Collection: Rosary Butt Plug

We're sure you noticed this special sex toy the last time you were shopping at a (smile lunete) store... It's all about the anal beads, this weird looking sex toy is actually a of the most popular types of sex toys! Anal beads help you prepare for anal play and get maximum pleasure from it. They can be used by both men and women, with varying degrees of training. You should start with small accessories and then gradually add larger diameter accessories to your intimate collection.

What is an Anal Rosary (or Pearl)  ?

The Anal Rosary is a sex toy, from the same family as the Anal Plug. It is recognizable thanks to its unique shape:

  • A series of Balls, connected by a piece of string.

There are several shapes, some rosaries have balls that grow as you insert them into the anus, others remain of uniform sizes.

What is the difference between a Rosary and an Anal Plug  ?

In design,  an Anal Bead (or Anal Bead) is not much different from an Anal Plug , but why would people use anal beads instead? 

Unlike the Anal Plug, you won't feel fullness or huge stretching from keeping the Anal Beads inside you for long periods of time. Rather, the pleasure comes from the action of inserting and removing them .

Due to the varying size of the beads,  as you insert or remove the anal beads, your sphincter muscles are constantly stretching , opening and closing. This action stimulates the sensitive nerve endings that lie all around the opening of the anus (and there are many of them). By stimulating these nerve endings during sex, and especially as you approach orgasm, you can take your sexual pleasure to the next level.

But that's not all. Just having anal beads in your body can give you a really nice little internal massage.

The feeling that an Anal Rosary will give you

Although you can find them in a good collection of sex toys, what does it feel like to insert one of the anal beads?

The stimulation given by an Anal Rosary is special, unlike penetration with a classic sex toy, the sensations you will feel when  inserting and extracting the sex toy . It's not meant to be the same as traditional penis or dildo penetration, as these tend to be much more vigorous.

Inserting the anal ball tends to be more subtle, as  it slowly opens and closes the anal sphincters to continuously stimulate the nerve endings . If you are relaxed at the time of penetration, you will feel intense and very pleasant sensations. In addition, these sensations will increase and increase your level of sexual pleasure until orgasm.

Other sensations can also be amplified by the insertion of anal beads. Much depends on  the design and material of your anal beads , but you can have very different experiences from one set of anal beads to another. Of particular note is  the use of heat or cooling with anal beads . Chilled anal bead play can  produce totally different sensations in you  compared to play at room temperature. Different shaped beads will also apply pressure in completely different ways, resulting in new and interesting sensations.

There are also  vibrating anal beads, in the shape of a classic vibrator  (but adorned with balls). The shape of this sex toy with the vibrating anal beads, allow them to be left in place while you remove and reinsert them, further stimulating sensitive nerve endings. As a bonus, you can also use them inside a woman's vagina for some interesting sensations, with a different shape than a traditional dildo or penis.

The Different Existing Rosary / Anal Beads

While  the most basic anal beads are the traditional round ball culture line , there are actually a wide variety of beads available. As with any sex toy, you have the usual choice of different materials such as  silicone, glass, metal, rubber and many more .  The ideal adult toy in many cases is one made of silicone because it limits the risk of injury since it is a flexible and non-porous material. Although a little more expensive,  non-porous toys are much safer, easier to clean, and more durable  than their porous counterparts.

You also have a number of options regarding  the shape and size of the beads , as well as the number of beads on the beads. Different styles of beads will allow you to experience different sensations depending on the sensitivity of your anal nerve endings, so even if you're happy with just one set of beads, sometimes it might be worth trying something new. . For those new to anal beads, it's usually a good idea to look for something smaller and simpler to get used to the sensations before moving on to more elaborate models.

When you're really experienced, there are literally tons of options. These include textured, tapered, smooth, vibrating, double-penetrating, curved, rigid, wearable, butt plug and anal bead hybrids, and even strap-on bead sets. The limit is just what you are able to try!

How Long to Keep Anal Beads?

As with anal plugs, there really isn't a hard and fast rule on how long to wear a set of anal beads. The main limiting factor will be the drying out of the lubricant. So be sure to use a high quality lube and if you do decide to go out and about wearing them, keep a bottle handy for re-use. Oil-based or silicone-based lubes generally last longer than water-based lubes, and you should reapply them whenever they start to feel dry or uncomfortable.

Just like the Anal Plug, the rule to follow is that it is not recommended to sleep while wearing anal beads, or any other type of anal toy. When you're unconscious, there's a greater risk of your anus swallowing the whole thing, into your rectum without you noticing, which would definitely mean a trip to the ER to get it out. Other than that, you are free to do whatever experiences you want, but personally we recommend that you take at least a short break after an hour.

Security measures to be taken

Even inserting several sets of Rosaries/Anal Beads into your anus does not pose a problem, provided you  take into account some safety rules  to enjoy a good experience.

Take into account the basis of the Anal Rosary

The first thing to consider is  the bead base . If you plan to drop them completely and leave them in place for a long time, you'll want  a flared base to prevent them from being swallowed up . Alternatively, you can  use a set with a pull ring on the base to get them out , but don't let the pull ring seep into you.

Never insert loose anal beads into your body, as they will back up into the colon and will likely need to be surgically removed.

External signs of wear (very important)

Other hazards you should be aware of when using your anal beads are general signs of wear. If the surface of the marbles begins to degrade, there is always a risk that parts of them will be left behind in your body. Likewise, any sharp edges that may have appeared as a result of poor storage, for example, carry the risk of internal cuts and bleeding. Be sure to examine your beads carefully before using them and check them each time.

Can an Anal Rosary be Shared? Nope

Sharing anal toys is another topic that comes up often. The anus carries many more bacteria and germs than other parts of the body . Using one set of beads in one anus and then moving directly to another carries a huge risk of passing some of these bacteria to the second person, which could cause serious problems.

If you absolutely must share with a partner, treat it as you would penetrative sex. If you think there is a risk of infection, cover the beads with a condom and change the condom between users. If your beads are made of a nonporous material, it's relatively safe to share a set with someone else,  as long as you clean well between users . It is rather recommended, however, to use a different anal toy for each person.

Clean your Anal Beads and maintain it

Cleaning anal beads is the same as many other sex toys, but we think it's worth mentioning here because poor cleaning is the cause of all sorts of problems people have with sex toys. First, you need to know if your beads are made of a non-porous material (usually silicone, glass, or metal) or a porous material (usually just about anything else). This is important because  porous materials are capable of harboring bacteria inside the surface of the beads , so you can never really clean them effectively.

For non-porous toys, it's relatively easy to boil them (if they can withstand the heat) or wipe them down with hot soapy water. They should then be patted dry with a paper towel, then left in the open air until they are completely dry.

Porous toys, however, are much more difficult to handle. Most of them will simply melt if you boil them, so lukewarm water is usually best. You  need to scrub them properly to get as much bacteria out of the pores as possible , then dry them and store them somewhere where they can't collect more bacteria before you use them. 

Strings should also be cleaned with care. If your beads are bound by silicone or some sort of setting, the regular cleaning tips should suffice. On the other hand, if your pearls are connected by a thread, you don't have much luck. Almost any type of twine you have is extremely porous , so the chances of cleaning it and ridding it of bacteria are slim to none. If possible,  the best solution is to replace the string between uses .

Because of these difficulties in keeping bacteria out of your toys, we always recommend getting a set of good quality, non-porous, string anal beads that are far from handy!

The Anal Rosary, what a feeling  ?

Anal beads can open up all kinds of new sexual pleasures to you. But if you're still not convinced, knowing a little more about the sensations you can experience might convince you to pick one up and try one.

Insert the Balls, one-by-one

Insertion is the  first part of using anal beads . Much of the pleasure will come from this part of the process, as  your anal sphincters will open and close as the beads enter , creating a sort of absorbing sensation coming from the anus. This sensation is generally much more pleasant than that provided by a penis or a finger, because they only open the sphincter afterwards, and keep it open.

When you insert the anal beads into your anus, you will not feel continuous pleasure. However, by  practicing sexual activity in addition , you will amplify your feelings. You will be able  to feel the marbles inside you , but you shouldn't actively feel them. Wearing them  can make a woman's vagina feel a little tighter during sex , like wearing a butt plug, so you might enjoy wearing them during regular sex.

Remove the Balls, one after the other

Withdrawal is the  second big part of the experience with anal beads . Similar to insertion,  removing the beads one at a time can give you a kind of popping sensation as your sphincter opens and closes . Many people like to try to time their withdrawal so that they reach orgasm the moment they withdraw the beads. It can give you  really explosive feelings , unlike anything you might experience sexually. 

Some lucky people are able to achieve orgasm entirely from anal stimulation. To achieve this with anal beads, you will need to keep inserting and removing the beads, moving up and down the chain to get closer and closer to orgasm. People who have experienced anal orgasms say they are completely different from normal orgasms and totally amazing.

Different Temperature, Different Sensation  ?

Although it may sound a little strange,  varying the temperature of your anal beads  can have some interesting effects. Some people like to cool them, while others like to warm them . This is a matter of personal preference, so  feel free to experiment  ! Just  be careful not to go too far  in either direction,  or you might find it a little painful .

The Fears the Dangers and the A Priori

As long as you're careful,  take your time, and use plenty of lube , there really aren't any bad surprises using anal beads. They can be a bit awkward when you first start using them, but that will naturally pass over time as you get used to them. The only other negative feelings you might have are your own thoughts about the process.

In this case, men potentially have a harder time, as there is still some level of  taboo around anal play for men . Rest assured, using anal beads does not make you gay.

The other thing people sometimes worry about with anal play is bowel movements. As long as you have recently  emptied your bowels , there is very little chance that you will find waste on your sex toys. Have a bowel movement about an hour before you start your anal activity  to make sure everything is empty.

The Anal Rosary to Choose  !

The material can make a small difference in the feelings you may experience. If you're using a set of  fully spherical marbles , you'll need to make sure they stay  fully rounded  and that any rough seams from the manufacturing process are  properly sanded down so they don't snag your internal muscles.. Some pearls however are not fully spherical and may have patterns or ridges on their surface to give you different sensations. You may also come across hollow anal beads, which have a smaller ball inside that can wiggle and move inside, causing stimulating vibrations. You can also go all out with vibrating anal beads and see what it feels like to pull a moving object out of your anus.

Although this is just a brief overview of what it might feel like to use anal beads, the best way is to try it yourself! Almost every  aspect of anal play is very personal , and what one person enjoys may be completely different from another.

A Good Use of the Anal Rosary

  1. When  your sphincter muscles will get used to anal penetration  with practice. You can insert and then remove increasingly large sex toys.
  2. Anal  beads for men and women  will help both  prepare the anus for anal sex . The different sizes of these accessories will allow you to  individually choose the anal beads  that suit you, even if you have never tried this type of sexual pleasure until now.
  3. Thanks to the  beads' smooth surface  and ergonomic shape, they can be easily inserted and removed from the anus without fear of damaging your delicate areas. Remember that these  adult toys  will give you unique pleasure even if you have never tried it before.
  4. Wearing anal balls allows you to train the muscles of the rectum , because when you have pearls in you (  Geisha balls ) you instinctively perform  contraction and retention exercises with your anus .
  5. We also recommend  inserting them into the anus during sex , to  make the sensations more intense, and gradually withdrawing them.