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My Butt Plug™

Stretched Glass Butt Plug

Stretched Glass Butt Plug

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The purity of glass combined with the pleasure of a butt plug

The stretched glass anal plug is our favorite in this collection. Its beautiful rose-tinted glass design might even tempt us to display it in the living room as a work of art.

More seriously, this anal plug is a must have and it is the perfect combination of aesthetics and pleasure. It is made of high quality glass, it is a tested and certified glass. The glass anal plug is therefore without any danger for your internal mucous membranes. All the finishes of the plug have also been reworked so that there is no defect and also with the aim that the glass is non-porous. As you will have understood, the quality of our products is one of our priorities in order to guarantee you optimal safety with the aim that only your own pleasure is the fruit of your thoughts once in your bedroom. 

In terms of sensations, the stretched glass anal plug is also remarkable. First of all, its width of 3.4cm will allow insertion into your anus without difficulty, then the fact that it is a long rod will give you the opportunity to play with the plug once inside you, by practicing going returns while keeping a constant stimulation because the plug will come to put pressure on your anal wall and which will therefore also put pressure on your vaginal wall and come to stimulate the G-spot with precision. If you are penetrated at the same time, orgasm is guaranteed. 

If you are a man, the plug will gently stimulate your prostate as you play with it, while being more satisfying than a simple dildo because it will completely fill you up for the duration of your experience. 

The glass of the plug will also allow light to pass through and you will be able to observe your partner in depth... In summary, this anal plug has all the arguments to seduce a beginner who is not too experienced in sex toys just like a insider who practices anal sex very often.

Description technique : 

  • Plug length: 10.2 cm 
  • Plug width: 3.4 cm 

  • Material: High quality tinted glass
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