Collection: Glass Butt Plug

Particularly atypical, the glass anal plug has the merit of having existed for a long time. Why is that ? It has several advantages compared to its counterparts, which are from a classic point of view:

  1. silicone anal plug.
  2. or the metal anal plug.

These are the three main anal plug materials in distribution these days. 

So why choose a glass butt plug when you have the choice of choosing a metal or silicone butt plug.

Rightly used for any type of penetration whether anal or vaginal, the anal plug allows pleasant double stimulation thanks to the combination of a conical tip with a flat base at the end of the plug.

Here are a few reasons why you'll switch from a metal or silicone butt plug to a glass butt plug:

  • the glass anal plug has the particularity of having an elegant and even surprising design. 

Some glass butt plugs have a luxurious design that some people might call a work of art.

  • the glass causes particular stimulations , different from those that can be obtained with a silicone or metal anal plug.

Unlike the silicone material which has the particularity of offering comfort and flexibility, the glass has the particularity of being more solid, and of offering different sensations by absorbing the cold and/or the heat , which means that you can use a cooled or heated anal plug, once lubricated and inserted you can get unique feelings that you don't get using a silicone anal plug or a metal anal plug .

  • The conical shape of the glass anal plug once lubricated is smoother than the surface of a silicone anal plug which makes it easier to insert into the anus or vagina .

Because there is less friction, which is therefore more comfortable and therefore provides more intense and pleasant sensations of pleasure.

  • It exists in transparent, but also has colors with several sizes and shapes providing a unique experience.

which allows you to see through the anus for the most curious. 

  • It has the particularity of being easily cleaned, disinfected and does not cause any allergic reaction .

With the particularity of being durable over time , because it is a material that deteriorates less easily than silicone or metal, your glass anal plug can serve you well for years.

To conclude, we will say that the glass anal plug combines class, aesthetics, safety, and pleasure all at the same time

A Glass Anal Plug has a Unique Design

Having the particularity of being initially made of glass and therefore transparent, the glass anal plug is easily distinguished from other sex toys, which makes it a sex toy that is easily unshakable and safe to use.

  • There are several forms, making several uses possible.
  1. The classics, similar to an anal plug with a flared base that can be provided with a special shape such as a rose, a crown or a distinctive element. For anal use.
  2. Those have 2 sides with one long enough for vaginal use and anal massage.
  3. Others with whimsical shapes like fruits or vegetables in glasses. More for the entertainment side than for direct pleasure.

There are also several different colors like yellow, blue, green...(all colors).

The Advantages of the Glass Anal Plug

The glass anal plug has several notable advantages that differentiate it from others.

Neutral for the body, and Non-Porous, no Allergic reaction possible

Indeed the glass anal plug is a non-porous material it does not allow the development of microbes in its material, and therefore the risk of infection. In addition, the body does not have an allergic reaction to this material, which is therefore neutral for it, which means that there is no danger in using a glass anal plug in you.

A particularly strong material thanks to Pyrex and borosilicate glass

The material of the glass used in the anal plug is not the same as the glass used in everyday life. The glass used on a daily basis like the glass you use in your kitchens is a more or less fragile glass, it is not the same type of glass as that used in your car or in your windows. If there is one glass material that you can choose, and in which you can trust, it is Pyrex or borosilicate glass in the context of the sex toy .

Pyrex and Borosilicate glass :

The Borosilicate or Pyrex glass anal plug has the particularity of being very solid, you can use it without fear of breaking it. It has the particularity of resisting high pressure.

The risk of breakage and injury is very low, the risk of breakage exists, but it almost never happens.

In addition, you can safely immerse the glass in boiling water to make your anal plugs sterile and thus more pleasant between two uses.

Be careful not to confuse the Pyrex brand, which is a brand of kitchen products rather than a manufacturer of real glass sex toys. In addition, the pyrex manufacturer also tends to use borosilicate glass for its kitchen accessories. 

The maintenance of the Glass Anal Plug is easy 

It is very easy to wash a glass anal plug in hot or lukewarm water, and to wipe it dry. To disinfect it, you can leave it in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes or put it in the dishwasher . Since it is a non-porous material, microbes will remain on the surface and are easily removed. Once clean, you can reuse your glass anal plug several times without taking the risk of getting infected with bad bacteria.

The advantages of the glass anal plug

The glass anal plug has many advantages.

No allergic reaction possible for you

Glass is a neutral material for the body, which means that when you insert a glass anal plug, you do not run the risk of seeing an allergic reaction, unlike another material such as latex or rubber. 

Possible long-term and long-term use

The glass anal plug is not likely to leave toxic waste in your anus when it deteriorates , moreover since it is solid and is not made up of toxic materials you can keep this one for prolonged periods longer than that a silicone anal plug

A high-end design in some cases

The glass anal plug can have several shapes, ranging from whimsical, to luxurious and refined. Some glass anal plugs have a particularly luxurious shape.

Several possible stimulations thanks to heat and cold

You can use a glass anal plug in order to obtain the feeling of a precise prostate massage. Using its particularity to absorb energy, heat and cold. By putting it in a fridge, or by immersing it in hot water.

Shapes that allow special use for a man or a woman

Some anal plugs have the particularity of being quite long which allows both anal and vaginal use for women.

While others have forms typically for men to stimulate the anus towards the prostate area and provide a very pleasant anal massage. 

Anal stimulation with a glass anal plug :

The glass anal plug is the safest material for anal use. This has the particularity of being neutral for the body and the skin. It has several advantages including:

  • Being solid. So it does not break easily.
  • It is non-porous (bacteria in the anus cannot settle there and grow) so cleaning is simple, disinfection is quick and the risk of infection is very low or almost non-existent.

Using a glass anal plug will give you very pleasant sensations in the anus whether you are a man or a woman. Because the anus has several nerve endings directly linked to pleasure , which means that by stimulating it with a glass anal plug, you will get a lot of pleasure.

This one is intended for beginners who already have a good experience with classic anal penetration, but also for initiates who want to open up to new pleasure, thanks to the different possible uses of the glass anal plug .