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You've started enjoying anal sex and you want more, or maybe you're just looking to experience deeper sensations in the realm of anal penetration. To go further, the sex toy you need is a Vibrating Anal Plug . If you are looking for a Vibrating Anal Plug, this means that you have probably already used one or more classic shaped Anal Plugs . Because if you are a beginner, you will not see the difference between the use of an Anal Plug without vibration, and a Vibrating Anal Plug , you will only have the sensation of an object in your buttocks. We advise you to first familiarize yourself with the use of a Anal plug to introduce you to anal pleasure if this is your case.

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When it comes to anal penetration, here it doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman , and, whatever your sexual attraction. You are made up the same way, and in your anus, there are a lot of nerve endings whether you like it or not (that's how it is). And these nerve endings when they are stimulated, they can provide a very pleasurable Pleasure . Whether you are a man or a woman ( although men take more pleasure thanks to a prostate gland called the Prostate , we will come back to this later).

To stimulate these nerve endings effectively, and take anal pleasure to the next level, there is a unique sex toy, which is the Anal Plug with Vibration .

What is a Vibrating Butt Plug

A Vibrating Anal Plug commonly called " Vibrating Anal Plug " is a Sex-Toy for adults with the main function:

  • The stimulation of the anus, with the pleasure associated with anal sex .

With the particularity of being a 2-in-1 sex-toy, because it merges between:

  1. Un Plug Anal
  2. A Vibrator

There are several variations providing additional effects with specific effects , depending on your gender.

it breaks down into several forms

  • "Chapelet vibrant" to go deep, and thus dilate the anus effectively.
  • "Classic"like an Anal Plug, with an additional vibration function.
  • "Athing un cockring" to maintain your sexual potency longer (delay ejaculation).
  • "Tord or crocheted"It typically helps to titillate the prostate and give an extra effect to men.
  • " Which rotate 360° " to massage the inside of the anus effectively and give you incredible pleasure.
  • " batman " with all imaginable functions (le Plug Anal Bat'Vibration is available here it intrigues you to indulge in the secret pleasures of the dark rider! ).
  • "Swire-free with a remote control" if the desire to take a walk in the street or to dine in a restaurant as a couple. And to control the course of what is happening between your partner's thighs , excites you.

Break down into several forms with several frequencies, you can opt for a "Vibrating Back and forth Anal Plug" or another if you like. You can find these forms of Plugs thanks to the filtering option , available in each page of Vibrating Anal Plugs .

The main material of the Vibrating Anal Plug

The most common, widespread and suitable material is the Vibrating Anal Plug in medical grade , hypoallergenic silicone. Of course there are others such as PVC, latex, etc... but prefer the Vibrating Anal Plug in silicone, because it is a material that is more comfortable, more flexible and respectful of the human body . Both non-porous and phthalate-free, there is virtually no risk of catching an infection with a Medical Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug . Microbes cannot lodge in the material and grow there, and are easier to clean.

Nevertheless, like most objects that exist, the material wears out over time. So if you see small cracks appearing, it means that your sex toy is deteriorating, and that's a sign to change it. Because if you see parts degrading or even cutting, it can become dangerous and give unpleasant sensations when you use it. Imagine cutting or tearing your delicate anal tissue... We can tell you that people who experience this usually stop dead in their tracks.

Rest assured, properly maintaining a Vibrating Anal Plug gives it a long life, and gives you Pleasure for a long time!

Preparing to put on a Vibrating Butt Plug

Not everyone is aware of it, but before inserting anything into the anus (a penis, an object, etc.), it must be prepared to receive . Around the anus (outside to a few centimeters inside) is a muscle called the sphincter . It's the flexible membrane that contracts and relaxes as you squeeze your buttocks together and defecate . This area needs to be stretched, as it can tear and cause bleeding .

Lavage Anal, Lubrification et Insertion du Plug Anal

  1. Wash your anus in the shower and with a anal wash bulb
  2. Take a water-based lubricant , and spread it around your fingers, as well as your anus
  3. Massage the area around the anus with your fingers (clean and clipped fingernails) then insert fingers gradually into the anus until your Partner gets used to the sensation

After following these steps, you can insert the Vibrating Butt Plug. The water-based lubricant makes it possible not to mix silicone materials. Most Anal Plugs are made of silicone, and using a silicone-based lubricant degrades the material itself, making it toxic. And can infect and weaken your rectal area. [x]ok

Utilisation du Plug Anal Vibrant

A Vibrating Anal Plug can be used alone , it is quite possible to take a lot of pleasure alone. For men the ultimate enjoyment is to reach the " Super-Orgasm " stage . It is quite possible to reach it alone, by playing with the different frequencies of your Vibrating Anal Plug . You can also use your Vibrating Anal Plug as a couple , during your sexual relations to give or receive Pleasure . It is also possible to play with your partner by using a remote control of a wireless Vibrating Plug, to control her pleasure from a distance.

Clean the Vibrating Butt Plug

If you want to prolong the life of your Vibrating Anal Plug, you should clean it directly after use . This will preserve the materials, and remove any smelly odors if there are any. To clean them easily, rinse them with lukewarm water , most of them are waterproof, take a piece of soap and rub them . Once dry, keep them away from moisture and sunlight, in a dry place to prevent the material from degrading .

Sensations and Benefits of the Vibrating Anal Plug

As we mentioned above, the anus is a very erogenous zone where there are several nerve endings. Just the fact of inserting something inside provides a huge effect , and stimulates him enormously. So, imagine the sensation provided by an object, which vibrates ? If you haven't imagined it, here's a little preview: the stimulation is more important, so the feeling of pleasure is increased tenfold ...

It seems logical read like that, but in reality, if the stimulation of the anal nerve endings are better stimulated by using a Vibrating Butt Plug it is for a very simple reason.

  • This is because the anal nerve endings activate better by absorbing vibration , than by friction ( the back and forth movement of a penis or object).

For women, the subject is easier to approach than for men. The benefits of using a Vibrating Anal Plug for a Woman are :

  1. Bring her to anal penetration without pain .
  2. To soften the muscles of the sphincter and the pelvic floor .
  3. To obtain Pleasure by pressing on the vaginal cavity and stimulating the G-spot from the anus , she can obtain an orgasm anally.

There are also little-known benefits common to men and women, such as general improvement in metabolism and intestinal muscle function due to increased blood circulation . Due to the solicitation of the Vibrating Anal Plug which has the effect of "combustion", because it is an area in normal times little solicited.

The Vibrating Anal Plug for men (the Anal Plug, which is actually a mixed sex toy) will give you more pleasure than women, if you use it it does not mean that you are gay. The Anal Plug is especially suitable for men, as they can massage the prostate through their anus. The enjoyment procured by a prostate massage is much more powerful than that provided by classic ejaculation, by stimulating the prostate (the P-Point of the man). You can trigger repeated spasms and tremors of pleasure , giving you a super-orgasm. In the same image of the woman when she reaches an orgasm by stimulating her G-Spot.

If you are a man, wearing an Anal Plug does not have to affect your sexual attraction.

  • Male = Penis & Prostate.
  • Penis = exploitable sexual pleasure.
  • Prostate = Great exploitable sexual pleasure.
  • Penile or anal stimulation = Masturbation.
  • Masturbation = Natural practice bringing pleasure.
  • Pleasure = Sensation independent of your identity or sexual attraction.

Quite simply.

The Best Vibrating Butt Plug

The Best Vibrating Butt Plug Is The Right One For Your Situation

  • The best vibrating anal plug for a beginner or an elderly person is a Small Anal Plug.
  • The best vibrating anal plug for men is a plug with a slightly curved shape to massage his Prostate.
  • The Best Vibrating Butt Plug for Women is a double penetration vibrating butt plug that will stimulate both her anus, her vagina and her clitoris.
  • The best Vibrating Butt Plug for Advanced Users is an Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug that will give you extraordinary sensations. (Coming soon)

By choosing according to your situation, you will quickly reach the peaks of anal sexual pleasure.

The Size of the Anal Plug to choose

Even using a small Anal Plug you will get Pleasure (thumb size around 2.5cm up to 4.5cm). So you don't need to search for the Vibrating Butt Plug with the biggest dimension possible.

The risks and dangers with a vibrating anal plug

The risk is that the latter fits entirely, and sinks into your anus . This is a risk that can arise when you opt for a small Anal Plug, so be careful when using them to avoid a small visit from families to the emergency room. Don't worry, they won't laugh at you if it happens (at least not to your face), because they are used to intervening in this type of situation.

When you choose an Anal Plug, prefer those adorned with a wide base , moreover it makes a nice decoration in the anus. Or a base with an ergonomic handle, because they are adapted to the shape of the buttocks , and made of silicone so that the use is pleasant. Because the anus has a "vacuuming" effect when an object crosses the barrier which are the sphincter muscles , the object will go up in the rectum to the intestine .