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My Butt Plug™

Pink Glass Rough Butt Plug

Pink Glass Rough Butt Plug

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  • Flower Base: Brings a Romantic and Sexy touch.
  • Pyrex Glass  : Transparent, Solid and High Quality Ring, allowing long-term use.
  • Temperature Game  : Dip it in hot or cold water for a unique experience.
  • Smooth ring Ø3.4x14.2cm  : Painless insertion | Suitable for Beginners and Advanced.
  • Cleaning  : Before and After each use. Soak in boiling water for 10 minutes to kill bacteria.
  • Discreet shipping  +  FREE STANDARD DELIVERY

💘  We recommend applying a water-based or silicone lubricant for optimal use    💘

Rough anal plug in pink glass, discover the pleasure of glass

The Rough Pink Glass Butt Plug will be perfect for those new to anal sex. Its fairly wide diameter and acceptable length allow easy insertion and exceptional sensations stimulating your pleasure zones. If you want to take it to the next level, this sex toy also comes in longer sizes.

From an observation that we made, we noticed that glass sex toys are strongly French, because they allow you to enjoy are sources of incredible pleasure and allow you to accomplish enjoying new unthinkable temptations with a metal or silicone sex toy. such as transparency. If you happen to be naughty and even a little voyeuristic, nothing will be more horny than observing your partner's interior through this delicious translucent plug!

Rough butt plug in pink glass: remarkable quality

Its design is unique, it is created from high quality glass and has variations in width in order to combine both aesthetics and orgasm. The component used is a high quality glass without any danger, so you can use this anal toy without worrying about the risks.

In terms of sensations, this glass anal sex toy has many advantages, firstly an extraordinary design that will excite you and your partner simply by decorating your orifice in the best possible way. Next, the plug has a graduated width, so it's the perfect size for perfect anal stimulation. Indeed it will, thanks to its size, be able to put pressure on your anal and vaginal wall which will tickle your G-spot, if you are penetrated at the same time, you will be able to reach orgasm in record time.

If you are a man, the same is true, because the anal toy is long enough to reach your prostate and tickle it, so it will be perfect during your foreplay.

Thanks to its visual, the glass also allows you to see through your lover once the sex toy is in him. It is therefore not only an exciting anal sex toy but also an anal toy made for anal pleasure.

How to clean your rough pink glass butt plug?

Maintaining this anal jewel is very simple, just clean it with warm water and using soap, rinse it and dry it before and after each use. Don't forget to apply a water-based lubricant for inserting the Rough Pink Glass Butt Plug into your anus. When you have finished your antics don't forget to wash it well in order to keep it in perfect condition and prevent the accumulation of bacteria. 

How Long to Keep Pink Glass Rough Anal Plug

We recommend that you remove the Pink Glass Rough Anal Plug at least  once every 45 minutes to 1 hour . If you experience itchy symptoms, remove it immediately.

How to Remove Pink Glass Rough Anal Plug

At times you may find that the sphincter is quite tight around the narrow part of the Pink Glass Rough Anal Plug. And that the latter has difficulty letting go when you pull on it.

The solution to remove it without hurting yourself is to follow these 4 instructions  :

  1. Relax your mind , because having a relaxed mind allows you not to contract your anus unconsciously. When you get used to it, you will let it unconsciously relax, which will allow you to take more pleasure during sex.

  2. Push with your anus  to help the muscles relax.

  3. Grasp the Pink Glass Rough Anal Plug by its base, and pull it carefully at the same time! To avoid tearing the sphincter.

  4. Do not rush , do not hurry, and do not force when removing the Pink Glass Rough Anal Plug, as you run the risk of tearing your sphincter (which is painful). , and causes bleeding).

You can also slather on a good quality lubricant  to help relieve you, if you feel a blockage. And move on to another sexual practice like sodomy. If you need to take a break, let the sphincter rest, and you can resume when you feel ready.

How to Clean Pink Glass Rough Anal Plug

The Pink Glass Rough Anal Plug is very well maintained,  you can wash it with mild antibacterial soap in lukewarm water .

To disinfect it you can also  :

  • Soak it in diluted bleach , to disinfect it, provided you rinse it thoroughly afterwards.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes in boiling water  to disinfect it.
  • Put it in a dishwasher on the top floor.

Take a cloth and wipe the Pink Glass Rough Anal Plug.

If you have ever dreamed of watching your partner turn into a sexual beast crawling around your house on all fours,  you can make that wish come true here with the Pink Glass Rough Anal Plug right now . 😉

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