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My Butt Plug™

Large Size Cat Tail Butt Plug (78cm)

Large Size Cat Tail Butt Plug (78cm)

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  • miaow!
  • Temperature Game  : Dip it in hot or cold water for a unique experience.
  • Tail : Fluffy Hair with Natural Touch Effect (Feather) 78cm.
  • Ring (3 Sizes Ø2.7x6 | Ø3.4x7 | Ø4x8cm)  : Painless insertion | Suitable for Beginners and Advanced.
  • Stainless Steel  : Carefully Polished giving a Mirror Effect | High Quality Resistant Ring, allowing long term use.
  • Cleaning  : Before and After each use.
  • Discreet shipping  +  FREE STANDARD DELIVERY

We recommend applying a water-based or silicone lubricant for optimal use. 

How to Use the Large (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug

The Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug is a hot ornament that is called by  sex cosplay

It is characterized by its unique shape with a Conical Anal Plug, and  a High Quality Tail  at its base.

It is to be worn in addition to  classic sexual practices. 


It  allows you to introduce a little  erotic role play  within the couple by transforming your partner into a  submissive  cat , equipped with a tail that is both long and fluffy

And so to break the sexual routine that settles in the couple in bed.


It will allow you  to be able to satisfy your  hidden fantasies .

The shape of the Large Cat Tail Anal Plug (78cm) makes  its host super sexy, and  increases the desire to dominate his/her partner tenfold.

Which will make your companion crazy with pleasure, and thus give a big boost to the sexual flame that you needed so much! 

This has the direct effect  of considerably improving the life of a couple ...


The Cat's Tail has a  canine look with naturally fine hair,  when you take in hand the texture you could think that it is a  real cat's tail .

If you close your eyes as you stroke the tail, you might even think you're petting a pet, so the effect is really very natural.


With a Large Cat Tail Anal Plug (78cm) you will see that your next nights will be hot with an electric atmosphere in the room.

What is the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Anal Plug ?

The Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug is the adult sex toy  with a metallic conical shape, with a thin rod that connects the middle and its base behind  which is put in the anus of the man or else. a woman . In addition, the metal has the particularity of being non-porous  , which means that bacteria cannot insert themselves into the material and develop there, which allows you to protect your body from infections!

In addition, the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug with its firm shape, will not deform during use. This means that you can use it several times without problems. Although solid,  the ergonomic shape of the Large Cat Tail Anal Plug (78cm) allows it to be maneuvered in the anal canal , which allows the installation and extraction of the latter without hindrance.

Slightly heavy,  take the reflex to use good quality lubricant  regularly based on water or silicone, this will allow you to have more pleasant feelings, and to limit the risk of injuries. Be careful  not to use too long a port so  as not to feel discomfort if you feel a sensation that makes you uncomfortable remove the metal plug directly.

However, rest assured, to use correctly, there is no risk in using the Large Cat Tail Anal Plug (78cm).

The Large Metal Cat Tail Anal Plug (78cm) will allow you to  feel intense and sensual anal stimulation thanks to its cold and hard surface at the same time. You can also  experiment with a temperature game, to vary sensations  by heating or cooling the metal part by immersing it in hot or cold water for a few minutes.

People new to anal pleasure can use it as well as a more experienced person.

What is the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug for ?

The Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug has several effects  :

  1. An enhancement of desire during the sexual act.
  2. It dilates the anus, and prepares you for sodomy  with better pleasure afterwards.
  3. It is very common to put on the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Anal Plug and then practice vaginal sex  with your wife at the same time, this  has the effect of making a double penetration  in the woman, and thus provides better sexual pleasure. .

Because the anus widens which has the effect of  pushing the vaginal cavity  (the uterus), and therefore when you are going to practice coitus it will create a narrower space for penetration with the penis.

It also allows  the improvement of intestinal transit  (which is specific to anal sex) because having the effect of a "sweeping" it  allows a good stimulation of the blood circulation  in this region, and to  contribute to the strengthening of the pelvic floor  thanks to muscle contraction exercises (to hold the anal plug in place) and relaxation.

Here are some benefits of wearing an Anal Plug  :

  1. Strengthen erections fight against premature ejaculations limit urinary leakage related to abdominal pressure  (and  stimulate the prostate gland of man, which provides powerful orgasms ).
  2. Help your intestine and your body to have a bowel movement  more easily, and thus reduce the risk of constipation.
  3. Strengthen the immune system , which is also the case during vaginal intercourse.

The immune system is strengthened because  the blood stimulation allows many  different antibodies to be introduced into the body.

How to put on the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug ?

In order to put the Large Cat Tail Anal Plug (78cm), in the best way, there is nothing simpler, just follow 5 steps  :

  1. Prepare with a clean anus, before penetration  (using an anal enema pear, or an anal douche).
  2. Dilate the anus by massaging the contour of the anus  approaching the center with clean fingers (and clipped nails) and good quality lubricant.
  3. Put yourself in a good position , to receive a pleasant penetration.
  4. Insert the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug slowly as you feel , in a doggy style position, or lying on your back with your legs bent towards your stomach.
  5. Take adequate time  to get used to the feeling.

1)  How to Wash the Anus properly before Anal Penetration ?

To start, the first thing to do is  to wash your hands  first, in order to eliminate microorganisms. Remove fecal matter from your anus  with a wet toilet tissue. Once you've taken this simple step, you can clean your anus a little more thoroughly using an enema bulb, or an anal douche if you prefer. This will ensure that your anus is clean. This will make it easier for you to insert the Large Cat Tail Anal Plug (78cm). Warning: You don't need to overuse the enema process,  it makes the rectal walls stiffer and more irritable .

2)  How to properly dilate the anus before inserting the Large Cat Tail Anal Plug (78cm) ?

To start the anal penetration well, and to dilate the anus correctly. The first thing to do is  to relax and use your fingers or those of your partners . It must be  clean with cut nails  to limit the risk of cuts.


  • Blowjobs, to benefit from a solid erection  with or without a condom to protect you from potential sexually transmitted diseases with secretions (if you change partners frequently).
  • Cunnilingus on the clitoris , to spice up your sex life.

Accompany with caresses, and joint masturbation.  This simple erotic report will allow you to  increase your libido, increase the sexual desire  you have for your partner, and improve coming orgasm  .

Lubricate the perineum  (around the anus, especially the vulva and testicles), on your fingers, and start stimulating it by  massaging the erogenous zones to make it smooth,  this will have the effect of awakening your nerve endings, excite and relax the external sphincter (muscle at the entrance of the anus which tightens and loosens) and will facilitate the insertion of larger objects without strong contraction of your anus as a result.

3)  In which Position to Put the Large Size Cat Tail Anal Plug (78cm)


  1. Get on all fours with your upper body tilted down so that your companion can put on the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug. (doggy position).
  2. Place a small pillow under your buttocks, lie on your back  and bring your thighs towards your stomach.
  3. Squat on your knees over your butt plug.

You can try one of these 3 positions according to your feelings with the Large Size Cat Tail Butt Plug (78cm), you will see which one suits you best.

4)  How to put on the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug ?


  1. Hold the Large (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug by its base .
  2. Carefully slide the tip into the anal opening , pointing it slightly up and forward in the direction of the abdomen.

To facilitate insertion,  the receptive person must push at the same time (as if defecating ). The end of the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug comes first, you won't feel any bad feeling.

Following your feelings,  gradually move the Large (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug inward until the sphincter muscle narrows on the shaft of the Large (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug .

5)  Why do you have to go Gently when putting on an Anal Plug ?

If you or your partner are not used to this new sensation, it is natural to be resounding, for fear of hurting yourself and will have  the reflex to close your buttocks  before even inserting anything.

To get more pleasurable sensations , avoid pains that will push you to limit your experience with anal penetration  you must be in a relaxed and relaxed state of mind .

Caress each other, and relax , this will help your internal anal muscles (the sphincters) to relax.

How to Fit the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug ?

For the Large Cat Tail Butt Plug (78cm) to stay in place, your body is naturally well equipped:

When you insert the Large Size Cat Tail Anal Plug (78cm), at about 4 cm, you will reach your internal sphincter  (muscle that contracts and relaxes) it is thanks to it that the Large Size Cat Tail Anal Plug Size (78cm) will stand in its place.

The wide base of the tilt allows you not to be sucked in by the internal sphincter, but as it is a flexible muscle what passes through can go up the colon to the rectum so you have to watch your feelings during the sexual act.

How long to keep the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug ?

We recommend that you remove the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug at least  once every 45 minutes to 1 hour . If you experience itchy symptoms, remove it immediately.

How to remove the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug ?

At times you may find that you have a fairly tight sphincter around the narrow part of the Large (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug. And that the latter retains the Large Size Cat Tail Anal Plug (78cm) when you pull on it.

The solution to remove it safely , is to follow these very simple steps:

  1. Relax your mind , because relaxing your mind allows you not to contract your anus by reflex. When you get used to it, you will let it unconsciously relax, which will allow you to take more pleasure during sex.
  2. Push with your anus  to help the muscles relax. 
  3. Grasp the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug by its base, and slowly pull it out at the same time! This helps protect you from a sphincter tear.
  4. Take your time when needed , no need to rush, and don't apply excessive force when removing the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug, as you run the risk of tearing your sphincter (which is painful, and causes bleeding).

You can also slather on some good quality lube  to help relieve you, if you feel a blockage. And move on to another sexual practice like sodomy. If you need to take a break, let the sphincter rest, and you can resume when you feel ready.

How to Clean the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug ?

The Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug is easy to clean,  you can wash it with mild antibacterial soap in lukewarm water .

To disinfect it you can also  :

  • Leave it for 10 minutes in boiling water  to disinfect it.
  • Use a suitable cleaning spray.

Wipe the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug with a cloth.

If it excites you to watch your partner turn into a sexual beast crawling around your house on all fours,  you can fulfill that desire here with the Large Size (78cm) Cat Tail Butt Plug ) right now .

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