Collection: Inflatable Butt Plug

The Anal Plug... Here is the perfect solution for men and women, whether you are alone or in a couple, to gently start anal stimulation . Once inserted into your buttocks, their role is to provide you with a pleasant sensation , and to improve your sexual feelings . As you get used to the sensations of small butt plugs, you can choose to use a longer or wider butt plug as you see fit.

However... all the regularly repeated practices set up a routine, you start to get bored, because you no longer have this effect of "novelty" and therefore look for new sensations to explore ... If this happens, it 's Chances are you're used to the feeling of anal penetration , and your anus muscles easily expand. A bit like the expression "it fits like butter".

You have probably already used Vibrant Anal Plugs, or some XXL size anal plugs, but they don't seem to give you the same feeling as when you started. If this is your case, it means that the muscles of your anus are not as tight as before , because it has become used to receiving!

 Which is a good thing! because the muscles of your anus now are :

  • more flexible
  • more established

This will allow you :

  1. To support larger dimensions
  2. To limit the risk of injury.

If this is your case, we offer you a new experience, that of trying the Inflatable Anal Plug . Subtle mix between a Classic Butt Plug and another Extra-Large, they are however more versatile . You can use them alone on yourself, or on your partner. Deflate, you can insert it like a normal Anal Plug, and when you want to try a deeper feeling, just inflate the Anal Plug with the pump bulb attached to it. 

In addition, they serve as an alternative to the XXL Anal Plug , if you have tried one, but are afraid that it will get stuck in your anus because of its large size. Because they allow you to start small, from their standard sizes, and to gradually increase to a larger circumference , according to your partner's wishes. 

It's as simple as that. Squeeze the bulb, and get used to the feeling of gradual swelling in your anus. You will quickly have it completely inflated, without realizing it! using an Inflatable Anal Plug allows you to exploit the maximum potential of anal pleasure , which you can obtain with your anus. It also prepares you for fisting , and thus fulfills your sexual dreams and fantasies that you crave, if you feel like it.

What is an Inflatable Butt Plug?

The Inflatable Butt Plug is a sex toy that is inserted into the anus (like a Classic Butt Plug) with some unique features.

The particularities of the Inflatable Anal Plug :

  1. To be a hollow sex toy inside
  2. Be elastic in nature , and adapt to the natural shape of the rectum
  3. To easily increase and reduce its size thanks to a pump , which the sex toy is equipped with. 

Small in size at the start, you have to press the pump to send air into the Anal Plug , so that it gradually inflates to its maximum size. To increase or decrease the volume of air in the Inflatable Butt Plug (→ its size) each Inflatable Butt Plug is equipped with an adjustable valve. It allows you to control the level of swelling, and therefore the sensation you desire , but also to control the situation.

This type of toy is perfect for anal sex lovers , it can also be a great experience for solo or couple adventures. Just insert the Anal Plug in the classic way (which is easier than inserting an already large Anal Plug, thanks to the smaller size of the deflated Anal Plug). Then to pump you towards heavenly sensations!

What is an Inflatable Butt Plug used for?

There are 3 types of distinguishable Inflatable Anal Plug :

  1. The Standard Inflatable Butt Plug
  2. The Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug
  3. Le Plug Anal Inflatable "XXL"

The Standard Inflatable Butt Plug

They are the "classic" in the field, they are distinguishable thanks to a pump attached to them , they are intended for anal stimulation , and can be inflated with air during sexual stimulation.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Ideal for couple use
  • Good Anal and Sexual Stimulation

The Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug

Here is a more advanced version of the "Standard Inflatable Butt Plug" with several interesting features. Which allows the person using it to not only inflate the toy during anal stimulation , but also to control vibration levels with the push of a button!

  • "Amazing" sensations during anal stimulation
  • Perfect for couples or singles looking for new sensations

Le Plug Anal Inflatable "XXL"

This is the XXL version of the XXL Anal Plug , much larger than the classic Inflatable Anal Plug, and only suitable for people experienced in anal penetration . With diameters over 25 cm, this toy can make any anal fantasy come true with great ease.

  • Lets realize a fantasy like "the fist" 
  • Reserve for people experienced in anal penetration

Choose the right material, the right shape and the right texture

If you are a beginner and want to try using an Inflatable Anal Plug, we advise you to use the silicone versions, as these are the most suitable materials . Indeed, they are the only materials stretchy enough to withstand strong enough pressure, and adapt to the shape of your rectum . They offer a more realistic sensation with a soft texture that stimulates the anal hole on a regular basis.

On the other hand, if you've tried these types of toys before and want to spice up your anal sex life, latex versions or PVC models are more for providing extra stimulation . They are a little stiffer , and suitable for anal sex lovers looking for extra pleasure . Whatever material your Inflatable Butt Plug is made of, always make sure to use it correctly to avoid any kind of injury.

How to choose the right size ?

The Inflatable Butt Plug comes in several adjustable sizes, usually ranging up to 12-20 cm , with these dimensions it can satisfy almost all types of anal sex needs. For beginners, a 12 cm diameter Inflatable Anal Plug should be more than enough, while for experienced users, you can choose the size according to your needs.

For larger versions, the diameter can reach up to 30 cm . Choose the right size after reading inflatable butt plug reviews and learning how to use them.

Can it explode inside the anus?

This is a question that everyone asks, it is true that it is unpleasant to think of ending up with a piece of plastic exploding in the anal cavity . Rest assured, because the muscles located in the anal cavity are also extremely flexible and stretch easily. In the vast majority of cases, you'll wait until the point of stuffiness, where you no longer want to inflate with the pump, before you reach the point where the balloon will burst .

However, this should not prevent you from being careful. When you are about to use your Inflatable Anal Plug, check that the material is not damaged, and that there are no seams. Because if the Inflatable PA were to puncture or tear, it would surely be in these places.

You will easily notice that the Inflatable PA is defective, because if you find any holes or damage, the Plug will probably not be able to inflate properly when you try to inflate it. At least if you can't inflate it at all, it won't explode in your anus . If you find areas with signs of wear, it means that it is a stress point, with enough pressure the stress point can yield, and cause the balloon to burst .

If your Inflatable Anal Plug shows visible signs of wear, buy a new one .

Check the condition of the valve

The final thing to consider is the condition of the valve , as this is the only way to deflate the balloon while it's inside you, unless you blow it. In the event of a malfunction of the valve, the extraction of the Inflatable PA would be much more difficult . If you have significant swelling in your anus it can lead to an embarrassing one-way trip to the emergency room, in case you can't remove it yourself. 

To check that it is working properly, inflate the Anal Plug as much as possible outside , without reaching the point where you are going to blow it up. This way you can see how much air you are putting into the balloon safely . You can also count the number of squeezes you do to remember the size you want to try in your anus. Of course no need to worry, some Inflatable Plugs are designed to withstand a lot of pressure.

If it's any reassurance, there are very few known cases of Inflatable Butt Plugs exploding in their users' anus. Even in very rare cases, it tends to be the result of an individual's negligence or misuse . As long as you use your Inflatable APs sensibly, and take care to maintain them properly, this is extremely unlikely to happen.

How to properly use an Inflatable Butt Plug

The first step before using an Inflatable Anal Plug is at least to have some experience in the field of anal sex. Don't get into it if it's your first time in the field, and you have to carefully control the air pump. On most Inflatable Butt Plugs you have to rely on your intuition, your sensations, and the feelings you get . However, you have to be very careful when using this sex toy, especially when you are in a relationship.

The best Inflatable Butt Plugs are equipped with a very precise air pump , where you have a view of the pressure in the balloon. In case of pain or difficulty, stop now , rest a little and then try to resume once the pain has subsided.

To insert an Inflatable Anal Plug, the procedures are the same as with a Classic Anal Plug :

How to Put on an Inflatable Butt Plug

  1. Clean anus (during the shower or with an enema pear to clean easily in depth).
  2. Massage around the Anus, then insert clean fingers (nails clipped) with good quality lubricant.
  3. Take your time until you get used to the feeling.

By following these 3 simple steps, you will stretch the Anus , you can then begin penetration with an Inflatable Anal Plug, but normally at this stage these steps are no longer a secret for you.

Pay attention to this

  • When you're preparing your partner for anal penetration, you'll need to use plenty of lube, and make sure you're using the right kind of lube . Due to the materials used for inflatable sex toys, silicone-based lubes are best avoided . An Inflatable Butt Plug is usually made of silicone or latex , and silicone-based lube will degrade the material of the Butt Plug, leaving harmful bacteria in your body.

You must ensure that there is sufficient lubricant around and inside your anus , as well as on the Inflatable Butt Plug.

Sometimes when you push your Inflatable Butt Plug into your anus you will feel "folds" as if the material is twisting slightly in your anus, and this makes insertion a little more difficult . To remedy this, turn "like a door lock" from right to left to undo the folds, and push the Inflatable Anal Plug in more easily .

Make sure to keep a Sex-Toy clean before use , and to clean and disinfect it immediately after the act. Store it in its original box, and make sure it is away from heat or humidity . Especially if it's a Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug, they are more easily damaged by moisture, so they should only be kept in dry places .

How to choose the best inflatable anal plug?

To choose the best Inflatable Anal Plug, you have to choose it according to your situation, obviously the best Inflatable Anal Plug is the one that will give you a better feeling and therefore better sensations.

  • Beginners prefer Small Inflatable Butt Plugs (up to 12 cm)
  • Regulars prefer to use extra large Anal Plugs in general (over 12 cm)

Opinions remain divided so it is difficult to say which Inflatable Anal Plug is the best, however some studies show that the most popular Inflatable Plugs are those that do not exceed 20cm .

What type of Inflatable Anal Plug to buy?

The rules for buying an Inflatable Plug are the same as with a classic Anal Plug. That is to say, you must make sure you buy a good quality Anal Plug , in the color you like, because you are going to insert it into your body. Choose, according to your tastes. Of course it makes sense that you won't find solid material like metal or glass . We advise you to move towards materials such as silicone, or latex if you are not allergic.

Be careful to avoid Inflatable Butt Plugs made of rubber or elastic jelly , as these materials can be toxic and cause harm if the chemicals are ingested through the anal wall.

You will also find that there is often a list of measurement series on most Inflatable Butt Plugs that you can find online, there are 2 types of measurements:

  • The basic measurement when the Plug is not inflated.
  • The measurement with the dimension of the inflated Plug.

You just have to look at the dimensions of the Plug without inflation , and the diameter of the latter when it is inflated , in general the larger the Anal Plug is, the larger the size of the balloon is. If you are a beginner and looking to choose your first Inflatable Butt Plug. We advise you to choose an Anal Plug of the size you are used to using, with a swelling of 4-5 cm , this way you can use it easily, and feel a gap in your anus.

You can also opt for a smaller anal plug, but with more swelling . You will be able to feel the same stretch as with a full-size Butt Plug , but without the difficulty or pain of putting the plug in place.