I wanted to try anal penetration with my wife

Your questions: I wanted to try anal penetration with my wife…

Because many of our customers have the same questions about anal toys and anal sex in general, here are some anonymous excerpts from our discussions on the My Plug Anal™ chat.

On My Plug Anal™, we like to advise you and take advantage of the blog to share our sex tips with as many people as possible. So without further ado, here are the questions from our customers and the advice we have provided this week:

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I wanted to try anal penetration with my wife but it hurt. What do you recommend ?

Tip #1: Use anal lubricating gel

Our client used petroleum jelly as a lubricant to try anal penetration with his wife. Vaseline actually has lubricating and moisturizing properties that will relax the anal mucous membranes. However, it is a product made from petroleum jelly. Also, remember that Vaseline is not compatible with a condom.

The use of a special anal sex lubricant or even a relaxing spray can facilitate anal intercourse. Indeed, they contain relaxing and desensitizing active ingredients.

Tip #2: The Importance of Foreplay

Sodomy requires that your partner is perfectly relaxed and feels confident. Indeed, if your partner is tense his anus will be impenetrable or he or she will feel pain. Anal penetration that is too brutal can even cause small lesions or tears in the anus.

We recommend hot naughty foreplay to make this moment very exciting. Then gradually, start playing with your partner's anus to relax it. You can use your finger or a well-lubricated butt plug of course! If you feel his excitement rising, continue like this until penetration.

How to relax my wife's anus which was very tight?

It is completely normal for his anus to be “tight”. It is sexual excitement and foreplay that will allow the anus to dilate before intercourse. All anuses are tight at first glance, even yours.

Our tips for dilating the anus

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  • Favor naughty foreplay as before any sexual intercourse to encourage the partner to let go,
  • Do not go directly to try to penetrate the anus if you want sodomy (unless you are the one receiving it and you really want it),
  • Have quality lubricant to sublimate the sensations of pleasure
  • Play with the anus with small circle movements to start anal dilation
  • Continue to caress the other erogenous zones at the same time (breasts, clitoris, penis, etc.)

The anus should react to his stimulations by gradually dilating. Listen to your partner's breathing… You should quickly notice her excitement and her desire to go further. Press gently on the anus by jerky pressure always with a finger or a small lubricated anal toy and naturally the anus will open.

Knowing how to stop the anal experience at the right time

For the first session, Plug only recommends anal penetration with a finger or a small anal plug. Your partner will thus be able to end up with a good experience and certainly the desire to start again another time (without apprehension).

If ever your partner is in pain, you must not continue because beyond the physical pain, it would block it in the head. And when there is a psychological block, it takes a lot of time and trust for her to agree to try this sexual experience again.

Do you have to lick it? You can tuck your tongue in at the end

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It is not at all obligatory to lick your partner's anus. Besides, saliva is not enough to lubricate this area and allow penetration without pain.

This practice of licking the anus is also called rimming. It's the anal version of cunnilingus.

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