Collection: Diamond Butt Plug

The fantasy of any anal sex lover is to see his partner wearing an anal plug adorned with a magnificent jewel on the back.

The jewel of the anus

It is not only around the neck that you have to equip yourself with a shiny jewel. It's nice to see from an outside point of view, but when you're in a relationship, and your partner takes off her beautiful lingerie, she needs a special accessory too.

This decorative accessory for the anus is the anal plug adorned with a beautiful shiny diamond.

When should you offer an Anal Plug with Diamond?

All occasions are good to offer you an anal plug with a diamond . When you are in a relationship, a classic approach is to offer a diamond ring to your partner to show him that you love him or for a marriage proposal.

In the context of sex when you offer an anal plug with a diamond, it is not to ask your partner in marriage... (Although)

But good for a most brilliant, stimulating and exciting sexual adventure.

A great opportunity to offer an anal plug with a jewel to his or her partner, is to show him your love. You can opt for a special event like Valentine's Day, her birthday, Christmas...

It is also a unique gift that can also be given to special people for you, especially like your mother-in-law on Mother's Day. Believe us she will be delighted, her spouse too.

The pleasure associated with the anal plug

When you use your butt plug with jewelry. This will have several positive effects on you: 

  1. It has the particularity of stimulating your anus (the muscles and the pleasure associated with anal sex).
  2. You are preparing for anal penetration, because your muscles will be more supple and relaxed.
  3. Provide overflowing excitement to your partner , who will have only one desire, to sodomize you with all his might...

The effects of the anal plug on a man

If you are a man, using an anal plug will significantly stimulate your prostate, it can trigger an instant orgasm (see our article on prostate massage).

The effects of the anal plug on a woman

The anal plug stimulates the vaginal wall and reaches the g-spot from the anus, and helps achieve orgasm. When the woman reaches orgasm, the muscles of the pelvic floor contract, on the anal plug, the resistance of the latter provides other contractions and has the effect of triggering several orgasms in a row.

Several uses of the anal plug with jewelry are possible

  • The anal plug with jewels can only be used for decorative purposes . This would be a simple sexual accessory to increase the excitement of both partners.
  • It can be used as part of a double penetration, without the presence of a foreign body, just insert the anal plug with diamond in the anus, while your partner penetrates your vagina (or your mouth if that suits you particularly excited).

In addition, when you have an anal plug inserted into your anus, your vagina is tighter, which will give more pleasure to you, and your partner, because he will feel his penis more cramped, in your duct, and you you will feel his penis much better.

  • It can be used as part of a game of submission, a game of seduction, and a game of glamorous domination.

You can be the master, or the dominating mistress, or dominate him.

  • It allows anal preparation, and anal stimulation.

An anal plug with a real diamond

the butt plugs that we offer in our store adorned with jewels, are made of high quality fake replicas, with a brilliant shine (because they would be very expensive otherwise). It imitates the diamond to perfection, looking at them you will not see any difference.

We also have several color variations, you can opt for:

  • ruby (red)
  • Amethyst (purple)
  • The diamond (transparent)
  • Emerald (glass)
  • Etc

Features of the diamond anal plug

The type of anal plug with jewels that we offer in our shop has the particularity: 

  • To be made of a high quality material, such as stainless steel or medical grade silicone.

These materials will not harm your body or internal organs.

  • They have the particularity of having a flared base, with particular shapes like a heart, or have a classic handle.

What gives a great desire, to make love in your buttocks.