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My Butt Plug™

Butt plug and distant spiral

Butt plug and distant spiral

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A spiral of pleasure on a glass butt plug 

This glass anal plug is a real work of art in addition to the benefits it provides. The spiral glass butt plug is specially designed for princesses who find pink irresistible. This anal plug is perfect to complete your collection of sex toys, but it is also a very beautiful object to put in your living room to personalize your decoration...

The glass anal plug, for whom? 

Glass butt plugs are generally not recommended for beginners who have little experience with anal sex. Glass is a stiff, resistant and inflexible material, which makes it ideal for anal enthusiasts who already love anal sex and are looking for harder sensations. However, if you are a beginner and want to give it a try, be aware that using glass anal plugs requires caution. The whole process should not be forced and rushed.

The sensations of the glass anal plug

Our spiral glass butt plug is a gift of choice if your partner likes to be beautiful even during the act. Experience new sensations each time you wear this plug. The spiral of the plug is very useful because it allows optimal insertion into your anus with a progressive diameter in order to be penetrated gently. In terms of sensations, glass is a heavy material, so once in your anus the plug will put pressure on your G-spot through the anal wall and therefore if you are penetrated at the same time, the sensations will be increased tenfold and that re will tighten your vagina at the same time, your partner will surely be thrilled. If you are a man, the spiral glass anal plug will also be very pleasant because it has a perfect diameter for concrete stimulation of the prostate, 

Tips for using the glass anal plug 

The glass butt plug is non-porous and very easy to clean. Wash the plug with lukewarm water and use antibacterial soap. Wipe the toy with a dry cloth and store it in a cool, dry place. It is very important that your plug is dry as bacteria tend to grow in damp places. 

If you are very hygiene conscious, sterilize the plug by immersing it in boiling water. To avoid the spread of bacteria, do not share your sex toy with your partner, or wash the plug well or simply put a condom on it. 

Description technique : 

  • Plug length: 10.3 cm 
  • Plug width: 3.3 cm 

  • Material: High quality tinted glass
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