Collection: XXL Butt Plug

What is an XXL Butt Plug?

An anal plug is qualified as XXL, from the moment it reaches a diameter of 5 cm.

It had to come to this… that you get to this stage, this high level of sexual intensity in the realm of anal sex. You may know it, but the XXL anal plug is a necessity for every BDSM lover. When your anus completely swallows an XXL anal plug, if there is one emotion that crosses your mind, it is an emotion of satisfaction, the feeling of having accomplished something profound, which you will keep in your mind. your records. In this collection you will find the ideal XXL anal plug for what you are looking to do alone or with your partner.

Who is an XXL size Butt Plug intended for?

An XXL size butt plug is for the most courageous and daring people. Because the huge sizes of the plugs in this collection are designed exclusively for professionals, and people accustomed to anal sex, who are able to push several large objects into the anus. After having used several sex toys of various sizes, you now want to change your habit, break a routine and go directly to the XXL anal plug to satisfy other sexual desires.

The feeling of a Big XXL Butt Plug

Because as its name suggests → XXL Anal Plug = XXL Pleasure…

The XXL Butt Plug for Men

The body of a man is also specially prepared for it, the prostate gland generating Pleasure for the man is reachable through the anus, by masturbating it correctly, it is a guaranteed electric pleasure! which is good news!

The XXL Butt Plug for Women

While if you are a woman, the XXL anal plug will certainly rub, push, stimulate the vaginal wall and give you overwhelming pleasure. Small alert for beginners, who are going directly to the purchase of an XXL Anal Plug for the first time. 

Risk and danger when using an XXL Butt Plug

If you are not used to using an anal plug, you run the risk of injuring yourself, especially if you push the plug too quickly into the anus without following your sensations.

Materials of the XXL Butt Plug

The XXL size anal plugs that we offer in our shop are made of medical grade silicone, PVC, and very high quality Pyrex or borosilicate glass.

Why do we use these materials

Silicone has the particularity of being soft, supple and non-porous, it adapts easily to the human body, it is the material of choice for a sex toy. (It's not for nothing that most dildos and the like are also made of silicone, it's basically for your safety).

if this is your first time using an XXL size anal plug, we recommend that you use one of this material.

PVC is also a very flexible material, and has the particularity of sinking more easily than silicone, however it has the particularity of being porous which does not mean that bacteria can penetrate it, and that it is more difficult to clean and disinfect.

As for the XXL glass anal plug, it has the particularity of being solid, harmless for your body because there is no risk for you to catch diseases or any infection. It is non-porous and easy to clean and disinfect. When you equip your partner with an XXL glass anal plug, you can see through his anus if that makes you happy.

The different types of XXL Butt Plug

You can easily find several sizes, and different very varied shapes: 

  • Plug Anal Giant.
  • Plug Anal Big.
  • Plug Anal xxl.
  • Plug Anal XXXL.
  • Etc…

You will also find several sizes including dimensions like 

  • 5 cm.
  • 6 cm in diameter.
  • 7 cm.
  • Etc…

All its shapes and circumference are specially designed so that you can choose the type of precise stimulation you are looking for. They are also available with different types of handles so that you can grip them more easily and thus control them more effectively.

You can choose :

  • An anchor handle, to have a more suitable grip in your hands.
  • a pull ring that doubles as a hook if you want to attach a string to it (like a fishing rod).
  • A flat rectangular base, if you want to place it on the ground, a chair, or the edge of a table, wherever you like!

Reminder before using an XXL Butt Plug

Once again don't forget that an XXL size anal plug is used for a professional, or an expert accustomed to the sensation of anal penetration. And that this adult sex toy is definitely not for beginners.

The different uses of the XXL Butt Plug

The XXL Anal Plug can be useful to you, in case you want to train your partner for other sexual activities, in particular such as fisting. 

Using an XXL anal plug is one of the steps to take if you want to use your buttocks to their full potential. If you're reading these lines, we think you're ready, grab an XXL size butt plug now.