Collection: Ponytail Butt Plug

When you wear an anal plug with a beautiful mane, 2 choices are available to you:

  1. That of transforming your room into a real stable
  2. That of turning you into a real horse in a stable .

Of course it doesn't stop there, the ponytail anal plug is an essential erotic accessory for BDSM lovers .

Intended for both men and women, this sex toy is used to embody role play, to seduce the eye of your partner, but also to diversify your sexual experience .

When you opt for an anal plug, with animal tails, you have to distinguish 2 types of characters that an animal adopts , if you want to reproduce it in your room...:

The pet.

L'animal sauvage.

Among pets we commonly find the dog tail anal plug and the cat tail anal plug.

Among the wild animals we find the classic fox tail anal plug , or the raccoon tail anal plug.

The ponytail anal plug has the particularity of being between the two, you have the choice between playing the role of a domestic animal , or that of a wild animal...

Wear a Pony Tail Butt Plug for your beloved !

When choosing your ponytail butt plug, you have the choice to be a docile, well-trained horse. 

Like a little pony :

  • Sweet,
  • docile,
  • and endearing.

If you choose to embody the role playing game of the Little Pony it involves the classic domination and submission, where the denominator is the owner of his horse and the submissive the faithful companion or pet. 

Wear a Ponytail Anal Plug to bring out your wild side

You also have the choice of playing the role of a wild animal, that of the indomitable wild horses like the Mustang which runs at full speed, with its mane facing the wind, in the great plains the prairies.

If you are playing the role of a wild horse, your partner can also play the role of the tamer. Its purpose will be to train you using accessories such as the whip, the riding crop, and other accessories made to mount you. 

He can pull your hair (mane) so you can really feel and act like a real horse.

Peculiarities of the Ponytail Anal Plug

It prepares your anus for anal penetration

 like each anal plug channel its first role, and the dilation, as well as the stimulation, of the anus. To prepare for comfortable, painless anal penetration.

Difference of use for men and women

it is very common in the couple that the ponytail anal plug is intended only for women.

This is wrong, because men can use a ponytail butt plug to surprise their partner . While a woman can use an anal plug with a ponytail in the classic way, to particularly excite her companion. 

You can choose a color

  • a butt plug with a blonde ponytail
  • an anal plug with a black ponytail
  • an anal plug with a gray ponytail

When you stroke the tail, it will be very soft. If you want to push the fantasy further, a unicorn tail anal plug , always in the continuity of playing the role of a Magic pony.

shape and material

The ponytail shaped anal plug that we offer in our shop, are made of black medical grade silicone and have conical shapes . With the particularity of clinging well in your anus.

The advantage of silicone is that it has the particularity of being soft on your body, easy to clean, with almost no risk to your health, because until now few cases, if any, know present disputing people with the slightest problems, using a sex toy of this material (well maintained).

There are no phthalates, BPA, latex or even rubber, in order to guarantee maximum safety for your body and your health.

Transform your partner into a real domestic or wild horse !

Now that you know a little more, it's time to adopt a new butt plug with a ponytail in your relationship. To bring it up to your room.

And don't forget, the horse is an elegant and powerful animal.