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My Butt Plug™

Fox Coyote Fox Tail Butt Plug (Fur)

Fox Coyote Fox Tail Butt Plug (Fur)

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  • Mutual and Naughty Pleasure guaranteed, for Role Playing !
  • Stainless Steel  : Carefully Polished giving a Mirror Effect | High Quality Resistant Ring, allowing long term use.
  • Ring Ø2.7x6cm  : Painless insertion | Suitable for Beginners and Advanced.
  • Tail Size  : 40cm Fluffy Hair. | Volume of 10cm.
  • Cleaning  : Before and After each use.
  • Discreet shipping  +  FREE STANDARD DELIVERY

We recommend applying a water-based lubricant for optimal use.

How to Use Fox Coyote (Furry) Fox Tail Butt Plug

The Fox Coyote (Furry) Fox Tail Butt Plug is an  anal sex toy

It is easily recognizable thanks to its unique shape with its Conical Anal Plug, and  a High Quality Tail  at its base.

It is to be worn in addition to  classic sexual practices. 


It  allows you to introduce a little  erotic role-playing game  within a duo by transforming your partner into  a sexual beast, with a  tail that is both soft and fluffy

And thus to avoid the sexual routine that settles in the couple in bed.


It will allow you  to achieve your sexual desires  that you thought of doing with your partner.

The shape of the Fox Coyote Fox Tail Anal Plug (Fur) makes  its host very sexy, and  increases tenfold the desire to dominate his/her partner.

Which will give your partner a lot of happiness, and thus give a good boost to the sexual flame that you needed so much! 

This has the direct effect  of considerably improving the life of a couple ...


It has a  realistic look with natural color hair  by maxing out the texture, you might think it is a  real fox tail .

If you close your eyes when petting the tail, you might even think you're petting a pet, so the effect is really very natural.


With a Fox Coyote Fox Tail Butt Plug (Furry) you will see that your next nights will be spiced up with electric tension in the room.

What is the Fox Coyote Fox Tail Butt Plug (Fur)

The Fox Coyote Fox Tail Anal Plug (Furry) is the sex toy for adults  that has a metallic conical shape, with a thin rod that connects the middle and its base at the back  that fits into the anus of the penis. man or woman . In addition, the metal has the particularity of being non-porous  , this means that bacteria cannot enter the material and develop there, which allows you to protect your body from infections!

Another advantage is that it has a firm shape, it will not deform during use. This means that it has several uses. Although it is solid,  the ergonomic shape of the Fox Coyote Fox Tail Anal Plug (Fur) allows it to be maneuvered in the anal canal , which allows the installation and extraction of the latter without problem.

Slightly heavy,  take the reflex to use a good quality lubricant  systematically based on water or silicone, this will allow you to have more pleasant feelings, and to limit the risk of injuries. Be careful  not to use too long a port so  as not to feel discomfort if you feel a sensation that makes you uncomfortable remove without waiting for the metal tip.

However, rest assured, to use correctly, there is no risk in using the Fox Coyote (Fur) Fox Tail Anal Plug.

The Fox Coyote Fox Tail Anal Plug (Fur) made of metal will give you a great feeling of stretching your sphincter muscles thanks to its cold and hard surface at the same time. You can also  try a temperature game, to vary the feeling  by heating or cooling the metal part by immersing it in hot or cold water for a few minutes.

People who are new to anal sex can use it just as well as someone with more experience.

What is the Fox Coyote (Furry) Fox Tail Butt Plug used for?

The Fox Coyote Fox Tail Butt Plug (Furry) provides  :

  1. Great excitement during sex.
  2. It dilates the anus, and prepares you for sodomy  with better comfort afterwards.
  3. It is very common to put the Fox Coyote (Furry) Fox Tail Anal Plug and then practice vaginal sex  with your girlfriend at the same time, this  has the effect of making a  woman double penetration, and thus provides better sexual pleasure.

Because the anus widens which has the effect of  tightening the vaginal cavity  (the uterus), and therefore when you go to make love it will create a narrower space for penetration with the penis.

It also allows  the improvement of intestinal transit  (which is specific to anal sex) because having the effect of a "sweeping" it  allows a good stimulation of the blood circulation  in this region, and to  tone the pelvic floor  thanks to the muscle contraction exercises (to hold the anal plug in place) and relaxation exercises.

Here are some benefits of wearing an Anal Plug  :

  1. Strengthen erections fight against premature ejaculations limit urinary leakage related to abdominal pressure  (and  stimulate the male prostate ).
  2. Help your intestine and your body to have a bowel movement  more easily, and thus reduce the risk of constipation.
  3. Strengthen the immune system , which is also the case during vaginal intercourse.

The immune system is strengthened because  the blood stimulation allows many  different antibodies to be introduced into the body.

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