Collection: Pompon Butt Plug

Peculiarity of an Anal Plug with a Pompom

If there's one thing we particularly like about rabbits, it's:

  1. They look very shy.
  2. Let them jump everywhere.
  3. They have hot asses.

It's so cute. Admit it...

Transform your Partner into a Rabbit with the Pompom Anal Plug

So now imagine that it's your partner who starts wearing a butt plug with a bunny tail, what do you think will happen? Yes absolutely, she will start jumping all over the house, for your great pleasure, and you with it. (which is much better than playing leapfrog let's face it).

Also, isn't seeing your partner wearing a pompom in the behind particularly exciting? Sexier? One thing is certain, it is that at the sight:

  • Natural body curves.
  • Buttocks.
  • From the pompom that comes out of the Anal Plug.

The opposing camp will have certain parts of the body that will come out very long and very hard... (Especially the nipples and the sexual organs, let's specify). Because yes, let it be said, your partner, equipped with an anal plug with a pompom, is much more attractive than when she is not wearing one. Watch her fidgeting in your bedroom, or even in your small living room with her rather discreet rabbit tail anal plug. What's exciting?

It's that you have the impression of discovering a new person.

The Pompom Anal Plug, an Essential Erotic Accessory for Couples

What makes the anal plug with pompom (or rabbit tail according to preferences) is an essential erotic sexual accessory, to be installed in each couple to increase the excitement before / during the sexual act. Preserve and prolong its good quality, as well as its sexual life.

Moreover, if you want to push the sexual fantasy even further, and embark on the quest for a more passionate sexual exchange, you can also opt for bunny ears. In addition to choosing a pompom anal plug to push the role play even further.🐰

And thus obtain more pleasure during your sexual practices.

Particularity of the Anal Plug with Pompom

The butt plug with pompom that you can buy in our butt plug shop is made:

  • Stainless steel.
  • Made of medical grade silicone.

These materials allow a sexual, sensual or torrid exchange, without danger and or medical concerns.

We also have several forms of Plug:

  • Teardrop shape, classic
  • Twisted, spiral shape to discover invading pleasures in your erogenous zones.

With pompoms of several colors:

  • From butt plug to white rabbit tail.
  • Red bunny tail butt plug.
  • Black bunny tail butt plug.


Also with several whimsical colors like pink or purple and many more.

Sensual Role Play with the Bunny Tail Butt Plug

Realize your fantasies right now, buy a bunny tail butt plug for your partner. Stroke his soft and fluffy tail, discreet and always very sexy, for your great pleasure! Embrace and accept your inner bunny.