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My Plug Anal™

XL in Glass Butt Plug

XL in Glass Butt Plug

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Enjoy exceptional sensations with the xl glass glans butt plug

The XL glass glans anal plug will be perfect for an insider of anal intercourse. Its fairly wide diameter and reasonable length allow for pleasant insertion and progressive sensations stimulating your erogenous zones. If you want to take it to the next level, this anal sex toy is also available in larger sizes.

After analyzing the preferences on the site, we discovered that glass butt plugs are very popular with the French, because they allow you to discover new exhilarating sensations and allow you to enjoy new experiences unthinkable with a metal or plastic anal plug. silicone. such as transparency. If sometimes you're the curious type or even a bit of a voyeur, nothing will be more exciting than observing the depths of your partner through this superb translucent plug!

XL glass glans butt plug: a noble material

Its design is unique, it is made from high quality glass and has variations in width to combine both design and pleasure. The component used is a glass tested and certified without any risk, so you can use this sex toy without taking any risks.

In terms of sensations, this glass sex toy has many advantages, firstly an insane design that will excite you and your lover simply by decorating your orifice in the most beautiful way. Then, the sex toy has a gradual width, so it has the perfect measurements for perfect anal stimulation. Indeed it will, due to its size, be able to put pressure on your rectal and vaginal wall which will stimulate your G-spot, if you are penetrated at the same time, you will be able to reach orgasm very quickly.

For men, the same is true, because the sex toy is enough to reach your prostate and tickle it, so it will be essential during your foreplay.

Thanks to its aesthetics, the glass also allows you to observe the interior of your partner once the sex toy is in him. It is therefore not only an exciting anal sex toy but also a plug made for anal pleasure.

How do you clean your xl glass glans butt plug?

Maintaining this plug is very easy, just wash it with warm water and soap, rinse it and dry it before and after each use. It is essential to apply a water-based lubricant when inserting the XL Glass Glans Butt Plug into your anus. When you have finished your leg part in the air, don't forget to wash it well to keep it in perfect condition and prevent the accumulation of bacteria. 

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