Collection: Fox Tail Butt Plug

It prepares both the anal dilation, to maximize your comfort, and the eyes of your partner for great ocular pleasure, thanks to its aesthetic style. The Fox Tail Anal Plug is the favorite sexual disguise to wear among tail plug lovers. It is ideal to use in addition to classic sexual practices, and before anal penetration because of the size of the Plug.

Not only does it decorate the most exciting part of the body (which is the buttocks) but it transforms you into a real tigress !... Just imagine the admiration in your partner's eyes when he or she sees his or her beloved at the image of a sexual beast with a soft and fluffy tail , which swings its tail between the buttocks. Thanks to our Fox Tail Plugs, you can play the fox and the hunter, or the domestic animal devoted to its master.

A Naughty Costume with a Fox Tail Anal Plug

In bed, you have already played several roles:

  • Sweetness.
  • The harshness.
  • The submission.
  • Or a wilder role...

But have you ever tried the role of playing someone 's pet ? Here's how to go about it, a pet is loyal , compassionate and more than submissive to its master . If you or your partner have never played the role of this friendly furry animal , it's time to get yourself an Anal Plug adorned with a Fox Tail ...

This will drive your master crazy, and allow you to establish another level of obedience and submission . You can opt for a complete animal look by wearing a collar around your neck, and a leash to take you for a walk in the bedroom, or the rooms of the house.

Adopt the personality of a real fox! (or a real tigress at the stake). You can adopt the behavior of:

  • Cunning.
  • Curious.
  • flirtatious
  • Mysterious...

And many more, with a fox tail you can channel your wild animal spirit and show your partner what you really are capable of.

If you want to play a more docile role, foxes can be tamed, and are even considered pets.

Owning this tail just goes to show that no matter how dominant, wild or rough you think you are, you can always have a master or mistress.

Which Fox Tail should you choose rather large or small?

When you choose a Fox Tail the Butt Plug comes with it for your great pleasure. Usually made of stainless steel or silicone , most of our Butt Plugs with Tails are small or medium in size (between 2.2 and 3.5cm for the Plug and 30 to 100cm for the Tail!) Our Fox Tail Butt Plugs are available in several variants of tail shapes, lengths and colors.  

The tail adorning the Anal Plug is mainly made of natural or synthetic fur , and undergoes a special treatment. Therefore, all Plugs in our sex shop have impeccable quality and appearance. They do not smell and retain their softness and aesthetic characteristics . 

Between classic and luxurious, choose the tail to your liking. You can opt for a classic fox tail (with a red tail) or a polar one (with a white tail) for your greatest pleasure. You can opt for a tail with unusual and unique shapes to vary the seduction game.

Wear the fox tail, and get into an erotic game if you're up for it!

If you have decided that the fox is the animal you want to adopt in the bedroom, then we have exactly what you need in this collection! Available in a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes, you are sure to find your perfect cue, and experience great fun while playing at the same time !