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My Butt Plug™

Pink Glass Valentine's Butt Plug

Pink Glass Valentine's Butt Plug

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  • Flower Base: Brings a Romantic and Sexy touch.
  • Pyrex Glass  : Transparent, Solid and High Quality Ring, allowing long-term use.
  • Temperature Game  : Dip it in hot or cold water for a unique experience.
  • Smooth ring Ø3.4x14.2cm  : Painless insertion | Suitable for Beginners and Advanced.
  • Cleaning  : Before and After each use. Soak in boiling water for 10 minutes to kill bacteria.
  • Discreet shipping  +  FREE STANDARD DELIVERY

💘  We recommend applying a water-based or silicone lubricant for optimal use    💘

Enjoy exceptional sensations with the valentine's day anal plug in pink glass

The Pink Glass Valentine's Day Butt Plug is perfect for an anal sex initiate. Its fairly wide diameter and acceptable size allow pleasant insertion and exhilarating sensations stimulating your erogenous zones. If you want to take it to the next level, this anal sex toy is also available in longer sizes.

After noting the preferences on the site, we discovered that glass diamond plugs are the most appreciated by the French, because they allow you to enjoy new exceptional pleasures and allow you to discover new temptations unthinkable with a metal plug or silicone. such as seeing through the plug. If you happen to be naughty or even a little voyeuristic, there will be nothing more pleasant than to observe the depths of your beloved through this delicious translucent plug!

Valentine's day butt plug in pink glass: remarkable quality

Its design is incredible, it is made from a high quality glass and has variations in width in order to combine both design and feeling. The component used is a high-quality glass without any danger, so you can use this sex toy without worrying about the risks.

In terms of sensations, this glass plug has many advantages, first of all an insane visual that will excite you and your partner by the simple fact of decorating your anus in the best possible way. Then, the anal plug has a progressive width, so it has the perfect measurements for optimal anal penetration. Indeed it will, thanks to its size, be able to put pressure on your rectal and vaginal wall which will tickle your G-spot, if you are penetrated during this time, you will reach orgasm very quickly.

For you gentlemen, it's the same, because the sex toy is enough to reach your prostate and tickle it, so it will be perfect during your foreplay.

The translucent glass of this superb sex toy will also allow the sun's rays to pass through and you will be able to enjoy a deep view of your partner... Finally, this sex toy has all the advantages to seduce a beginner who is not too experienced in anal sex toys just like an insider who practices anal sex regularly

How to clean your valentine's day butt plug in pink glass?

Maintaining this anal plug is very easy, just clean it with warm water and soap, rinse it and dry it before and after each use. Don't forget to apply a water-based lubricant when inserting the Valentine's Day Pink Glass Butt Plug into your anus. When you're done playing, don't forget to wash it well to keep it in perfect condition and prevent the accumulation of bacteria. 

What is the Pink Glass Valentine's Anal Plug

The Pink Glass Valentine's Anal Plug in glass, has a luxurious design with the particularity of having a refined aesthetic.

Stimulation of the anus with the Pink Glass Valentine's Anal Plug  :

Glass is the safest material for anal sex . It has several advantages including:

  • Great stimulations are possible thanks to temperature games .
  • It has a particularly strong and smooth surface .
  • It is neutral for the body and non-porous, guaranteeing easy cleaning, and an almost non-existent risk of infection.

How to Use Pink Glass Valentine's Anal Plug

The Pink Glass Valentine's Anal Plug causes different particular stimulations that can be obtained with a silicone or metal anal plug. Unlike the silicone material which has the particularity of offering comfort and flexibility.

Compact, the material of the glass used in the Pink Glass Valentine's Anal Plug is not the same as the glass used in everyday life, it is made of a very solid glass . You can use it without fear of chipping it, because indeed it has the particularity of resisting strong compression. It is ideal if you intend to use it in order to have the feeling of a precise prostate massage.

While using its particularity to absorb energy, heat and cold , you can use a cooled or heated glass anal plug, by putting it in a fridge, or by immersing it in hot water. U do once lubricate and introduce it to you.

It has the particularity of being transparent, which provides a unique experience, it allows you to see through the anus if you are curious.

The sensations you will perceive will be fantastic unlike what you will feel using a silicone anal plug or a metal anal plug .

While having the advantage of being durable over time , because it is a material that deteriorates less easily than silicone or metal, your Pink Glass Anal Plug with a Flower (Thin Stem) can be of use to you when properly maintained. for years.

This one is  intended for beginners who already have a good experience with  classic anal penetration,  but also for initiates who want to open up to new pleasure, thanks to the different possible uses of the glass anal plug .

What is the Pink Glass Valentine's Anal Plug used for?

The Pink Glass Valentine's Anal Plug will give you  :

  1. Increased sexual arousal during sex.
  2. It dilates the anus, it prepares you for sodomy  with more pleasure afterwards.
  3. It is also possible to put the Pink Glass Valentine's Anal Plug while at the same time having vaginal sex  with your partner, this  gives a feeling of double stimulation  in women, and thus provides more sexual pleasure. .

Because the anus widens which has the effect of  tightening the vaginal cavity  (the uterus), and therefore when you go to make love it will create a narrower space for penetration with the penis.

It also allows  the improvement of intestinal transit  (which is specific to anal sex) because having the effect of a "sweeping" it  allows a good stimulation of the blood circulation  in this region, and to  tone the pelvic floor  thanks to the muscle contraction exercises (to hold the anal plug in place) and relaxation exercises.

Here are some benefits of wearing an Anal Plug  :

  1. Strengthen erections fight against premature ejaculations limit urinary leakage related to abdominal pressure  (and  stimulate the male prostate ).
  2. Help your intestine and your body to pass stools  more easily, and thus reduce the risk of constipation.
  3. Strengthen the immune system , which is also the case during vaginal intercourse.

The immune system is boosted because  the blood stimulation allows many  different antibodies to be introduced into the body.

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