then you've come to the right collection. Make sure you're prepared for this wet and wild trip, as you'll understand it's definitely not for the faint-hearted. Using this kind of big anal plug without being ready can have a traumatic consequence for you. ToConversely, if you really stick with it, you might just have found the kind of butt plug that will give you the joy and fulfillment you've always dreamed of. The  large anal plug  is a type of sex toy that is aimed at people experienced in the world of dilation and anal sex. We can call these people experts because they have been practicing for a long time . If this is your case, then you have probably already tried many of our sex toys, and many of our materials; glass, metal, silicone... Then there are those who wish to deepen their knowledge of themselves and therefore that of their anus. This better knowledge then passes through the anal practice.. Once the knowledge of his anus at its peak, it is indeed possible to reach the supreme orgasm. They make it possible to achieve extreme dilation but be careful; their gigantic size can scare more than one. However, if you are used to the practice of double fist-fucking , double anal penetration , or if you swear only by sodomy , this is surely the kind of gear you need.

Are the materials of our big xxl anal plugs risk-free? 

For the large anal plug , 3 different materials are available:

  • High quality glass: Perfect for you if observing the inside of your partner's anus awakens intense excitement in you. The glass is transparent so you can peek through it. However, the glass being robust and heavy, it is an XL butt plug  that is tough and that only the most experienced among you will be able to tame. 
  • TPE and medical silicone, unlike glass, are soft and flexible materials, which makes entering your anus much easier. They are ideal for beginners in terms of  XXL anal plugs.  Despite the fact that they are not transparent, our models of  large silicone and TPE anal plugs  are available in many colors.

The xxl anal plug, which shape to choose? 

Tunnel Anal Plug

Our XL anal plugs are designed in different shapes so that you can choose the type of circumference that suits you best and which stimulation is the most adequate for you. Many choices are available: 

  • The big classic anal plug with its tapered shape that you are probably already used to (naughty that you are...)
  • The big butt plug in the shape of a spiral  that will even put anal sex veterans to the test.
  • And many others

Different types of handles are also available so you can be more comfortable, have a better grip and have better control. Choose between: 

  • The flat rounded base you're used to that also has a ring on the base that doubles as a hook if you want to attach a string to it
  • The flat rectangular base if you want to stabilize the socket on the ground, on a chair, a table... You understood me, this one is ideal for the craziest among you! 

The different categories of our huge plugs: xl, xxl, xxxl: 

As you can see on this page, there are several models of large machines which are divided into 3 categories; XL, XXL and XXXL.

How do you know which one is right for you? 

It is very simple. 

First, our XL plugs are the start if you're considering dilation . To enter this world, you obviously have to have already tried the normal plugs. By normal plugs we mean S, M and L plugs. Once you have enjoyed plugs of this circumference, over time you may get used to them. We know it well, the habit is not synonymous with pleasure when it comes to sex. The novelty and the new anal sensationsare something a hobbyist is perpetually looking for. So, if you feel like getting used to it, it's time to get down to business: the XL anal plug. 

When the XL butt plug is something you take for granted, it's time to consider the XXL butt plug. For granted, it must be understood that if the insertion of an XL is painful , that you feel pain or that you still have apprehensions before using it, it is not yet the time for you to order yourself an XXL. Sexologists agree . The XXL is a special step when it comes to orgasm and pleasure. It represents much more than a soft sodomy. It is the very image of a liberated sexuality. So if during your sexual intercourse, you feel the desire and sexual desire and you have already practiced with an XL anal plug or even several hard sodomies or even a double anal penetration , the XXL anal plug is the sex toy that you need.  

Glass Anal Plug

Now let's get down to business. The XXXL anal plug. These types of plugs are really not to be taken lightly. These models are reserved for insiders of anal sex , who favor anal intercourse, sodomy, and especially who really know their bodies. If your new partner "forces" you to experiment with XXXL but you're not used to it, it's a good idea to refuse their sexual advances. You'll know deep down when it's time to try out one of our triple xl plug models. And just because you saw that in a pornographic video doesn't mean you have to reproduce it at home. Better to be accompanied when trying a xxxl anal plug for the first time. 

Bonus: our huge butt plugs . These models are the holy grail when it comes to anal dilatation . The sensations are nothing like ejaculation, clitoral stimulation or prostate orgasm. Getting dilated by our bonus models will transport you to a world of new sensations. Some quit on the first attempt, others appreciate it greatly. It is on this kind of model that we recognize a real amateur of dilation. 

Thanks to all these tips, you can finally make your choice. The logical order of things is to start small and work your way up to bigger models, but we're no one to decide for you.


As we mentioned before, our extra large butt plugs are intended for anal pleasure experts and the bravest. However it is very important to mention that the  xxl butt plugs also serve as training for those who wish to indulge. to practices such as anal fisting . It may be a long road to exploit your full potential, but if you are reading this text my little finger tells me that you are already ready, so what are you waiting for to try one? 

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