Collection: Dog Tail Butt Plug

Dog tail anal plug, for which character?

There are hundreds of breeds, each with their own character, dominant or  submissive , wild or well trained , etc. Animal role play is a wonderful sexual game , it allows you to put yourself in the shoes of an animal and have ultra wild sex .

It is for this reason that you must know which behavior is adapted according to your basic character and once you have determined it you will be able to play a role which will make you the King of PetPlay and indulge in particularly naughty acts. , see perverse !

The dog tail plug for chihuahuas

If your greatest pleasure is to be submissive and to feel dominated, you will need a dominant partner. All you have to do is penetrate your sensual little dog's tail inside your anus without forgetting to be generous with the lubricant for intense sensations and that your sex toy slides easily in depth.

Your companion can then “treat you like a dog” he could for example order you to get on all fours as you would say “sitting” on a mutt. In this position you would be very exciting , your silicone anal plug is relatively rigid which allows depending on the curve of your buttocks to position the tail up or down. To make her feel your emotions without opening your mouth (it is still possible to open it to say “whoof whoof.”)

If you have been a naughty dog , your master may punish you severely, he could then decide to remove your tail to slide his penis into your anus and give you a good anal penetration . It is also possible that you do not take it as a punishment, but rather as a reward but hush! Don't tell him anything and wild sodomy .

In the other case, if you are a woman and you have been a nice bitch , your master can be sympathetic and give you intense pleasure caressing your clitoris to stimulate you.and why not in the process a vaginal penetration . While keeping your dog tail anal plug in your buttocks, can you imagine the fullness that you will be able to feel thanks to your sex toy ?

It's like receiving a double penetration and if your partner ensures, it is possible that he takes you to anal and vaginal orgasm in the same report, it is quite rare, but not impossible and we can guarantee you that it's a wonderful feeling .

The dog tail plug for Rottweilers

Are you a real tough guy and do you like to feel the soul of a dominant ? You certainly have the character traits of the Rottweiler, and you will be able to behave like one during your naughty evenings . It is obvious that submitting your partner gives you real pleasure, for this your dog tail anal plug will be a major asset.

When you have inserted it, you will have to arch your buttocks well so that your sex toy remains straight, this will show how great you look . Now that your toy is well anchored between your sphincter and your rectum, you can behave like a real mad dog who is in control of the situation , for this you will have to be strong and robust during your sexual intercourse .

Being dominant does not mean that you should not give pleasure , on the contrary you must ensure that your partner rises to heaven thanks to your dominance. If it's a woman, leave her slutty tail in place and stimulate her most sensitive erogenous zones , both keep your butt plugs on and engage in vaginal intercourse in order to reach her G-spot and she will eventually call you master without you forcing him. You will be more than satisfied with yourself.

Security and butt plug in tail

Our dog tail anal plugs are all medical grade silicone , they all have a wide base so they don't go any deeper than where they should be. It's very pleasant because it allows you to have your hand completely free during crazy nights . So you have nothing to worry about, the only thing you have to worry about is your sexual satisfaction and your anal pleasure ! So Chihuahua or Rottweiler?