Collection: Cat Tail Butt Plug

Why choose the cat tail anal plug?

Who hasn't dreamed of a cat's life? It's true, let's face it, a cat spends its time snoring, eating and "meowing" to get what it wants. Imagine the following situation: you are dying for very hot sex with your partner, so you start stimulating your anus with your fingers and a little lubricant . Once you are sufficiently aroused, you sensually caress your orifice with the tip of your cat tail anal plug until it is completely inserted into your buttocks...

It will come and stimulate the most sensitive places of your anus, it will should know that crazy anal orgasm !

Then call your companion and behave like a real little cat to whom you have to give in to the slightest whim. When he sees this sublime animal fur overtaken by your behind, he will understand that he must obey you and the situation will become very exciting . All you  have to do is meow for him to take care of all your sexual fantasies ...

If you are a fan of BDSM and therefore of dominant / submissive relationships , it is also possible to reverse this naughty situation. It is possible to use the cat tail plug to feel dominated during your sexual intercourse. You don't control !

Pet-Play and cat tail plug: Animal role play without limits

Playing an animal role is also the principle of Pet-Play and there are no predefined rules. It's a really naughty world in which it is possible to go ever further in sexual relations. Quite simply because during the role-playing game we are no longer ourselves and this opens many doors, it breaks down all the barriers that we can impose on ourselves in normal times.

Trust us, you will go crazy for the intense sensations that the cat tail anal plug will transmit to you, it is even possible that you will end up wanting to sleep with your sex toy ! (Yes, inside your buttocks...)

We provide dozens of models to satisfy the everyone's sexual pleasure . You will find stainless steel plugs that are perfect for feeling a certain rigidity in the anus, but also for playing with the temperatures. We also have cat tails with a silicone anal plug, ideal for a softer sensation and feeling the silicone take the shape of the orifice during penetration ... It's really enjoyable.

So, are you also ready to combine Pet-Play and anal pleasure ?